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Alaska (1)

Palmer - Alouette... "I am naming my baby for this man-- I have always loved his music, and his vocal talent surpasses all of the Beatles combined! (My husband says it's a good thing I am not a huge fan of The Artist Formerly Known as Prince!)" 20Nov98

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Arizona (3)

Gilbert - Reyna... "ALL WE NEED IS JULES!" 11Sep04

Phoenix - Elizabeth... "I today's society, we need more music like Julian's. I'm in my 40's, however I have 4 children 5-19(ages) and we each have our favorite song on the CD. Too much negative vibes does affect our young. The Colorado incident was too much to bare... please for the sake of the future, take your time and keep writing beautiful positive music. Elizabeth" 21Apr99

Angela Bucher .. 30Apr06

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Arkansas (1) 

Victoriatheis... "I am helping support Julian's new CD. The best way to get in touch with me is through mail. My addy is 821 Riviera Drive, Rogers, Arkansas 72758. Please write or e-mail asap." 11May99

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California (13)

La Quinta - Cathy Brocker 25Jan2000

McKinleyville - Krystol Berry of Pixie's page 'o' fun! 10Oct98

Palm Springs - Donna Stone... "A little love can go a long way....." 15Feb11

Sacramento - Tori Ann Steele... "Jules Rules!" 30Nov05

San FranciscoTrudy (*Lil *Ole Me)... "I have been a supporter of Julian's for 15 years now, unlike many out there, I always saw him for "himself" and not "The Son Of". I have had the pleasure of seeing at least 10 of his concerts which all were spectacular! I just want to say from the heart that Julian is one beautiful human being both inside and out. He never fails to touch my heart! Lots Of Love & Support Always!"19Mar99

San Jose (4) 

Denise... "I have an entry on your birthday page. I hope you had a great one! I had a pretty cool coincidence happen on your day! Other than it being your day, it's been my ex's daughter's day, and now, my God-son was born just yesterday!! It was a rough one for him, but I'm told he pulled through!"9Apr99

Jen..."I became a fan of Julian's music the very first time I heard Valotte on the radio. I was in school and in order to get a stereo sound, we had two AM radios blaring on either side of the room. When Valotte came on everyone was arguing whether or not it was John or his son. When the arguing was done so was the song so I had to go out and get it to hear it. However, I have been a fan of Jules since I was a little kid. I always thought it was so cool to have a Beatle kid near my age plus a darn good-looking one at that. Welcome back to the musical world Julian and come play near my dot so you can play another practical joke on me." 9Jul98 ~ Click here to read Jen's story about Jules' practical joke!

Pat B 22Jul98

Reina Reagan... "I have followed Julian Lennon's career for 15 years and it's so great to have him back on the scene after so many years. Photograph Smile is a beautiful album and it seems as though Julian has finally come to terms with his heritage."22Mar99

M..."I've been an admirer of Jules for about a year, I think. Not very long, but it doesn't matter because I won't ever stop liking him." 9Jul98

Carmen Salmon of Come Together Beatles Fan Club... "Our club, Come Together, which has been in existence for 6 years has a great many member who absolutely adore Julian.  I for one find his music very poetic and romantic. He writes some great songs. He is indeed his father's son but has made his own name for himself and his music. We are proud of Julian and thankful he has finally come out with another record. Way to go, Jules!" 4Feb99

Will & Teresa Stevens... Will: "When I was searching the internet one day, I saw Julian's "Day After Day" video on RollingStone.com under the impression that it was Sean. So I decided to check it out out of curiosity. As I listened, I knew it didn't sound like Sean and that's when I realized it was Julian. I thought it sounded really good and I decided to buy Photograph Smile the first day it came out. I had heard of Julian before, but since I'm only 16 I never heard any of his music. It was a pleasant surprise and he is now one of my favorite singers." 
Teresa: "I've liked Julian ever since I saw the videos and heard the songs "Valotte" and "Too Late For Goodbyes." I always like his father too and even though he sounds and looks like him at times, he has a special quality I really like that is all his own." 22Sep99

Shell... "Julian Lennon is unbelieveable!! He has such talent! everything he writes is a masterpiece." 4Oct99

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Colorado (7)

Boulder - LauraS (also of Dayton, Ohio)... "Although I only first started listening to Jules recently, and because I am one woman fuel for Beatlemania, I have to say that now after listening to Valotte and Help Yourself endlessly I listen and appreciate Jules because he is Julian Lennon, not because he's that guy's son." 12Jan99

Denver (4) 

Cynthia..."I have been a fan of Jules since 1981 when I saw a fuzzy photograph of him and his friends in a London club celebrating his birthday. He made a comment to some woman that she found offensive, so she dumped her drink on him. Then all the drinks on the table got dumped on him. His reply? "The drinks are on me!" Isn't he cute? I've seen him in concert twice and he was fabulous! I've even spoken to him on the phone, although I probably sounded to him like a blubbering idiot since I barely said more than 'Oh my god! Oh my god!' I'm sure he doesn't remember it, but I will never forget!!!" 8Jul98

