Things She Said

Kevin Gilbert & Patrick Leonard

Things She Said appears on Toy Matinee's album "Toy Matinee"
Toy Matinee was a band formed by Patrick Leonard (Producer on Mr. Jordan) and Kevin Gilbert (Songwriter/Singer whom Crucified is dedicated to)
- Julian Sings Background Vocals on this track.

The Lyrics

Grey is not the color I expected
On someone who is often touched by grace
The eyes that hold the promise of perfection
Will find the flaw that no one can erase
And though she hears the rumours of intention
And many times I've failed to hide my stare
She will not breach a hint of indecision
She will not ever bend to show her care

Things she said
Every other daystore promise
Things she said would leave me wanting
Run to her then run from other
Things she said
Broke me down and left me shattered
Hard as diamonds... It does not matter
Won't remember the things she said

Today I saw her face in all the papers
A smile to empty out a lion's cage
But notes that might remind her what that smile was for
Are scribbled on a long-forgotten page


The choice she never made
The face she never saved
The words she would not say
The lives she threw away
And the things she said

So grey is not the color I expected
On one who is so often touched by grace
But always she's the spectre of uncertainty
I first endure, then pity, then embrace