Julian's Cameo in
'Cannes Man'

1996 Rocket Pictures Home Video

  Julian Lennon in Cannes Man"Cannes Man" (Pronounced Con Man) is an odd sort of film... The video sleeve describes it as "The Player" meets "Spinal Tap"

The film is shot on location at the Cannes Film Festival and the plot of the movie is this legendary producer Sy Lerner (Seymour Cassel) makes a bet that he can turn "any idiot into the 'flavor of the week,' overnight." His lunch mates take him up on it and Frank Rhinoslavsky (Francesco Quinn) gets pulled off the beach (where he had been sleeping) and is tooted around town as the next hottest writer with Sy producing his next film.

Julian Lennon in Cannes Man

The film takes a sort of documentary look at Sy and Frank going around getting financing, stars etc... At one point a woman, Kitty Monaco, mentions that they "He even got one of the Beatles to write music for the show - Well it wasn't one of the Beatles but it was Julian Lennon which is really close when you think about it.."

It then briefly shows Sy talking to Julian Lennon about doing music for the movie... telling him they can work around his schedule... Julian looks as though he is trying very hard not to crack up laughing and tells him to give him a call 'next week at the office.'