Jessica Moffett... "I just wish Julian would tour Denver. Also, I am interested in meeting other fans!" 10Nov98

Shannon Spring... "I have been a fan since the BEGINNING. It was 1984, I was 12 years old. My mom and I were cleaning house and listening to MTV. All of a sudden, my mom shouts, 'Come here Shannan!' I thought I was in trouble (she was a MAJOR Beatles fan). I ran into the living room and she said, 'Who does that sound like to you?' I said, 'I don't know mom, who' (mom)- 'It sounds to me like John Lennon.' (me) - 'Maybe a little bit' (mom)-'It kinda looks like him too. Do you think that this might be some pre-recorded stuff that they are just now releasing?' (me) - 'I don't think so. Let's just watch and they'll tell us at the end of the video.' We sat through the rest mesmerized. When the title appeared at the end, my mom said, 'OH! That's John's son. He's pretty good!' (me) - 'Pretty good???? I think he's great!!!!' Ever since then, I've been hooked! I'm sooo glad that he has come back into all our lives and stolen them just like he did sooo many years ago!!! You can bet your ASS I'm going to be at the August 20th concert. Look for it in the days following that show date. Great going Julian. You've done us proud!!! I'm signing off for now. Bye! Bye!"3Aug99

Lisa Trujillo... "Looking for pic's from the Soiled Dove concert. Lisa and Marilynn. Thornton Co. janb@henge.com green dress tickets to have signed. I think your name was Laura :)" 24 Sep99

Greeley - Brenda Gunder... "Music makes you feel, think, and believe, even when it just seems futile. It is a surreal part of life!
Julian Lennon music is thorough--with feelings and emotions." 28July04

Lakewood - Debbie Miller... "Julian has a lot of talent. I hope he stays in the music industry a very long time!" 17Feb01 - Moved to Florida

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Connecticut (1)

CJ of Hey Jules... I've been a fan since 1984. I love Julian's music because he writes songs with meaning that I can often relate to.  I saw him once at Disneyland in 1985... I was so shocked I couldn't speak.. he just smiled, laughed and said hello ;-)  I hope you all enjoy my site here! 4Jun98 ~Click here to check out my Julian artwork I contributed to Jules OK! my friend Jo's site.

Rachel... "I love Julian, he's an amazing musician." 30Apr05

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Delaware (2)

Wilmington - Diane..."As far as why I like Julian, it's probably because I admire him so much. All of his accomplishments have been hard won. His critics seem to enjoy putting him down, yet he always gets himself back up with dignity and style. He is able to put into words what so many of us feel. An he has the courage to share with us his beautiful voice." 28Jul98

Ann Keen... "There's always been a special place in my heart for Julian... that little boy who's Dad was too busy.. and Julian's turned out to be strong and talented... a real survivor!" 2Mar99

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Florida (6)

Lighthouse Point - Joelle Lennon of Julian Lennon Fan Page... "Is any body out there? Can you find it in yuor hearts to care? I'd love to hear from other julian fans!" 7Feb2000

Orlando - Joyce... "The first concert I ever saw was Julian at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, IL (my hometown!) Can't wait to see him in July 1999!!!" 22Jun99

Panama City - Debbie Miller... "I posted a dot, when I used to live in Colorado. Now I live in Florida, and I wanted my fan dot to follow me here!" 29Aug01

Sarasota - Rene K... "I have been a fan for more than half of my life...that says something about Julian Lennon. He's an artist who uses words to paint emotions on the canvas of our hearts. I am proud to say I am a fan." 27Mar01
"Julian and Hey Jules Rules!!!" 26Apr01
"I have been a fan for MANY years...it's nice to know I'm not alone in the world!!" 14Jun01

Tampa (2)

Melody of Melody's Julian Lennon Page... "Julian's biggest fan in Tampa, Florida!!! Jules Rules since 1984!" 8Jul98

Jana Horne... "Hi Julian thanks for the great music and the great shows I have been lucky enough to see you on each trek in the US last time in Cleveland Can't wait till next time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 16Aug02

Gigina... 26Dec01

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Georgia (2)

Oahu - Keisha "He's such a wonderful artist in his own right. God bless him." 28Apr03

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Hawaii (1)

Athens - Sherry Neal of Imagine That! 3Feb99

Atlanta - April Ellerbee... "I think Julian is one of the most talented musicians ever. I have been a fan since the very beginning and have all the CD's. Everyone of them have been outstanding!!" 13Apr99

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Indiana (3)

Bloomington - Teresa.of http://php.indiana.edu/~tlheinz/home.html.... "I am a relatively new listener of Julian's music and enjoy it very much. I also find inspiration in the personal and professional struggles that he has faced and how he has worked to overcome them." 11Mar03

Columbus - Jen Acton... "Julian ROCKS!!!!! :)" 27Jul02

Indianapolis - Chris 11Aug98

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Illinois (7)

Aurora - Amanda R. Elizabeth Aller Lowe... "No good deed goes unpunished. Ha." 26Feb2000

