Frequently Asked Questions...

I recently saw Julian in concert and he was wearing a ring on his left hand... 
When did he get married and to whom?

Julian is very quite (understandably) about his relationships.  Julian's lost two relationships to the stress of being a rock star.  Debbie Boyland, his girlfriend of two years at the time of Valotte's release, and Julian broke up in 1986 due to rumors circulated by the press about Julian and other women. Olivia D'Abo (Wonder Years) and Julian broke up after a four year relationship due to the stress of promoting "Help Yourself".  Julian has recently stated he will never again let his career interfere with love and is very quite about his current relationship with Lucy Bayliss. 

Julian started wearing the ring some time between the 18th (David Letterman) and the 24/25th of February (Philly After Midnight - the photo to the right was taken by Diane Randall at the show) during the show the interviewer, Wally Kennedy, point blank asked Julian if he was married... Julian's response was "No, not as such... I believe in a love and a bond between 2 people but I don't necessarily believe in certain religions in the way they are set out." 

The 4 June 1999 Evening Standard ran and article entitled "Lennon Looks set to give Marriage a Chance" states that Julian is poised to tie the knot with Lucy Bayliss quoting Julian as saying "To be honest, Lucy and I feel married already" as well as "I am certainly not ruling out marriage to Lucy. We've been together for a year and a half and we are incredibly happy. She works for my management company on Internet projects and other things."  

Later in the August 1999 issue of  Playgirl magazine Julian discussed the ring he gave to Lucy - an antique setting filled with brilliant colored stones shaped as a flower.. (I have seen it and it is very nice!) - stating "More so than the idea of marriage per se, the ring is much more a representation of my commitment. We'd talked about the fact that we wanted to spend the rest of our time together, so the ring was a gesture of that commitment. I thought it was important to find something unique and different."

So to answer the question.. the best I know is Julian is currently engaged - though he doesn't like using that term either, he seems to prefer the term 'partner' - to Lucy Bayliss. She is English but raised in Spain. She is very beautiful and very sweet. (I meet her in NYC.) ~ CJ