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Julian Lennon Fans Around the World!


Buenos Aires - Natalia... 15Sep99

Marcela... "I ever love you, Julian, and I'd wish know some more about you.
Best regards from Argentina
Marcela" 28Dec04

Fernando... "I love your music! You'll have a loyal fan in me. Me gusta mucho tu música! En mi, tenés un leal fan." 7Apr04

Sebastian... "I love very much the music of Julian. Here in Argentina I can´t get The Secret Value of Daydreaming" 30Apr04

Shadha... 20May06

Rei Nohara... "Julian is more than just someone's son: he's an amazing guy on his own, with great music, great looks and very down-to-Earth. No wonder why so many of us love him so." 23May08

Diego... 3Jul09


Vienna - Susanne... "I love Jules because he writes fantastic songs and most of all because he has such a good voice! He's really touching me with his music! And I hope that he'll come to Austria for a concert...I would love to see him live!" 17Aug98

Christian of ohnothimagen... - 13Aug07


Tan... "Só quero dizer que te amo muito, Julian!!! Tan - (Only that I want to say that I love you, Julian)" 21Jun05

Regiane... "julian voce e demais adoro suas musicas venha cantar aqui no brasil beijos" - 18Jan07
"Julian voce e simplesmente demais me apaixonei quando ouvi suas cançoes continue a escrever e cantar pois isso e um dom maravilhoso fique com Deus. Amor Regiane " - 26Jan07
"Julian, you is fantastic I love your music continued written and sing because you is very much special in my life the world need from the people how you for us give hope from days more happy. become with God. Love Regiane." - 30Jan07
"Julian estou aguardando ansiosa pelo lançamento do seu novo album pois adoro suas musicas sao letras muito maduras que nos trazem muita sabedoria e ao mesmo tempo muita paz que tambem e o que eu desejo a voce. Voce e fantastico." - 06Mar07

Tan... "Continuo te amando! Saudades de você! Beijos!" - 04Feb07

Taylana... of Taylana's my space... "Julian,
Eu só quero dizer, obrigada por sua música e suas palavras, que me ajudaram muito e que tornaram minha vida mais feliz.
Você diz em sua música que TUDO MUDA e isso é a mais pura verdade.
I just want to say, thanks for your music and your words, that helped myself a lot and that became my happier life. You say in your music that EVERYTHING CHANGES and that is true." - 20Jun07
Obrigada por sua música e suas palavras de Paz,otimismo,amor, esperanças, e muito mais.
Thanks to his music,and his words of Peace, optimism, love, hopes and much more. " - 15Jul07


Marissa... "Speaking of voice he got the similarity with that of his father but I don't believe Julian is trying to follow his father's style. Just a pity that you'll not read much article about him here in Belgium even geographically it's not far from U.K. I hope he will visit here in the future. Long live Jules!!! @-^--" 12Sep99


Puerto Rico - Annie.. "Take the plunge, Julian! Get married and have kids. They'll drive you crazy-- but you'll love it!!!" 13Feb2000


Cecilia Nuñez... 28July2004



Turku - Tuulia.. "I have always been a Beatles fan, and one day, out of curiosity I checked out what Julian Lennon was all about. I got hooked. His music has these things I cannot find anywhere else, it always, always puts me on a better mood. He just got himself a new admiror." 15Jan05


Anna... "I don't know a lot of Julian but I think he's great. I am a big fan of his father and I think Julian is following his John's footsteps! Love from France." 8Jun04


Berlin - Sabine... "Hi CJ, Nina and Jules,
I'm really new in Julian's world, but I like it here ... HIS music makes me happy and gives me inner peace , THANK YOU JULES .... and special thanks to the LADIES for the JULES-CRASH-COURSE ! :)
*friendly waves from Berlin, Germany*" 19Apr02

Cologne - Nina... "I've been a fan since I heard his first album the first time. I love his music so much, I think he is brilliant !! I always couldn't wait for his newest album. And after waiting all the years after 'Help Yourself' I almost gave up hope that he would make a new album. The more surprised I was when I heard about 'Photograph Smile'. And I think it is gorgeous !!! And it is great to know that there are so many other fans around the world ! And thanks, CJ, for your website, I enjoy it so much and all the chats with you !!!! It is great !!!" 8Jul98

Hamburg - Alexandra of nOSTYLEsOLITAIRE's MySpace... "Music is my life - my life is music. Luv nOSTYLEsOLITAIRE." 30Oct08

Göttingen - Elke.... "Well, I bought "Photograph Smile" a few weeks ago just out of curiosity - and I love it!!" 03Apr07

Sandra... "Hi :-) My name is Sandra and I am 21 years old. I would like to say that I adore Julian! He is the greatest musician of the world. Since I was eight or nine years old I love his music." 28Sep99