Chicago - AnaMarie of mymomhasblogitis.blogspot.com... "Been a fan of Julian Lennon since Valotte and still love his work!  Of course I am a Beatles fan...who wouldn't be?" 03Apr10

Decatur - Debbie..."I am an original Beatle fan, from the 60's! I saw them in person in '65 and '66! I love John, now and always! I first "met" Julian when he was a baby. I heard the rumors that John was married first and then that he had a baby! Julian was sooooo adorable! I always loved the pics of him in fan magazines. I love to hear him sing now. I think his voice sounds so much like Johns, but his personality is much more gentle and loving. (That doesn't mean I would have wanted John any other way, John was John, and no one will ever fill his shoes). Julian also looks a great deal like his father, but I love Julian for who he is too! He is not his father. He has a lot of his mothers gentleness and creativity in him." 20Jul98

Evanston - Julio Menendez... "Julian kicks ass!" 9Nov98

Marseilles - Bob Fernandez 19Jan99

Rockford - Heidi 6Jun06

Sycamore - Laura... "Julian is great. He sounds very much like John, but he still leaves his own mark.My love for John and the Beatles hasn't changed, just added Julian to my list." 27Feb99

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Iowa (1)

Waterloo - Jenny Stedman... "I have always been a big fan of Julian's! He was my first true crush and I will forever listen to his music!" 13May01

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Kansas (1)

Rachel Freeman ... "I have only been a fan of Julian's music for a few days (thanks to Photograph Smile!), but my feelings about that album are so intense that I feel like a DIE-HARD fan! From what I've read, judgments have been passed on Julian and his music, and unfair comparisons have been made. (You all know what I'm talking about.) Photograph Smile should blow all that out of the water. I don't know much about Julian's past songwriting (yet!), but the talent and integrity evident on his new album is truly rare. When I first heard it, I found the usual similarities to the usual influences. When it became difficult to tell who influenced what, I realized that IT WAS JUST JULIAN! He has learned what JUST PLAIN GOOD SONGWRITING is, no matter what his influences. I think this is going to be Julian's year. The album will be recognized as the success that it already is, and the tour will be his best yet. Speaking of the tour, I would LOVE to go. But I'm tired of going to concerts alone or with someone who isn't a fan. So if someone who reads this would be interested in getting together to go to a show, send me an e-mail. I don't know where the concerts will be yet, but some possible places that I can reach are Kansas City, St. Louis, or Memphis. I hope to hear from someone soon, even if it's just to say hello!" 3Mar99

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Louisiana (2)

Deep in the woods - Damien Youth... "People praise others for sounding like JOHN LENNON & or the BEATLES. But when JULIAN sounds influenced by them he gets bashed. I think it is more natural for him to have that sound than let's say OASIS? Julian is blood and his last CD is by far his best." 5Aug99

Sabrina... 10Sept99

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Maine (1)

Farmington - Jon St. Peter of http://www.myspace.com/nectaroons... " i was born in 1981. hearing "it's much too late for goodbyes" is one of my earliest musical memories. it had special meaning for me, as my father died in 1985 and i was unable to say goodbye. thank you for touching me with your music." 19Apr07

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Maryland (4)

Larry... "I have loved Julian's music from the onset. I feel a bond to Julian in being a musician myself (although on the side). In life I am actually a biologist in cancer research. I was so encouraged to hear of Julian's commitment to help others in need! Fantastic! I would love to invite Julian to visit The Children's Inn at The National Institutes of Health just outside Washington, DC. A special home for children facing life threatening diseases. I was very fortunate to meet Julian years ago in DC at "The Cellar Door". Had a wonderful one to one conversation away from the crowd. Thanks for being so friendly and open Julian! Please come visit DC again! Can't wait to hear Photograph Smile! A sincere fan - Larry G." 30Dec98

Baltimore (3)

(Also South Korea) - Sujin Lee 12Jul98

Jenny Hooper... "I've had the opportunity to meet Julian three times. Every time he's been kind and gracious. His talent just awes me! Bring on more great music Jules...you have lots of us ready to support you!" 19Mar00

Peggy Barry 30Sep05

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Massachusetts (5)

Andover - Lynda J. Murphy... "Immm... Julian, I missed out on your first "go round" in the music biz, but after meeting you at "The River" (Boston) on your "P.S." promo tour, I just can't get enough of you and your music! I'm in awe of your talent and charisma!" 12Oct99 - Lynda, glad you made your way to the site! Really enjoyed meeting you at the Boston show. - CJ

Boston Anne-Marie Lambert... "Jules Rules!!!"17Jun99

Fall River - Mike 11Sep98

Ludlow - Wendy Sue... "Julian Lennon is great! His music has it's own brilliant sound & I love him! *Wendy Sue*" 15Mar99

Revere - Annamarie... "We Love You!!!" 18Nov99

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Michigan (9)

Pam... "I think he has found his way. Keep up the wonderful work." 2Dec99

Durand - K. K. Bloom... "Julian Lennon, I've seen your face a thousand times before... Been in love with your music since "Valotte". So glad you are back!!" 8Apr99

