April - June 2000

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Up to MenuMTV Asia has a small article about Julian and his feelings toward John as a father figure. The article does not appear to have any new information but was likely formatted from quotes taken from various interviews in 1998/1999.

The entire article can be found on MTV Asia's site... (Go)

Up to MenuRetro Rewind is selling their interview with Julian done in July of 1999 in New Haven, CT for charity on mp3.com.

They also have included a performance of "Crucified" recorded during a live sound check in Nashville, TN. Note: "Crucified" is only available via streaming audio, it is not available on the Interview CD which you can purchase at MP3.com

Even if you don't buy the CD if you listen to the song or interview money can be made from the payback for playback program done on MP3. So each time you play "Crucified" or one of the interview segments money is being earned for good causes.

Check it out at: http://www.mp3.com/Jules-Retro

Up to MenuMore from Su as to what the "Hoch 5" aka "Five at Five" on Friday June 16th was... She says:

VH1-Europe's "Hoch 5" was a half an hour Special where Julian had the Chance to show 5 of his favourite Music Videos which included one song by himself (Saltwater) and also Radiohead, Sting, Robbie Williams and finally - guess - The Beatles (Free as a bird) !!!

I think it was made in summer 98 (he had his yellow sunglasses....) but I'm not sure because of his hair....

But it was GREAT to see him once again on television, it's been a long, long, long time !!! :)) :-)

Thanks Su :-)

Up to MenuThe creators of "Pop & Me" will be on Oprah Winfrey TODAY and from the previews of the show they will be showing the segment where Julian talks about his dad.

More on "Pop & Me" will be on Lifetime Live (channel 252 on Direct TV) on Friday June 16 at 12pm EST.

For European fans... Su from Austria tells us that VH1 Europe will be showing a show on Julian called "Hoch 5" on Friday June 16th.. thanks Su

Up to MenuThere is a new independent film called "Pop & Me" which has started showing in LA and NYC thanks to a distribution deal with MGM.  The film is a documentary about fathers and sons done by father and son duo Richard and Chris Roe (shown to the right with Julian). The two spent 6 months traveling around the world interviewing 29 sets of father and sons in 26 countries. While in Monaco in 1996, they met up with Julian who discussed his lack of relationship with John. For more information on the film check out their website at http://www.popandme.com... the trailer available on the site has a small clip of Julian talking mentioning how in interviews his father is always brought up but that Julian himself is his own person... also check out the June 19, 2000 edition of People magazine which has an article on the film as well as the photo of Julian with filmmakers.. Thanks Lynn

Up to MenuFeatured MagazineWhile doing the Feature Magazine from Music Express one of the quotes by Julian really stood out to me...

"I was never in Quasar. They had a rehearsal studio next to mine and I got to know the guys and jammed with them...."

This really intrigued me as EVERY biography and the majority of all the teen magazines in the 80s all mentioned that Julian was drummer for Quasar and that Justin played guitar.. well in actuality, neither Julian or Justin were ever in the band. Quasar was actually a heavy rock type 3 piece band consisting of Paul Inder (son of Motorhead's lead guitarist, Lemmy), Pat McMillan and Les Warner. "Quasar's" rehearsing room was simply near Julian's and so Julian and Justin Clayton would stop in and jam with them occasionally.. at one of these jam sessions a bunch of pictures were taken of them and the press put out that Julian and Justin were actually part of the band...

Up to MenuCynthia has recently painted four portraits of John Lennon as a gift to Julian and limited edition sets of the 4 prints will go on sale this week for pounds 349.

Full Article from the Sunday Mirror

28 May, 2000


New portraits of Lennon by wife he met at art school

IT was art that brought John Lennon and his first wife Cynthia together.

Now, almost 20 years after the ex-Beatle's death, she has used her talent as an artist to bring him closer to their son.

Cynthia has painted four portraits of the pop legend as a gift to 37-year-old musician Julian - but it's a gift that can be also be shared by Beatles fans and art lovers, as limited edition sets of prints go on sale this week for pounds 349.

Cynthia, 60, who lives alone in a two-bedroom cottage close to the sea in Normandy, says it was her desire to capture Julian on canvas that helped revive her long- dormant skills as a painter. "Julian was the key," she says. "Last year I looked at him and saw that the boy had become a man who knew where he was going and I knew I had to paint him.

"He was delighted with his portrait and gave me every encouragement to take up painting again."

Cynthia, from the Wirral, met Lennon at Liverpool Art College. "He was a scruffy but very popular lad and he referred to me as 'the posh girl from the other side of the water'."

She gave up painting to devote herself to their marriage and their son. After they parted in 1968 she "dabbled", but it's only now she has taken it up seriously.

Her paintings show Lennon in a collarless Beatle jacket in 1963, cherubic-looking in 1965, with a moustache in 1967 and as he looked shortly before he was murdered in December 1980.

Up to MenuSome of you might know that I also do a website for Gregory Darling, co-writer/piano player on 'Photograph Smile' and piano player during the last tour.. Amongst Greg's other projects, Greg has been doing some more writing with Julian for Julian's next album.. he says that the music "sounds great! Very upbeat."

Please check out Gregory Darling's site for more information!

Also for anyone who has missed the VH1 Behind the Music #73 which was on Julian.. it will be re-airing on June 6th, 2000 at 12pm EST. Here is the little blurb VH1 is using in promotion of it:

Julian Lennon"With voice and looks uncannily similar to his father, Julian Lennon was destined for fame. But those gifts sometimes proved a disadvantage during Lennon's abbreviated pop career. For this young artist, there's been a lifelong struggle to forge a personal identity. Even at birth it became obvious that Julian couldn't be fully integrated into John Lennon's hectic life, and when his parents divorced, the five-year-old Beatle baby was left behind with his mother. An empathetic Paul McCartney wrote the song "Hey Jude" to comfort Julian in the years to come, but those words could never prepare Lennon for the blow he would suffer at 17 when a deranged fan shot down the man he was just beginning to know. Julian's rise to the top of the pop charts with 1984's Valotte was merely a band-aid on the pain, and when his second and third albums each fared worse than the last, he realized it was time to confront the ghosts. He quit music in 1991 to travel and get to know the real person inside, and returned triumphant with 1998's Photograph Smile, an album released via the internet. In this episode of BTM Lennon says he feels like this is his "first album." In many ways he has taken that sad song and made it better, but there is one thing the years have only added to: his distrust of John's widow, Yoko Ono."

Up to MenuYoko's killer instinct by Ivor Key in New York from the UK's 'Mega Star' April 17, 2000

Yoko Ono is terrified that her husband John Lennon's killer will try to execute her and the ex-Beatle's two children if he is released from prison later this year.

Mark David Chapman is eligible for parole in December. He was caged for life for the 1980 murder.

Lennon's widow says that world-shattering act of violence has haunted her every day of her life since.

"I think we have to protect ourselves," a nervous Ono, 67, told a tabloid TV show to be aired today in the US.

"I have to really be concerned about the safety of Julian and Sean and myself."

Yoko adds that her blood curdled when she heard the news that a man had tried to stab George Harrison and his wife to death in their home last December.

She still lives in the Dakota building in New York, outside which John was killed.

She will object strongly to Chapman's parole, fearing the possibility that she could see him walking the streets.

Up to MenuThe evening of March 31st marks the posting of the long awaited Version 3 of the Official site JulianLennon.com  

New features include a "Fanspeak" email list which will allow fans to interact with each other as well as learn of new happenings on everything Julian. As well as a brand new Navigation system.. go to http://www.julianlennon.com to check it out!