Julian as the Baker in the Hunting of the SnarkThe Hunting of the Snark

"The Escapade"

Mike Batt

On the 1st of April 1987, Julian appeared as the Baker in the "Hunting of the Snark" a musical written by Mike Batt based on the Lewis Carrol story at London's Royal Albert Hall.  The evening, a musical benefit for the deaf, was attended by Prince Andrew's wife, Fergie and featured the London Symphony Orchestra. The soundtrack features Roger Daltrey as the Barrister, Art Garfunkel as the Butcher, Julian as the Baker, Cliff Richard as the Bellman, Mike Batt as the Boots, Captain Sensible as the Billiard Marker, Deniece Williams as the Beaver and Sir John Gielgud and John Hurt as the Narrators.

Julian sang the song "Midnight Smoke" which was released as a single in Europe as well as parts in "The Escapade" and "The Vanishing"

Narration: There was one who was famed for the number of things
He forgot when he entered the ship:
His umbrella, his watch, all his jewels and rings,
And the clothes he had bought for the trip.

He had forty-tow boxes all carefully packed,
With his name painted clearly on each;
But since he omitted to mention the fact,
They were all left behind on the beach.

He came as a Baker; but owned, when too late-
And it drove the poor Bellman half mad-
He could only bake Bridecake -for which, I may state,
No materials were to be had.

I came as the Baker on this escapade,
I knead the dough, but I can't look after the bread,
The Banker does it instead,
And although I never feel afraid,
Somehow I know
It could be the single worst mistake I've ever made,
To come as the Baker on this escapade.