Detroit (4)  

Jennifer... "I just think he's wonderful! He has the sweetest voice anyone could ever imagine, and I am ever so happy that he is able to share it with all of us."17May9

Theresa Lucas... "I've been a fan of Julians for years now and so very happy to see him shining once again! And after seeing him last month, I realized what a down-to-earth, "likeable" guy he is. We love you in Michigan Jules!!! Please come back soon!" 16Aug99

Rachel... "Julian is so great. finally after being a fan for 15 years I got to meet him here in Michigan and New Orleans. it was truly a dream come true. Keep on rockin' Jules!" 12Sep99 "I just want to say I think Julian is great. he's such a wonderful person and I just think he rocks. I had to chance to meet him twice on his Photograph Smile tour and it was the best time of my life. He's such a nice person and he takes the time to chat with you and take pictures. In New Orleans he even partied with us a little bit." 13Sep99

Kelly... "I'm so glad Julian's back. Have missed him so much and think Photograph Smile is his best work to date." 2Oct99

Parma - Angela Frizzell...12Jun99

Dave... "Day After Day I listen to this great CD. Well it's much too late for goodbyes." 3Mar99

Pattie... 8Apr99

Barbie... "Julian is like a brother to me. that I have never meet." 5Apr04

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Minnesota (1)

St. Paul - Melanie P. 2Mar99

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Missouri (1)

St. Louis - Jamie... "Julian Lennon is one of the best artists of today. His latest, "Photograph Smile" is the best! I loved every track. The last time I bought a CD and loved every track was his father's "Imagine" CD. I have been a fan since 1964 when my mom took me to see the Beatles in Indianapolis. My favorite Beatle was John. It is so cool to be able to hear so much of John in Julian's work, and for Julian to be at peace with that. The Lennon Legacy lives on thanks to Julian and his beautiful music. Hurray for Julian, a true artist in His own right!" 9Jun99

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Nebraska (6)

B.J.... "I Just want to say that I am almost 2 years older than Jules, but he has me swooning over him like a teenager! I haven't been crazy over a star in a long time. Photograph Smile is by far his best yet. The more I play it, the better I like it. The songs are so darn romantic! Where are all the guys like this in the world?! My 6 year old daughter hasn't developed enough good taste to see how good-looking he is.  She says 'he's not too cut, but I'm in love with is his voice!'" 9Apr99

Tori Ann Steel - "My wish is to meet Julian one day that would make me so happy!" 25Feb2000
"My wish is to meet Julian one day he's my favorite musician this would make me so happy! I hope he comes to my state that would be a special treat!" 3Mar2000

Bellevue - Shelly 12Aug05

Yutan - Becky M. - "Julian is my favorite solo artist! Happy 40th! " 9Apr03 "Words can't describe how much I like listening to
Julian and his band's music!" 27Feb03

Lincoln - Rachel 16Feb02

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Nevada (1)

Las Vegas - Merri Moore... " Love is all there is" 11Nov04

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New Jersey (6)

Branchville - Jeann Delanoy...5July99

Ally... "I recently saw Julian on VH1's Behind the Music and he really touched me. He seems to have a very sweet and tender soul. I haven't heard Photograph Smile yet, but I'm sure I'll love it because Julian is a very talented song writer who really puts his heart and soul into his music." 3May99

Allyn Kurtz... "I think Julian is a great musician and I wish his father could be around today to hear his contribution to music."5Jun99

Paula H. Friedman..."I grew up with a family that always loved music and attending concerts, too (my parents and oldest sister, Liz went to see The Beatles back in 1963, Atlantic City, NJ, USA), so with having that love for music & concerts surrounding me, I always was on the look out for new/great talent/music to get into, so when Julian came out onto the music scene back in the early 80's (I was a teenager in High School back then), it was so refreshing, his talent was/is unique (even though he does have the similarities of his late Father, which is cool, too)& he deserves the proper recognition & promotion from the music industry (radio stations playing his songs, too), especially since the music industry was not of much help with his previous releases (after Valotte) & that in itself is what caused more harm than good to his musical career - I should know, I used to work for a major record label/company back in the late 80's (NOT Julian's former record label, Atlantic Records) and I saw the injustice that went on with some of the artists on the various record labels when it came to promotion. Hopefully, the music industry has "grown up" and let go of "he's the son of" and gives Julian a fair chance for recognizing his talent as a musician as well as a lyricist, too. I've seen Julian in concert a few times in the 80's and he is a great performer, too. I'm cheering for you Julian, let's see you get nominated for a Grammy in the year 2000 and win, too!! I hope that Julian makes some concert stops this year in New Jersey/New York.....and see, it doesn't matter how old you are, I'm 32 now (just turned that on 18 Feb) and I'd still want to be at one of his concerts yelling/cheering for him...."  12Mar99

Anita Mazza... "Julian is the best musician ever. He writes and sings from the heart. A very real person. Stay the way you are always.. Thanks." - 4Dec99

