A Page from Kim's Scrapbook

Meeting Julian At the Chestnut Cabaret, 
Philadelphia - August 1st, 1989

Special Thanks to Kim for sharing her story!

August 1 1989. MR JORDAN TOUR

Tonight is one night you never forget your whole life. It's one of those stories you tell your grand kids.

We arrived at the Chestnut Cabaret around 6:30 PM.  The side doors were opened and we could see Justin (Clayton) and John (McCurry) on the stage doing a sound check / we had just missed Julian 5 minutes before we got there.

We decided to get in line, we had an hour before the doors open. Outside you could hear Jules doing his sound check  He was warming up with songs like "Now You're in Heaven" and a few others. Around 7:30 the doors opened and Justin and John walked out.  I yelled 'Hey Justin' he smiled and waved.  While standing there something hit me if they were leaving maybe Jules would be soon! So I told Cindy to wait in line and that I would be right back. 

As I walk to the side of the building, I heard someone yell and the door opened and out walked Julian. I could of died. There he was right in front of me. I asked him to sign my tour dates that I had from his fan club Thumbs Up and he smiled and said sure.  When he was done, I asked him if I could give him a kiss.  He smiled again and said yes as I went to kiss him he kissed me.  I died and went to heaven!  I was shaking like crazy.   Here I was after 5 years, meeting him and getting a kiss. Oh my god!    My poor sister was still in line an had no clue to this.  I ran back screaming.  At first I don't think she believed me but than Jules went by in a car and waved to everyone in line and she freaked out.  I could not stop shaking. 

We got in inside the club.  I ran to a pay phone and called my mom.  She said I knew someday you would meet him. We went in and went right to the stage. We were right there.  Our hand were on the stage.  That is how close we were.  Julian came on around 10:10 PM. First was another band called Bricklin. Julian opened with "Now You're in Heaven."  He sang "Mother Mary," "Get Up,"  "Second Time,"  "You're the One,"   "Valotte," "Stick Around," "Too Late for Goodbyes," "Johnny Be Good".. When he sang "Valotte" he sat up on top of a speaker that was on the side of us.  He sang right to us it was great.   Than when he sang "Too Late for Goodbyes," he wanted to see which side of the stage was louder so when he got to our side he handed the mic to me and Cindy.  We were singing in Jules mic. Oh my!  I could not get over this. When he was done his first set he said we looked hot.  He pored water all over the people in the front row including us. Justin had a cigarette in his mouth but needed a light so Cindy flicked her lighter at him he bent over and she lit his cigarette for him this was so great.  When Julian introduced the band we were yelling "Justin! Justin!" he bent over to us and said "stop you're embarrassing me!"

After the show, I went up on the stage and took Julian's glass that he was drinking out of.  I had Julian's cup. I could not believe this it was great! But to be any crazier I had taken Julian and Justin's cigarette butts off the stage after they threw them out during the show.  I was sick.  After the show we hung around for awhile Justin and John McCurry and Skyler came out and hung at the bar no one there knew who they were there.  We walked over and hung out with them and got their autographs.  We waited to see if Julian was coming out but he didn't.  We left because it was so hot in there it was making us sick all the way home we sang an listen to Julian's tape in the car we could not get over our night.

By the way, I still have his cup and the cigarette butts ~ Julian we will always love you!
Julian's biggest fan in Philly ~ Kim...