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Julian Lennon Fans in Australia!

Adelaide (1)

Anne.. "I'm an older Julian fan at 43! I am so thrilled with Photograph Smile. I play it all the time. Fantastic CD Julian. I love every track. Can't wait for the next one. Crucified is a particular favorite." 18Dec98

Bendigo (1)

Fiona 28Mar06

Brisbane (1)


Canberra (2)

Bindii Bee... "Bindii's been a fan since oh, um (peering into the past) 1984 - 13 years old. Every Christmas and Birthdays since then my standard answer to what I want as a present I reply 'Julian'. My dear Mum can't believe I'm still into Jules'. Why not - my friends back then were into Wham, Boy George, Prince - at least my crush was/still is an English gentleman! Sigh."1Mar99

Lisa Lecomte... "I just want to say that I have been a fan of Julian Lennon for many years....since, well, forever!!!  The reason? He is talented (multi), kind hearted, an inspiration and may I add, Jules is quite an inspiration in the looks department too.  I would love to see Julian come back to Australia, as he is ALWAYS welcome.  Best beaches in the world.....Julian: Your music will forever inspire me......Lisa Lecomte" 23Jul08

Gold Coast (1)

Helen Bisset... "I would love to hear from any other Jules fans. I have been a fan of Julian since I first heard 'To Late for Goodbyes' way back in '84. I listen to his music all day every day in my office, I never tire of it. I have all his albums & hope that this will be the year that he releases another album as he mentioned in his newsletters. I have never had the chance to meet him but I'm hoping that if he releases a new album that he will tour Australia again & that some how I will get the privilage as other fans have as told in their stories on this site. If I find out that he is planning to tour here, I will be on that phone straight away booking tickets. Love your work Jules & I love you too. :-)" 2May05
"I have been a huge fan of Julian's since I heard 'To Late for Goodbyes' in '84. Saltwater still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it. I listen to Jules's music everyday all day while I'm at work in my office. I will always love him & hope that this year will be the year he releases a new album as mentioned in his newsletters. Photograph Smile is my favourite Julian Album but I also love Help Yourself also, I have every single one of his albums. I have never had the pleasure of meeting him as yet but hope that if he releases a new album that he will tour Australia & I just may get the privilage somehow as other fans have on this site. I will be on that phone to book tickets ASAP if I ever hear that he is going to tour Australia again. Love you Jules! :-) " 2May05

Melbourne (11)

Fiona Wlodarek... "I'd just like to say that Jules is the best of the BEST and this is a truly GREAT page!!" 1Mar99

Kylie Jackson 4Jan99

Joanna... "I became a fan of Julian before I even knew who The Beatles were!! Looking forward to the 28th of October." 27Oct98 ~ Click Here to check out Joanna's picture of Julian!!

Melissa Sykes 19Oct98

Penny... "I know that Julian is in Melbourne at the moment doing some publicity stunts but is he playing down here, cause I want to see him." 13Oct98

Occy McCahari... "I loved Photograph Smile, I loved the concert, now for the real tour :) " 19Nov98 ~Click HERE to read Occy's report of Julian's concert in Melbourne on the 28th of October 1998.

Rebecca Eley... "Following the performance at the Mercury Lounge, Melbourne crown casino I found myself totally in ore of Julian. I was close enough to touch him and even to talk to him, I am the biggest fan and think that he is not only a musical genius but a incredibly attractive man and he can park his shoes under my bed anytime. I am sure though that I would have to fight for him. His song "Crucified" from the new album "Photograph Smile" is purely a masterpiece and the emotion behind the song is amazing.... Julian you are purely an original and a spunk too. Rebel1976@hotmail.com " 1Nov98

Robyn Hunter... "I've been a Jules fan since Valotte. I met him when he last came to Melb 6 years ago at a record store signing. Got his autograph and got to kiss him on the lips!!! Looking for other fans, especially local to swap photos, videos, etc."~ Click Here to check out Robyn's picture of Julian!! 23Nov98