Brad Levinson of Brown Rice... "Julian's a great musician...so what better of a reason is there to be a great fan? I fell in love with his music after buying Photograph Smile, but don't let that fool you. I now have loads of Julian stuff, including all of his CDs and the whole entire Photograph Smile album and singles collection." 16Dec99

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New Mexico (1)

Santa Fe - Lin-Z... "There is a place in the heart of New Mexico for you Julian! Com share your music with us!" 29Jul99

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New York (11)

near Buffalo - Sara Buchbinder... "I love Julian!!! This is an awesome page because I like to know there are so many other fans out there! Feel free to write to me at Abbeyrd9@aol.com if you just want to chat. Hope to hear from you soon!!"19Mar99

Long Island (4)

"Imagine"..."Some may not consider me a true Julian Lennon fan, because already being a huge John Lennon fan brought me to like Julian Lennon. I don't have any of his albums, but I can't get the tune of "Much Too Late for Goodbyes" out of my head! Next time I'm at The Wall I'm buying 'Photograph Smile', so I'll add my little review of it then. Peace Always, Imagine" 11Jul98

Coleen Rudolph... "Julian Lennon is truly gifted in his own right. May Julian always have love, peace, health, happiness and respect. I will always remember the first time I saw Julian in concert it was 1984-1985 at the Beacon Theater in New York City. My friend and I had a wonderful time. Julian was good then and from what I have seen now Julian is not only good but better. It's nice to hear and feel emotion from music. I have always felt that listening to Julian's music but I feel it more now. I feel this album is Julian's best work. But most of all Julian is happy with his work. May God Bless and watch over Julian Lennon. Love/respect Coleen Rudolph. Wantagh/USA 8-17-99" 17Aug99

Jim Johnston... "I have been a Julian Lennon ever since I heard Valotte. My father tricked me and told me it was a lost John Lennon record. I said no way. But, remembering that Nobody Told Me had come out the previous year, I thought maybe. But, I soon became enlightened and I wore out The Vinyl on Valotte. I have every one of Julian's Albums. I think he is one of the most talented artists around. But, absolutely the most under rated. I had never seen Julian perform live. I missed him by five minutes at a 1991 WNEW Birthday performance at The Hard Rock Cafe in New York. This year with the release of The Best Lennon album ever (including John) Photograph Smile, I managed to see Julian twice in Philadelphia and New York. I was not disappointed. The show was amazing and so was Julian. My only Julian questions remaining are when is he going to receive the just credit he deserves and when are they going to release The Secret Value of Daydreaming on CD? Also, when are they going to re-release Mr. Jordan? This is one of the best websites I have ever surfed on. Keep up the good work, CJ." 14Nov99

Maureen Molloy... "I've enjoyed Julian Lennon since his Valotte album. He's quite a talent, I just wish people would give him some airtime and give him a chance." 23Jan05

Middle Island - Patricia Joyce... "Hey everyone!! I was so excited when I realized that there are other dedicated fans. Thanx CJ for a beautiful and heartfelt website. Please drop me an email anytime. Tricia" 21Feb99

White Plains - Chris...30Apr99

Claysey Everett... "oh my god!!! I have found what I have been looking for, for the past 14 years...more Julian Lennon fans. I love you ALL. I have been reading your stories, and exploring this website for the past three days, and I can't even begin to tell you all how much this means to me. I've been living in New York for almost 2 years, but my love for Jules and his music began in Dallas Texas 14 years ago. And I might add that it's still going strong. Now that I have found you guys, it's just gonna keep getting stronger. Thanks to CJ and everyone for their love of the most influential man in music....our little ol' Jules!!!! Please drop me an e anytime!"20Nov98 ~ Read Claysey's story of seeing Jules in 1986 Dallas, TX

Joanne... "Julian is the greatest. Have loved him since 1984." 7Jan2000

Larry Trasciatti of http://eastelmhurst.blogspot.com... "I don't know much about Julian Lennon- I've always been a hard core Beatle fan-but I've always liked his Valotte album." 11Apr2006

Jen W of Jen's MySpace Page... "I loved Jules' music even when I was a child...but I have only been a big fan for about a year now. And since then, I've met such wonderful people. I've also found out what I always suspected all along...that Jules is a very down-to-earth, sweet and generous man. He's so very talented in his own right; and I wish him all the best with his new album. :) We need more men like him in the world. :)" 24Oct07

Upstate New York - Julie... "Here comes the son, do do dee da..." 19Feb06

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North Carolina (4)

Lisa Compton of For His Glory... "Julian has been blessed with a wonderful gift. May the Lord continue to bless him." 8Apr99

Wendy 18Oct98

Great Smokey Mtns - Scarlett Doyenne... "reflect on today, anticipate tomorrow, forget yesterday.. Julian Lennon was born with highly gifted ancient genes. He deserves outstanding credit for having a gift that he has only partially brought to fruition." 21Jan01
"It wasn't all in the genes; julian truly has a gift of his own. he did his own calling,following thru with his talent,which, in his fathers shadow, i'm sure made it more difficult. Now, if I could just find "Real Love" 10Feb01

