Julian Lennon

Coward Till The End?

Julian Lennon & Justin Clayton


Julian Lennon"...It's very weird, you know. Either (Justin Clayton) or I would come up with a basic idea for a song, i.e. a verse, or whatever, and then we'd sit around and he'd fiddle about and I'd fiddle about and whichever one was the best out of the two we'd put it in the middle. And then we'd get around to the lyrics and then we'd argue over the lyrics saying "No, that's useless. No, that's good." So, we'd always argue but it always came good, good came of it.
"I wrote (Coward Till the End) for the first album, or with the first album, but didn't feel it settled in with the first album, for some reason, because it just didn't feel right because the way we recorded it for the first album it turned out nice, but not as good as we hoped for. So, we kept it aside and brought it out to the files again for this album and just re-recorded it and it turned out 100% better....
Well, there's like three or four different stories to this...interpretations. The very first original one was when me and Justin were just sitting down talking about politics and governments and secrets and how we're human, you know, and we should be entitled to know things and stuff. So that was one basic idea we came up with first of all. The other one was my position...how my life's going and how people interpret me and perceive me and how I perceive other things. "Well, give me a chance, don't get on my case straight away because of my position." The other one was looking at beliefs and truths throughout the world and finally the last sentence or the last line in the verse says "In her I have a friend" which is coming down to the companion, the loved one-she's the only one you totally believe in and have faith and trust in...."
"Basically, it turned out the whole world is a mess. The only one you can trust or have faith in is the one you love or the one that's next to you, you know. So, all that on the outside and then back to love again on the very last line...I thought it was quite cute. Another interpretation of that was I was writing on behalf of my father and what his expressions were-that he was trying to promote peace and everything like that and he stood up for it and look what happened in the end. Because there was a whole big scam about Mark Chapman and who he really was, you know, so he wasn't just the average guy from down the road."
-Julian Lennon on "Coward Till the End"


The Lyrics

I used to be a soldier boy
'Till they shot me in the head
They made me eat their dirt
Of the living and the dead
I'm sick and tired of slaving
And shoveling their shit
And when you trust your feelings
They toss you in the pit

Yes I've been named a coward
I'm not a living friend
Yes I've been named a coward
A coward 'till the end

You seem so apprehensive
You question my beliefs
Seems life is so expensive
Ends are hard to meet
You make me feel offensive
In ev'ry move I make
I'm always up against the wall
And it's just too much to take

Yes I've been named a coward
I'm not a living friend
Yes I've been named a coward
A coward 'till the end
Whoa Whoa oh oh

Why am I to blame
Why am I put up on trial
When it's you who should be questioned
For all the people you defiled

You stay in all my nightmares
Until the very end
She's the only one who cares
In her I have a friend

Yes I've been named a coward
I'm not a living friend
Yes I've been named a coward
A coward 'till the end whoa

Yes I've been named a coward
A coward 'till the end.
(repeat to fade)


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