Sally... " I love Julian Lennon and I always have. Unfortunately, I have never met him but me and my friend waited outside Mercury lounge for 7 hours to catch a glimpse and a pic but missed him by 15 minutes when we went to get a drink. But I guess there's always next time." 14Dec98

Simone Tyrrell...  "I have been a fan since the Valotte days and I absolutley love Julian. He is very talented and I wish him all the best in life." 20Feb2000

John 'Jock' Allen... "WE Loved his Dad's Music, and Jules has taken over from there with his brand of music" 30Mar00

Mornington Peninsula (1)

Fiona Wlodarek... "Love ya Jules. Come back to Australia, I'd love to see you live!!!!" 8Feb99

New South Wales

Lorraine Ackling... 8May07

Patterson, New South Wales

Catherine Fletcher - 31Jan07

Perth (4)

Jody... "JL is coming to Perth next week 17 October 98 for Telethon! ... Maybe I'll get to see him!" 8Oct98  ~ Click Here to check out Jody's picture of Julian!!

Lesley & Toni Haines... "Thank you Julian Lennon for the time and effort you put into our local Telethon for the sick children of Perth, Western Australia. We have always enjoyed YOUR music and now have become firm fans of yours.  Thank You." 19Oct98

Stacey... "Originally a Beatles fan I now love Julian just as much. He recently came here for a Telethon and donated $100,000(that is the correct amount!). He is really sweet and oh so talented. Photograph Smile is brilliant and I can't wait for next years concert." 24Oct98

Wendy... "I would just like to say what a great guy Julian Lennon is.  He came to Perth for the weekend in aid of a charity benefit for kids. He brought so many smiles into the kids it was unbelievable how caring he is." 19Oct98

Katherin... 08Mar07

Lisa P... "Love you Julian, please start a tour with your upcoming album and please please come and see us in Perth Australia! Have loved you from the start x" 2May08

Sydney (9)

Karlie Pearson... "HI! Well, I have been totally obsessed with Julian ever since meeting him in October.  I love him for his music and himself as he is such a lovely bloke! I also love John as much as I love Jules.. but I don't think I've got much chance of meeting him! My fav album is Photograph Smile because it is so Julian. My fav song is Faithful, also because I know it is something that Julian would say." 25Dec98 ~ Check out Karlie's account of meeting Jules in October.

Sandy... 15Nov98

Trish... "I have tickets for the 26 October 98... Can't wait."11Oct98

Jodie Trenear 18Oct98 ~Click Here to read Jodie's review of Julian's concert in Sydney on the 26th of October 1998.

Garry Wilson 7Dec98

Liz 4Apr99

Sylvie... "I didn't totally discover Julian until Photograph Smile came out. I'd heard and loved a few of his older songs, but it wasn't until I was able to listen to the Photograph Smile album over and over that I fell in love with the man! He truly has a wonderful gift, both in writing lyrics and singing... his music was one of the driving factors behind my studying for end of semester exams last year! I had the cd on repeat for the whole night, listening to it a million times over and never tiring of it... He seems such a darling, all I want to do is give him a huge hug and a thankyou for bringing his talent into our lives." 9Feb02

Paul... "hi from down under...i've been a huge fan of julians work since...well the beginning.i am a huge beatles fan... hope julian releases another album soon!!!!! paul" 31May03

Kellxx... "Ive been a fan of Julian since I was 11 years old when 'Saltwater' was released. I would sit and listen the cassette I got for Christmas over and over and just fell in love with Julian's voice and lyrics, so completely honest and down to earth.. Julian, youre a total inspiration and hope you continue to spread your gift with the years to come. Peace xx" 26Aug03

Tasmania (1) 

Allison... "I met Julian when he performed at the Mercury Lounge in Melbourne in October 1998. He was everything and more I expected him to be!! Thank you Julian." 4Jun99

Toowoomba (1)

Carly... "Been a Jules fan since I can remember.... always look forward to hearing new music and always enjoy listening to what's been and gone......" 20Dec04

Tracy... "Thanks Julian for such great songs like Saltwater,Your The One and Help Yourself. When are you going to put out a new album or tour again? Best Wishes Always" 26Sep06