Raleigh - Kyle Brown... "I always liked Julian's stuff -- Valotte caught me the first time I hard it. However, Mr. Jordan is my all-time favorite album. I'm glad to hear he's back -- Keep it up Jules!" 30Dec98

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Ohio (7)

Ashland - Sheila Dean... "Hi CJ, I am a friend of Jeann's and saw Jules in Cleveland. Great job on your site I love it and Hope to meet you soon." 3Sep99

Centerville - Gary Knight of the Fries home page.... "Julian got all the "GOOD" DNA from dad!!!! Grrrrreat talent!!!!" 18Oct98

Cincinnati - Lynn

Dayton - LauraS (also of Boulder, Colorado)... "Although I only first started listening to Jules recently, and because I am one woman fuel for Beatlemania, I have to say that now after listening to Valotte and Help Yourself endlessly I listen and appreciate Jules because he is Julian Lennon, not because he's that guy's son." 12Jan99

Mansfield - Cheryl Garn... "I have been a constant listener/fan since Valotte in NYC/Jersey - 84. His Secret Value tour @ Blossom Music in Ohio and still devoted for the Photograph tour in Cincinnati, OH.   Julian and his band one of the best I have ever heard and I used to work in the industry. I'm new to the internet - haven't "blogged" yet.  Just checking out all the 'Julian' sites...would love to contriubute later. Cheers, Cheryl" 6Sep08

Shelby - Rich... "Besides the fact I've been a Beatles fan all my life (39) it's great to have a singer, songwriter like Julian in the music biz. I saw him 15 yrs ago and just a few weeks ago in Cleveland at the Odion. Being able to do what he wants and how he wants has let us see the real Julian. Hope he gets here again, soon." 14Aug99

Toledo - Maria Charnigo...24Jun99

Sacha Leu... "I've been a fan since Julian started in the '80's. The web sites for him are amazing.
Feel free to write and converse." 20Dec01

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Oklahoma (2)

Norman - Terry... "Wow. I just saw the VH1 special on Julian. I have always loved his music, but his person is incredible. I can totally relate to having a "dad" who remains out of the picture and the feelings that go along with that. Being afraid of a man you really don't even know. His comments about his stepfather are so close to my heart. Raised by a stepfather since I was two I can understand the important role that the "step parent" takes. My heart goes out to you Julian. It is clear you have overcome so many obstacles. Photographed Smile exudes all that he has learned. Keep up the great work! Be true to yourself - you're worth it!" 26Apr99

Tulsa - Erin... "There are many fans in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. I am so excited about his new CD and have always followed his career. Glad to see him back with new music."18Feb99

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Oregon (1)

Ashland - Chieko Nakamura (Also of Japan)...  4Oct99

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Pennsylvania (8)

Julie of Julie's World... "I love Julian! I have all of his stuff -- I've loved him since I first heard him. The new album is awesome!! I'd like to think it's all in the name ) -- Juls" 30Apr99

Cindy Bailey... "Julian Lennon Rules!!!!! - One thing I want to say is keep up the good work. And keep writing those songs. They make me feel good inside. Peace" 19Apr99

Jacquie... "I adore Julian, he is a very gifted singer/song writer. I am happy to see that he is at peace with himself, I wish him much happiness...I just wanted to say that I have loved Julian's work from day 1 and I am so proud of him , his new album is so beautifully crafted. I am looking forward to him touring, hopefully in PA." 28Feb99

Kristine Duncan of It's A Wild Ride... "Julian is great singer, I love his music and his songs. I can't wait till he comes out with something new!" 31Mar01

Middleburg - Janna McGuire... "I have loved Julian since his "Valotte" days. I think, even though his dad is a GREAT singer, Julian definatly has an AWESOME voice." 2Nov00

Philadelphia - Echo of The Paperback Writer... "Hey people around the world-- keep listening! :) Jules is awesome." 20Mar02

Pittsburgh (3)

Sherry... "I have always loved the Beatles but recently purchased Julian's CD's and I have to say they are great, I wish Julian all the best no one deserves it more."9Jul99

Linda Michelbrink... "...just another fan."18Mar99

Ginger... "I've been in love with this man's voice, songwriting, and spirit for 15 long years, I've seen him in concert twice and hope to see him many, many more times. If only I could meet him one day..." 22Sep99

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Rhode Island (1)

Warwick- Patty & John Martucci...4Aug99
"We saw Julian twice in concert in '99...in New Haven, CT and in Boston, MA. Both were great, especially at Toad's Place. Loved Photograph Smile & looking forward to a new album soon and a tour, too! Keep up the great songs Julian" 20May01

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South Carolina (1)

Gaby... "I have just recently become a fan since hearing Photograph Smile.  Julian Lennon is the most awesome musician I have ever heard and by far the sexiest! Julian Lennon rocks!"9Apr99

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South Dakota (1)

