Mr. Jordan

US 10 March 1989 - Atlantic Records
UK 27 March 1989 - Virgin Records

Mr Jordon Album CoverMr. Jordan marked an experimental-ish comeback after taking a much needed break in Switzerland to recuperate from the rush to stardom from the first two albums as well as write.... Julian spent considerable more time on this album and did a lot of experimentation with the range of his voice. When the album came out instead of comparing him to his father, there were more comparisons with David Bowie...

Unfortunately, the album was not promoted well by Atlantic Records and thereby didn't go anywhere on the charts. In an effort to get music from this album out in the public, Julian used songs from Mr. Jordan as the B-sides to singles from his next album 1991's Help Yourself


Now You're In Heaven* You're The One* I Get Up* Mother Mary
  Angillette* Open Your Eyes Make It Up To You+ 
 Sunday Morning Second Time# I Want You To Know*

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Produced by Patrick Leonard, the album was recorded at Johnny Yuma Recording and mixed at Skip Saylor Recording in Los Angeles by Brian Malouf - marking a move from Phil Ramone and New York City.


Julian Lennon: Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Background Vocals
Patrick Leonard: Keyboards, 808 Programming, Synthesizers, B-3, CP-70
Jai Winding: Keyboards
Jonathan Moffet: Drums, Background Vocals
Schuyler Deale: Bass
John McCurry: Guitar
Justin Clayton: Guitar
Luis Conte: Percussion

Cameo Appearances:

Peter Frampton: Guitar on Second Time
Dean Huff: Guitar on You're the one
David Williams:
Guitar on Open Your Eyes
Bruce Gaitsch:
Acoustic Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta:
Chuck Findley: Trumpet
John Yoakum: English Horn
Warren Ham: Harmonica on I Get Up
Saxophones: David Boruff, Frank Elmo
Cellos: Suzie Kayayama, Daniel Smith, Larry Corbett
Background Vocals:
Fee Waybill, David Williams, Alexandra Brown, Niki Haire, Carmen Carter, Fiona Flanagan, Marilyn Martin, Donna DeLory, Timothy B. Schmit

Cover Concept by C. Dail & J. Lennon
Art Direction: Bob Defrin / Photography: Timothy White / Fallen Angel: Mark English