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Up to MenuI have pretty much stayed away from the MDC controversy on his upcoming parole hearing on October 3rd... but in the heart of keeping an accurate up to date account of all that involves Julian I really should post something about it.

I find it somewhat ironic that MDC is now saying that he feels part of the reason he murdered John Lennon was because his father did not show him any love... I also find it appropriate that

Chapman says he has nothing to say to Yoko, Sean or Julian. "What I did was despicable. I don't have any rights to tell anyone what or how to think. I lost my rights to all of that. If they want to talk about me staying in here, they are perfectly in their rights to do so. I have nothing to say about that. This is the family we're talking about here, you know. If someone hurt my family, I would hope I had the right to say what I felt about the damage. Who am I to say anything to these people? It's their right to express rage and horror and anger and bitterness: lock him up for ever. That's absolutely their right." - Sept 26, 2000 Daily Express

Also in the words of the Daily Express who had exclusive interview rights to MDC "To the millions who mourned the loss of the former Beatle, 'despicable' does not begin to touch on the true nature of such a violent crime."

I'm not a John Lennon fan and never mourned his loss but it would have been nice for Julian if his father would still be alive and would have given Julian a chance to get to know him and right the wrongs of his past...

Up to MenuThe "Pop & Me" DVD to be released to Blockbuster and other video rental stores nationwide on December 19th, 2000 will have 8 additional minutes of Julian Lennon footage as an extra bonus section on the DVD. A lot of the original footage was removed from the film because of feedback from the test screenings... the documentary type film done by father and son duo Richard and Chris Roe discusses father and son relationships via father and sons around the world.

Julian was interviewed for the documentary in Monaco in 1996. He discusses how his father really wasn't a father to him and how he feels his father was a hypocrite for preaching peace and love but having none for his own family - specifically Julian himself.

So be sure to keep asking your local video stores about getting it in!!

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Visit the "Pop & Me website...

Up to MenuThere was an article recently in London's "Daily Express" regarding Yoko Ono's recent 'cease and desist' to a charity event previously advertised as "Lennon 2000" being held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's death due to the use of the trademarked names "Lennon" and "John Lennon." Yoko Ono has also forbidden the use photos of John Lennon or his likeness in promotion of the event.

In light of that... the event has been changed to "L2K: All you need is..."

The event is scheduled for December 10th at the Palace Theatre in London. 8% of the proceeds will be split between BCC Children in Need Appeal & Greenpeace. As noted in the article, Julian has been invited to speak on his feelings towards his father... (Note I have highlighted the invited part... Julian has not said he will speak at this event.) Knowing Julian's feelings that John was a failure as a father and a hypocrite as a person I do not see that happening...

Mean while... the article also mentions Julian's disgust of Yoko's blatant commercialism of his father for her own interests including her latest decision to sell some of John Lennon's art as "limited editions etched into small slabs of marble."

Read the entire article on the Daily Express website

Up to MenuSome more dates for seeing the "Pop & Me" documentary...

  • Pennsylvania Film Festival: September 20-24 (date & time TBD), Scranton, PA

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More on the "Pop & Me" video... the video and DVD release date is still set for December 19th, 2000. It currently will only be available at Blockbusters and other video stores... the video will be available for rent and the DVD will be available for rent as well as purchase. It is expected that the video as well as the DVD will be available at Amazon.com and Walmart during a second release in spring of next year...

Chris and Richard have recently finished recording an audio commentary for the DVD as well as edited together some of the additional footage with Julian Lennon which did not make the film cut.

MGM will be marketing the film to video stores next month! So encourage your local store to get copies by asking them if they have the "Pop & Me" video yet the next time you go in... and encourage friends and family to do the same!

Previous news bits on "Pop & Me"

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Up to MenuI have recently received some more information from Chris Roe about the documentary "Pop and Me" done with his father Richard.. As mentioned before the documentary covers the relationships between fathers and sons around the world and contains a segment on Julian talking about his relationship with his own father...

From Chris:

We are now in the process of creating an audio commentary and gathering additional footage for the DVD that didn't make the film cut - and it looks like we will be featuring more of the Julian interview....

More specifics: on December 19 the film will be available for rent on VHS and for sale and rent on DVD - hopefully in Blockbusters and video stores nationwide (we'll see, it hasn't been sold yet). Then the plan is the video should be available for sale retail (Wall Mart, etc.) in the Spring, and on TV somewhere next Father's Day (June 2001).

As more information is known it will be posted here in the news as well as in the Upcoming Section on Hey Jules

For addition information on the films check out the previous news item on Pop & Me as well as the official "Pop and Me" website.

Up to MenuKandalyn Hahn recently went to the Chicago Historical Society recently to look at an exhibit of Harry Benson's photographs. She shares the following with Hey Jules...

"He photographed the Beatles on their first trip to America, followed them touring, etc. In the exhibit there was one photograph of Julian, taken in 1984. He is standing against a wall  with his 80s hair, jeans with holes in the knees, looking serious.

There are several photographs of Sean Lennon, taken in 1990 and later as well as some earlier ones of Sean with Yoko in the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park.

If you get a chance, check it out. 

July 1-October 8, 2000
Chicago Historical Society
Clark Street at North Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60614-6099
Phone 312.642.4600 Fax 312.266.2077

Thanks Kandalyn

Up to MenuThe four portraits of John Lennon which Cynthia Lennon painted as a gift for Julian can be viewed and purchased at http://www.cynthialennon.com

For more info see the May 28, 2000 Hey Jules News entry.

Up to MenuPart 1 of the Julian Lennon Interview with Retro Rewind hit number one on the MP3 interview charts today!

Part 1 is also available as a free download for a limited time only..

Check it out at: http://www.mp3.com/Jules-Retro

Thanks to Angie