Castlewood - Amy Rambow... "I think is is kind of neat that I will be the first fan on the map from South Dakota" 5Apr10

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Tennessee (2)

Knoxville -"Cyhopper"..."Julian's Biggest Fan in Tennessee!!!!!!!!" 8Aug98

Nashville - Robin... "I have been a "fan" of Julian's ever since I first heard of him when I was 8 years old and discovered that there was a son of a Beatle born exactly one week before I was! Ever since then I have always celebrated his birthday too! But now that I have grown up with him, I love his music SO much! "Photograph Smile" is a real work of art! I saw him in concert in 86, I hope he tours again soon!!!" 16Mar99

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Texas (13)

Austin (3)

Heather Fawn Goodpasture..."John Lennon's son, I think not...Julian Lennon, a man, a musician an artist of his own right!" 8Sep98 ~ Click here... To read Heather's Opinion Letter on Julian Lennon

Delcina... 23Aug99

Dana Jenkins of Dana's Place... "Meeting Julian was one of the best nights of my life, he is a very sweet and very talented singer and song writer. He is a very special person who means the world to me. Thank you Julian for all you have done. Photograph Smile is wonderful. I look forward to hearing more of your work and to seeing you again soon I hope. Love, Dana" 23Dec99

Dallas - Synthia Barber... "26/Female. I guess loving the Lennon's is in my blood. My mother even named me after Julian's mother." 10Mar99


Houston - Jenna McGovern... "I have enjoyed Julian from way back in the "Valotte" days.. he was a great inspiration to me back then with his incredible sensitivity he brought to his songs.......and now in 1999 Julian has given us the most wonderful gift of music in "Photographic Smile".....I never realized just how much music meant to me in my everyday life until I listened and truly enjoyed each and every song in his album......It is so filled with such incredible talent and sensitivity both in the lyrics and musical arrangements......Julian and his music to me are so unique.....NO ONE can compare with him in his musical talent and vocals let alone his "Good Looks" We love you Julian and wish you all the very best that you deserve! .....Jenna"19Mar99

Laredo (2)

Jessica... "I've always loved Julian Lennon even after his music. I feel the relationship with his father was so touching because we both have very similar experiences of being the absent child. I wish he could express more of his experiences and music. He has a heart of gold and I wish to meet him one day to share our experiences about our fathers. Because their is no one else I could talk to who has actually been through what we've gone through." 5Jan2000

Cesar E... "I've been a fan of Julian's since I saw the VH1 special in 99. It aired that on a Sunday and the Saturday of that week, I purchased "Photograph Smile". I love the music, and I must say living in Laredo, finding albums like "Secret Value" and "Mr. Jordan" was not easy(this was pre internet for me). But, the search was more than worth it. Keep doing what you love, Jules." 19Oct07

Lubbock - Amanda... "What is there to say about Julian other than he has my heart. I have loved Jules since I was eight years old!! But then everyone he touches loves him. People may call me crazy and maybe I am but I feel there is not another musician who deserves more love, respect, and adoration than he does. In closing, let me say and I am sure you will agree--there may not be millions and millions of Julian Lennon fans---but you will not find a more loyal and committed bunch!!!!!!!!!!" 27 Sep99

"I have loved Julian since I was eight years old. He just keeps getting better and better. My wish for him is that he gets everything he wants. Remember Julian, everybody who knows you loves you!!" 7Oct99

San Antonio (2)

Laura Ann Dempsey.."Julian, I have been a fan of yours from the first day I saw your "Valotte" video on MTV in 1984. I was too young to remember your father - I thought you were a wonderful artist no matter what your name was! I have always loved your sound. I was one of the screaming teens who was going crazy for you at the Majestic theatre in San Antonio, Texas - March 1985! I was also at your two shows after that - the 1987 for "Day Dreaming" and in 1989 for "Mr. Jordan". You probably don't remember but I met you at the hotel after the show in 1989. You were very kind and warm. At first of course I was star-struck - but after sitting and talking for a while with your crew I realized that you were all human after all! Tell Justin I appreciate how nice he was. Being so "down to earth" and "real" as you were only made me a greater fan! Over the years, I wondered what had happened to you. I didn't realize how hard things must have been. I saw you on the VH-1 special this week and I was so happy to hear that you are back to doing what you love best - making music! I was saddened though - to see the way that they seemed to portray you as so bitter towards your step-mother (you know who...)  Please don't let the poison of resentment and feelings about the past overwhelm you. I have seen what those sort of feelings can do to families (it is all to familiar to many children of our generation). I see you as a kind and gentle soul, so I would hate to see you let the past control your future! It seems like you have come a long way in the last few years - I look forward to hearing your music again! I am especially eager to see you come to San Antonio -the place where it all began! Love - Laura (a devoted fan)" 28Apr99

"I noticed that you kept my comments (1999) from when I met Julian in person here in San Antonio for his Mr Jordan tour - I wish I had a photo!!! I just wanted to give you my new email address so you could update it. thanks again! =-)" 2Dec03

