Julian Lennon

Help Yourself


UK release 5 August 1991
"Saltwater" was the first single from Help Yourself. In addition to the album version there is "radio edit," Spanish version "Creo Que Voy A Llorar," and "Accoustic live at the BBC" B-sides include: Too Late For Goodbyes, Second Time, Rebel King, Mother Mary, Now You're In Heaven, Say You're Wrong as well as the other mixes.

Released as promo only.
There were a couple versions of "Rebel King" a radio edit and the album cut. B-sides include: Get A Life & New Physics Rant

Released as promo only.
"Listen" came in a radio edit version as well as a no guitars edit version in addition to the album version. There were no B-sides.

"Help Yourself" came in a "remix" and an "edit remix" both dance mixes in addition to the album version. B-sides include: Take Me Home, Angilette, Saltwater (acoustic),

"Get A Life" had a couple versions other than the album cut they included a "Radio Mix," a "Bungee Mix". B-sides include: Saltwater, Ruby Tuesday,