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Julian Lennon

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Guest Appearances

Walls and Bridges   1974
John Lennon's "Walls and Bridges"
  • Drums on "Ya-Ya" (Lee Dorsey)
Now That's What You Call Music   1984
Now That's What I Call Music #4

Original UK Series - Thanks to Ed

  • Track 11 - Too Late For Goodbyes


Raf Ravenscroft's "Lifeline"

Holland - Friends Records 690.010
(Click on the LP to the left for a larger version)
Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin & Olympic Studios, London
  • Lead Vocals on "Song for Guy" (Elton John)
Hunting of the Snark   1986
Mike Batt's "The Hunting of the Snark"
Playing For Keeps   1986
"Playing For Keeps: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
Dave Clark's Time The Album   1986
Dave Clark's "Time-The Album"
Hail Hail Rock n Roll   1987
Chuck Berry's "Hail! Hail! Rock 'N Roll"
  • Johnny Be Good
    Live concert celebrating Chuck Berry
KRUGOZOR (Soviet cultural magazine "OVERVIEW")
  • Issue 1/87 (i.e. January 1987) is Julian-related. It contains a short article on Julian and one of the flexy discs contains "Too Late For Goodbyes" and "Valotte" tracks. These tracks are mono versions.- Thanks to Tanya!
Toy Manitee   1989
Toy Matinees' "Toy Matinee"
  • Turn it on Salvador (Background Vocals)
  • Things She Said (Background Vocals)
    Toy Matinee was a band formed by Patrick Leonard (Producer on Mr. Jordan) and Kevin Gilbert (Songwriter/Singer whom Crucified is dedicated to)
Wonder Years   1989
The Wonder Years: Music From the Emmy Award Winning Show and It's Era
Smithereens   1991
The Smithereens' "Blow Up"
Now That's What I Call Music #20   1991
Now That's What I Call Music #20
KBCO   1992
KBCO Studio C  
  • Acoustic Version of Saltwater
    - Thanks to Moe
20 Meter Sessies: Het Beste Uit Tien Jaa   1992
20 Meter Sessies: Het Beste Uit Tien Jaa

  • Track 2: Saltwater (Live Acoustic)
Addams Family Values   1993
Addams Family Values 
Earthrise the Rainforest   1994
Earthrise - The Rainforest Album
Mr Hollands Opus   1995
"Mr. Holland's Opus: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"
Mr Hollands Opus   1995
"Mr. Holland's Opus: Original Motion Picture Score"
Bald   1996
Bald's (Daniel Adjadj) "Bald"
Duos Taratata   1996
Duos Taratata Vol. 2
Virgin France 7243 8 4247829
KTCZ Cities Sampler   1999
KTCZ Cities Sampler
KSGR Broadcasts Vol 7   1999
KGSR Broadcasts Vol 7
British Rock Symphony (More Information)
  • Plays Rhythm Guitar on "Blackbird"
    (Zak Starkey is on Drums)
Third World - "Ain't Givin' Up..."
Reggae on the River - 20 Yr Anniversary Celebration
Matt Backer - "The Impulse Man"
Hopeless Romantic  

Hopelss Romantic
(Emi Asia Release)

Gregory Darling Shell   2006
Gregory Darling - "Shell"
  • Duet on "New Dream"
The Best Acoustic Versions   2007
The Best Acoustic Versions CD2
Thanks to Ed
  • Track 8: Saltwater (Live at 2 Meter Sessies - see above)