Sarita... "I became a fan of Julian's when I was 4- it was 'Too Late For Goodbyes' and what a fantastic voice that was singing! The interesting thing is, as big of a Beatle fan as I was at 4 years old, I didn't even know that Julian was John's son until *much* later. Help Yourself was my all-time favorite solo work because it really allowed me to take a peek into Julian's soul... Photograph Smile has replaced Help Yourself (although closely behind now :) as my fav. work. Following him all these years, I couldn't help but wish that one day, he would realize that his fanbase stood behind him no matter what, just waiting for him to come to that point where he was completely happy with everything he had to offer musically and personally. I think he's well on his way now :)" 31May99


Shalyn... "Looking forward to the US tour ..."24Mar99

Lisamarie... "Julian has no idea how much of a profound impact he has had on me and my life over the years. In fact, he is one of the most instrumental people responsible in part for how I got to the point in my life that I'm at now, and why I'm still alive. Now I need only to someday get the opportunity to tell this special person how much of a difference he's made to me! I want more than anything else in the world to tell him "thank you" to his face!" 15Mar2003

Cheryl of kountzeonline.com... "Good to see Julian is continuing his musical career and utilizing his God given talents!" 05Jul08

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Utah (1)

Riverdale - James Lisonbee 1Oct98

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Vermont (2)

Norwich - Sharon Thibault... "Julian is a genius & very talented. His gentle, wise spirit exudes a powerful & exciting presence in his music & live performances. He has pulled together all his own style combined with Beatles influence to create MATERPIECES!!!!!!! Jules rules!" 21Sep99

St. Johnsbury - Jessica Fontecha... "I love the new album, Photograph Smile! Julian is much more than John's son. Thanks Julian... a new fan." 6Apr99

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Virginia (4)

Richmond - Mark Strong of Mark Strong's Music... "Julian Lennon RULES!!!! Enough said." 13Sep98   "It is great to see Julian finally get the recognition that he has deserved for so long. The man is more than just a name!!" 21Mar99

Jessica 9Jul98

Virginia..."Julian Lennon Rules" 8Jul98

Michelle 27Jul98

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Washington (3)

Seattle (2)

Marla Anderson... "What do you MEAN Jules and Justin performed here in SEATTLE and I MISSED them?!?!?!?! Agony!" 22Dec00

Andrea... "I fell in love with Julian when I was 13 years old. That was 18 years ago and he's still making me smile!" 12Aug02

Across the Pond from Seattle - Rob and Lisa Ward... "Rob sang "faithful" at our wedding and were huge fans of Photograph Smile, keep waiting for something new and concert news. Hope hes finally happy in love!" 08Mar07

Tacoma - Melissa... "I can't get over how much Jules looks like his father and his voice is like him. I'm sure his father is smileing down at him from heaven. He has his own style though I think is really neat. Melissa in Tacoma" 16Apr07

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West Virginia (2)

Charleston - Bev... "A day without Jules is like a day without sunshine. I think he is wonderful!" 24Jan2000

Sara Perry of Sara's Homepage 18Nov98

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Wisconsin (3)


Tammi Dregne... "I saw Julian's show in Madison, WI and it was incredible. It's great to go to a concert that's about the music and not the special effects! Photograph Smile is one of my favorite CDs, especially Crucified, which was my favorite song of the concert (Mary will understand!) I can't wait for his next CD. Hopefully I won't have to wait long!" 2Sep99

Mary... Hey, I submitted a concert report for the Photograph Smile tour when Jules came to Madison...I want a dot! :) Just can't get enough of Julian. 25Jul06

McFarland (2) 

Verlene Hendrix  24Jan99

Kathi Schlender-Adams... "Julian, you have touched my soul. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in 2000. Keep in touch." 6Nov99
"Dear fans, you are a loyal lot! With all of the positive vibes we've sent Julian, he's got to have a very positive look on the music life...To Julian, you have got the greatest fans! Looking forward to hearing you, seeing you, and celebrating your music with you..... Kathi" 18Nov99

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No Location Specified (6)

Francine... "Dear Julian,
I think your one of the most talented musicians I have ever had the pleasure to hear. Please don't stop composing your music. Francine." 4Jul05

Mark of Strawbfan's Pages..."Julian Lennon's music is great and underated." 6Dec98

? ... "Words can not describe the emotions and raw talent that Julian Lennon posses and seeing him live only further cemented that in my mine. What a fantastic and talented individual. The only thing that really disappointed me is that he already has a girlfriend... bummer..." 3Feb99

Cathy Jackson..."Am waiting with anticipation until Feb. 23rd when I can own my own copy of "Photograph Smile"." 17Feb99

?... "I became a Julian Lennon fan when I heard the song 'Saltwater' and have been a fan ever since. I recently bought Photograph Smile and I can't seem to stop listening to it. Keep up the good work Julian We Love You!!!!!!" 26May99

?, Revere - Annamarie... "We LOVE You!!!" 28Aug99

Krystal Tayler... "Peace and Love" 30Dec04