Jules Fans

Julian Lennon Fans in Canada!

Edmonton, Alberta (1)

Angela Felix... "Immerse your soul in love Julian...Thank you for your ear candy." 8Apr04

Manitoba (2)

Diane Labno... "Way to go Julian!!!" 2Aug00

Don... "Great to see so many fanns world wide. Julian Lennon has the ability to write songs the whole world relates to and loves. Here's to the Gobal Village!" 20May01

Montreal (2)

Sabrina 6Oct98

Foxy Lily... "I've loved his music since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Now, as a grown woman, I love the music even more. Here's to hoping his music will live forever as with other great writers! "Wish Montreal would play his music on the radio" 13Mar01

Brampton, Onterio - Veronica... "Hello fellow fans, Been a fan since Julian was born, his mom has been my insperation since I was a teen and finally got to meet her here in Toronto at a A John Lennon Birthday celebration and Beatles weekend... have stories and pics to share. From a quote from a letter from Jules to his fans "may your light shine as long as we do."" 26Mar03

Hamilton, Onterio - Lee Edward McIlmoyle of CLEARvision Studios... "Been a Julian Lennon fan since the release of Valotte in Canada. It's the 25th anniversary of his father's death, and I just got to thinking about Julian and where he's at, and found my way here." 8Dec05

Québec - Jessica Lévesque... "I'm 16 years old and I'm the biggest and youngest fan of the Beatles (where I live...^_^). I love so much Julian, he have a lot of talents. He's the best. I love him since I'm 11 years, and I will love him for the rest of my life" 31Jan04

Toronto, Ontario - Anita Schmidt... "hello all Jules fans, Anita here! let's talk Jules! Hope to hear from all soon!" 4April01

Vancouver (3)

Jennie... "Hi there. I'll make this short and sweet. Julian is his own and always held his own ground. He's always lived in the shadow of his genius father, and probably always will. But I'd like to say that Julian is a very talented musician, who of all people deserves to be credited as Julian, not John Lennon's son. I'm looking forward to Julian's new album and hope he gets the credit he deserves! It's about time! Keep on rockin'" 23Dec98

Fiona... "Love "Photograph Smile".. hope you have a new cd coming out soon...." 23Jul03

Gordy... "I'm Game, I'm Partridge!" 05Oct04

Mary... 9Mar15

Windsor - Tina... "I've been in love since Valotte. Websites on Julian were the first thing I looked for since getting on the web. It's wonderful that Photograph Smile was released yesterday in Canada, hopefully there's plenty of tour dates on schedule for Canada!?" 2Mar99

Robin of BeatleBug's Hangout... "I've been a fan since 'Valotte'. Julian, you are terrific! Thanks for sharing your work with the world. You really need to come to Canada!!!" 23Aug99