Big Mama

Julian Lennon / Justin Clayton / Carlton Morales

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"Big Mama" can be found on the B-side of the US "Say You're Wrong" 7" single as well as on the 12" UK single of "Too Late For Goodbyes."  Julian also performed "Big Mama" during his Valotte tour and it can be found on the "Stand By Me" documentary video of the tour. These lyrics were transcribed by CJ.

In Too Late For Goodbyes - The Julian Lennon Radio Special Julian states "the b-sides to the 12 inches from Valotte and Too Late For Goodbyes. One has like a semi-hard rock track called "Big Mama," which is a total different approach but it still has a warm feeling about it, but it's hard rock." The other b-side is Bebop

Valotte Bar

Ouh, Ouh
She's a pretty big woman
She's out to get your hide
She's the kind of woman
That you wouldn't wanna sit beside
If you don't do your job now
She'll be right on your trail
But if your one of big mama's
You know it's not wise to fail

Big Mama's gonna find you
You know she's big and strong
Big Mama's gonna get you
But only if you're wrong

You're a naughty girl now
You haven't been as good as you should
You've been messing around with Big Mama
And now she's gonna taste your blood
You've been hanging around with the bad boys
Playing on the wrong side of town
You've been up, down, in, out
And Big Mama knows that you're the clown

Big Mama's gonna find you
She's got you by the throat
Big Mama's gonna kill you and there's no anecdote

So you're dead and buried
What's it like under the dirt?
If you'd only realize
it's just white work being the flirt
There's no one you can blame
For what's been done to you
And if you feel ashamed now
There's only one thing that you can do

Go and see Big Mama
Tell her what it's all about
Plead with Big Mama 
Better hope that she don't shout

Mother's gonna come and get you
Mother's gonna get you now
Mother's gonna come and get you
Gonna come get you now

Crawl back to mama
On your hands and knees
You know that mama don't forget that she's so hard to please
Big Mama didn't like you, so walk away and cry
The moral of this story is, once bitten twice shy

Valotte Bar

Valotte Bar