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Julian Lennon Links
Links of Interest to Julian Lennon Fans

Photos Around the Web/Multimedia Links
A collection of links to sites which have photo, real audio or other features on Julian.

Official Site

The Official Julian Lennon - Official website for Julian Lennon has a shop to purchase official Julian Lennon merchandise including t-shirts and CDs. It also features a FanSpeak section which is an email list for fans and a Newsletter for updates on the site.

Commercial Sites

Sonic Net - Well done music site with several articles on Julian as well as the video for Day After Day. - Official site for Rolling Stone magazine. Their Julian Lennon section is very incomplete but does have a couple items of interest including the video for Day After Day, an webcast interview with Blair Fischer, and photos from Julian's performance at Border's Bookstore in Chicago.

The Ultimate Band ListUltimate Band List - Also known as Artist Direct. Well done music site with synopsis on Julian's recording career.

Fan/Tribute Sites

 With Love A Tribute to Julian Lennon
With Love
- Recently remodeled fan site by Erin. Has some news and photos from meeting Julian. Has a monthly Julian Lennon calendar to print as well as sections to leave comments about each of Julian's albums and an associated Yahoo Club.

Day After Day - Fan site by Cass with information on Julian's musical career and music. The site has some photographs of Julian as well as other record recommendations. There is also an associated Yahoo club and Message Board which you can access from the site. 
Valotte - A fan fiction site by Britney. 

Lennon Photos Yahoo Club - Lennon Family Pictures Site run by Frances and Pat. (you have to join the club to see the pictures but it really isn't an email list just a bunch of photos)

Email Lists

Fanspeak - Official Fan Email List

Friends and Family

This Bird Has Flown - Site by Violeta of Barcelona To Top

Cyn and Mo - Site by Jeannette (who has contributed many pictures to HeyJules) Dedicated to the friendship of Cynthia Lennon and Maureen TigrettTo Top

Part One of the Cowboy Trilogy - Sean Lennon fan site by my friend Sujin

Gregory Darling - Gregory Darling co-wrote several songs on Photograph Smile and played piano throughout the album and on the tour. He also has a solo career of his own and a band called Darling Cruel.

Matt Backer's Official Page - Matt Backer played guitar throughout Photograph Smile as well as on tour.

A Beatles Timeline - Nicely done timeline of things which happened in the Beatles' career.

David Michael Kennedy - Photographer who did the cover of Valotte.

Misc Guide to Classic Rock

Without the Beatles - Japanese Beatle memorabilia site with some Japanese Julian memorabilia.

Rencontre a Woolton - Primarily a French Beatles fan site but also has some Julian information as to releases and lyrics.

Rock Out Censorship Music Links

Karin Miller Design - Site for a graphics arts who does some cool collages.... Site designed by a friend of mine :)

Link to Hey Jules

You are welcome to use either of the below graphics on your site to link to Hey Jules... You can right click them and save them to your hard drive. Please make the link to vice the tripod address - Thank You CJ

Link to Hey Jules

Link to Hey Jules