Ansgar... "Hi from Germany,
as a lifelong Beatlemaniac it comes naturally that you turn to Julian Lennon someday. When I heard his debut album back in 1984 I was completely blown way. That voice! Scary! Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to see Julian in concert (although I had a ticket for a gig in Hamburg 1986 which was cancelled!). Only a very few people are talented like Julian Lennon. My favourite album is "Photograph Smile" and it really is a drag, that it takes so long for the new album to come out. I hope he continues like on PS, maybe a bit more as he once mentioned piano and orchestra. For everyone who is interested in trading rare recordings please contact me. I haven't much of rare Julian stuff, but if you're interested in Beatles ... ;-)" 15Apr04


Saikat... "I just love him for the sheer talent of sonwriting he has. great lyrics and the uncanny voice resemblence of John. i wish he was a bit more vocal on social-political issues that are hurting our lives today.... anyways.. John would have been very proud of him." 19Jun05


Jasmine Wagman-Negev 3Sep98

Maaian... "thanks to all of you for loving Julian Jules,please come to Israel sometime!!" 9Jul02

Crystal... "Yes,we love you here in Israel Jules, We also hope to have news from you soon and please don't forget us here next time when you'll release a new cd! Shalom! (peace)" 16May03

Georgi Gosha Itkis... "Hey Jules! Visit Israel! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" 19Sep07


Naples - Roberta Viola... "Heart For Julian Lennon.
The your heart is very pretty, the my life are you.
The your voice is very swet.
You are the my heart i love you julian lennon.
Roberta Viola Naples Iltaly." 2Mar05

Rome - Maximilian of Maximilian... "Imagine Peace all over the world" 10Nov07

Cristiana... "Hi Jules fans, I noticed no Italian fans are on this map. Incredible! We are so many in Italy and Jules know it very well. C'mon people, don't be shy. Let Julian know how much we love him and his magical music!" 2Jan99 ~ Click Here to read Cristiana's account of Julian in Rome.

Eleonora Zamara... "What I like most in Julian is that he is very sweet, kind, sensible and very nice (...even if he seldom smiles!). He is a very good songwriter and musician: his songs are beautiful! My favourite song is "Too Late For Goodbyes"." 16Oct99
"I became a fan of Julian's a long time ago reading an article apperared on "Barbie's newspaper". It interested me very much because it told about the son of John Lennon whom I had admired very much since when I was a child. After some time I began buying his records. The first one I bought was "Valotte" that he recorded in 1984; the second one was "The secret value of daydreaming" (1986); the third record was "Mr. Jordan" (1989); the fourth one "Help yourself" (1991). His fifth and more recent album is "Photograph smile" (1998), which I like very much. My favourite song of his musical repertory is "Too Late For Goodbyes"." - Eleonora Zamara 20Oct99


Mauro Callegari... "Great voice, great inspirations & beautiful songs. Thanks Julian for your music, we love you" 04Apr07

Davide.... "His father is my hero! And Julian is one of the greatest singers in the world! Come on italian fans let's make'em hear us! (Coraggio fan italiani facciamoci sentire!)" 22Apr07

Diana... "Hi Julian!!! I'm Diana and I'm from Milan...I LOVE YOU!
I love your voice.....IT'S FANTASTIC!! Is it true that you live near Garda Lake?? Please tell me in which town so I can look for your house and if I find it one day I will stop and say hello to you!! I love Valotte and Photograph Smile but I like very much The secret value of daydreaming, Mr Jordan and Help Yourself. My favourite song is....well all your songs are fantastic! I love you, I love you, I love you and I'll love you forever JULIAN! I'm only 13 but I'm your biggest fan in the world....please, write me soon!!" 8May07


Ibaraki - Chieko Nakamura (Also of Oregon)...  4Oct99

Tokyo - Hiromi Goto 4Mar99


Eugenio - "Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other" ~Orestes Euripides~ 29Jun07


Mexico City  - Rodrigo Fernandez 17Oct98

Monterrey N.L Mexico - Jazzime of http://www.fotolog.com/jazzime 27Oct06

Margarita Valencia 30Oct06

Fernando Zavala of La Caverna - I had the pleasure to meet Julian in Austin, way back in 1997, I recorded a brief chat with Julian and the Band and he even took the time to sign a poster for me, I collect his recordings and I think he is work is great! 16Mar04

The Netherlands

Pina Jones of You Don't Need the Sun to Shine... " N-joy also our site. Owners of the site: Pina Jones (Miss Buff)and Susan. (Orthamotch/Pisces Fish). Keywords: Poetry, Humour, and Jules Rules. On the site you can find poems/lyrics of Susan and me and an open letterchanging of theirs and last, but not least: You can join our discussion about Jules at the map "Jules Rules". Have such as fun with our site as I had with this one!" 18Dec03

