Jules Fans

Julian Lennon Fans in the UK!


Gail Springall... "Julian is the greatest" 4Jun00

Cynthia... 1May02

Berkshire - Maggie... "Jules is simply smashing! I love his music and him as well! If you ever need a place to stay in Berks Julian.. you are more than welcomed here!" 9Dec98


Jo of Jules OK!... "I became a Julian fan after watching the performance on TFI Friday in England. From then on I have got more and more into him and his music. It's sad to say but before TFI I didn't really pay much attention to Julian, even though I was a big Beatles fan and John was my main man!! I have been very impressed with Julian's work and I hope to continue listening to and playing his music for a long time to come!"~Click here to check out Jo's Julian artwork, poem for Julian and Julian Lennon webpage! 8Jul98

Summer.. "I became a fan of Julian when i first heard him singing To late for goodbyes. I am so glad he is back again & look forward to his new album & website." 20Feb09

Chesire - Pauline... "Julian your music means so much to me because you write songs with meaning that people can relate to." 1Jan2000

Isle of Wight - Ben Cooke.. "I've always been a John Lennon fan but I also saw him on TFI and thought that the song he played, 'Day After Day', was excellent. I hope he keeps up the good work and get a number one." 13Dec98

Swansea - Maaian... "I was living in Israel for a long time and tehre I was a grea Julian fan, now I'm in his homeland and still love him very much,hope to be in touch with other fans in the UK!!" 8Dec02


Barry O'Sullivan... "Been a fan since the first album, Valotte. A great website, hope Julian releases some new material soon!" 2May03

Christopher Stransom... "Chris, constantly waiting for new material from Julian, of London Town." 29Nov06

Manchester - Vivi... "I've liked Jules music since Valotte and thought I was hearing a little rosebud, and now, with Jules latest album "Photograph Smile" I can hear a fully, or maybe almost fully coz I think this is the start of many good things to come from Jules, bloomed rose  :) and he's welcome in my garden anytime  ;)heh  ;)" 8Jul98

Oxfordshire - Gail... "I am a great fan on Julian Lennon, I wish he would come over to here more. Keep up the excellent work!" 20May00

Wirral (Merseyside) - Sophie Tabrizifar... "Julian is a gorgeous guy whose music can touch the very depths of your soul. Keep playing Jules !!" 3Oct99


Frances Walsh... "Hi all at Hey Jules. I think is sweet guy. I would like some information on Julian Lennon about his life what is he up to now he work on a new album now? is on tour in 2001? so that is all.hear from you soon love Frances Walsh
ps Julian keep up the good work Jules and have a happy New Year Julian Love to you Jules" 30Dec00


Edinburgh - Sara... "Love you Julian!! Had a crush on you since 1984 (Too Late For Goodbyes - I was only ten) and still do...hee hee. Mwah! Mwah! Love always, Sara x" 29Feb09

Shirley... "I attended a gig in Edinburgh (Carlton Studios)guest of Virgin - many many moons ago. I was on my own (being Pisces and living on my own planet most of the time this was not a problem!) I remembered JL played a couple of extra songs - I stayed but realised I had minutes to catch the train back to Glasgow! Pitch black - down by the docks - I tried to look mean - hopeless! Everyone seemed to just 'disappear' - no taxis - nothing - I started to walk - then I spotted a reasonably sane couple walking briskly with a JL programme under their arm- I would never do this again EVER - but I asked them if they knew where the station was -"You'll never make it" They were just married - or getting married and they were wonderful - they gave me a lift - and ZOOMED me to the station -shouting at the stationmaster to HOLD THAT TRAIN! THANK YOU THANK YOU -I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU NAMES-I cried! They laughed and waved as the train drew out - lovely people! Many moons later - here I am in music p.r. - I have seen lots of gigs been on lots of trains - met lots of people. I always quote: THAT gig as the best gig ever seen." 19Apr03