Julian Lennon


Australian Magazine
June 1992


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With the overwhelming success of Saltwater (which stayed at number one for about a zillion weeks) Julian Lennon has realised how concerned people are about the environment. That's why he's very happy to plant some trees with some greenie Girlfriend readers who share his biggest fear, the death of our planet. Nicole Hodson is there to record the event...

Julian Lennon Plants a Tree

It all happens at Kincoppal School in Rose Bay, Sydney. As Julian and I approach the gates hundreds of girls start screaming. In fact every time anyone who resembles a male comes into view (even our photographer Ben Watts) hundreds of girls start screaming. The newly formed Green Youth Action Group arrive next equipped with trees and shovels ready for Julian to plant a tree and sign a Mandate which will be presented at the Earth summit in Brazil later this year.

After the tree planting ceremony Julian talks to the girls about how he feels about the environment. He says, "Even if we start now it's going to takes years to get this place clean again. The thing that annoys and worries me most is our governments' attitudes. People understand and are aware of the problems regarding the environment, but it takes time to solve those problems, and time is running out. We can all do our bit, but make the world's governments aware that we want them to work at it too."

Next Julian heads to the assembly hall for a thank you presentation from Kincoppal and the Green Youth Action Group. Overcome by the response he takes to the stage and does an impromptu performance of Saltwater on the school piano. Let me tell you it's a very touching moment for everyone and an act that definitely confirms that Jules is one of the good guys. Let's hope he inspires a few more people to care for planet Earth!

How Green Is Julian?

Surprisingly, it's only been since the release of Saltwater that Julian has become seriously involved in the environment. He started recycling six months ago. "Slowly but surely I'm getting into doing more for the environment," he enthuses. "I live in Los Angeles and it's so polluted -you wake up and you can feel it. I'm moving to the countryside this year." He admits he doesn't know the facts and figures on the environment but he does realise the influence he has on people. "Obviously the song affected me a lot," he explains, "but I didn't realise until this promotional tour that it has touched so many hearts. Now I believe the environment should be everyone's main concern in life."