New Zealand

Rob Sherriff... "Good on you Julian!" 2Oct06



Bryan Cobonpue... "Julian is the greatest!!! :)" 7Oct98

Mariz... "Hey Jules!...:-) I have been your (silent) fan for 16 years.. More Luck!!!!....and thanks to those who created this website." 12Sep99

Jay... "Julian is the best if you want to join the band txt at 09193438322 of course should know a lil beatles tune we julian beatles oasis compositions thank you" 14Feb01

Ya-Ya... "Julian is my living memory of John Lennon." 22Sep04

Colleen Garcia of Tickettoride... "Julian :) Because is one of the songs i first learned on the guitar when i was 9." 15Dec12


Moscow - Tanya... "Julian is a very, very important person in my life! Yes, I came to him and his music through the Beatles and his father's music, and at first he was his father's son for me, but gradually I began to appreciate him for what he is and now I seldom think of any comparisons.
Julian is really a very, very special man!; not only a talented musician, but also a very warm and pleasant person and a person who cares for his fans which is such a rare quality among celebrities! Just reading his newsletters gives me an incredible pleasure, cause they are so warm and hearty and ' personal! And I really feel something in common with him, again and again in his songs and his interviews I came across thoughts that could have been mine!" 17May03

St. Petersburg - Aya B. Makarova of the George Harrison List... "I'm a Jules fan since the Russian release of Valotte, whenever it was, and I just love him because I love him =)" 8Jul98


Irena... "As I was always big Beatles and John Lennon fan I became interested also in John's son Julian. I like his music and one of my favorite songs is 'Lonely'. I wish Julian all the best and I look forward to hearing new songs from him." 17Oct98


Eli... "I've always been a Beatles fan, but since I hear 'I don't wanna know' and saw him playing at Party in The Park' 98 (I guess that was the year) I became more interested into Jules' music... I think the Photograph Smile album is great!! (Pity no more Spanish Fans are here, though)" 9Sep00

Fernando... "Su musica es tan buena como la de su padre. His music is as good as his father's." 7Oct01

Marta... "Sus palabras, su música, su voz, su dulce mirada... forman parte de todo lo que más quiero, inyectan vitalidad y amor en mi vida. Se siempre tu mismo Jules.
Love Marta"
(Their words, their music, their voice, their cautious candy... comprise of everything what I want more, inject vitality and love in my life. Always your same Jules. Love Marta ) 07Apr05

South Africa

Laurie Faure... "I have been a fan of Jules since 1984 and will always be. I am from Los Angeles Originally but have been living here for almost 6 years. I have had the chance to meet Julian a few times and see him perform Live. But haven't seen a concert in years Sigh! Wonder if he will ever come to South Africa? It would be sad never to see him again. Have to say I am meeting a nice group of people. Bye for now Laurie Still waiting for the PS CD " 7Oct98

South Korea

Seoul - (Also Maryland, USA) - Sujin Lee 12Jul98

Seoul - Joung-Soo Lee... "Julian Lennon, one true Lennon. I always liked him and his father. He resembles his late father. He sticks to true style like his father. I always considered Yoko and Sean to be one big superficial freak just to live off from John Lennon fortune.  Julian, has dignity to his music and has style! If John was alive he would be very proud! Julian, don't pay attention to music critic what's wrong following your father's footsteps! Like father to son! 'Julian Lennon'! has music tradition like his father! Has dignity to his music and has style! If his father was alive he would be very proud! of his accomplishment! Ju" 26Nov98


Anna Olsson... "All the kids in my school thinks I'm a nerd, 12 year old Jules-fan. I prefer to be called mad..." 18Feb05

Mina Muminovic 22Jan99

Gruvan of Travel2liverpool... " "He was the guy that taught me about life. So for me he was my father. You know, a lot of people don't like to hear that but on my behalf it's true." - After that we have read Cyn's book "John", we understand it better." 24May06


JoŽlle Lugrin... "I don't know a lot Julian but I love his voice and his lyrics. He is great." 24Jan99

Nadine Dumont... "Hello,I'm 18 and I know that sadly there aren't many Julian fan of my age.I really love his music and his lyrics, and I think he should be more famous.He is GREAT!!!" 22Sep00

Alessa... "Great Fanpage!!! Thanks" 4Dec02


Chiangmai - Keng... "I like him because of his song 'I don't wanna know' that he sing in Beatle style. I love that music video very much. Nice to be his fanclub." 24Sep98


Evenys De Castro 5Jan01

Cecilia... "I'm a big Lennon fan. Valotte is one of the best CD I ever bought" 16Nov05