October - December 2000

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Up to MenuMagazine alert! The December 18th edition of People magazine has a short blurb and photo of Julian taken at the World Music Awards in 1999.

-- Lennon would no doubt take heart in knowing that both his children carry his tuneful torch. "He has finally come into his own," Cynthia Lennon says of Julian, 37, who, after drug problems and a string of most forgettable albums, won over some critics with his last CD, Photograph Smile. Living in Italy and France with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Lucy Bayliss, Julian, who received a reported $30 million inheritance from Ono in 1996 after a long legal battle, collects Beatle memorabilia and is working on a new album, due next year. --

Sorry guys no confirmation on that last bit... we will just have to wait and see...

Thank you Lynn

Up to MenuAfter getting numerous requests for a statement in regards to how Julian felt with the upcoming 20th anniversary of his father's death, Julian wrote a statement on December 4th and released it to his website on December 6th.

Read the full statement on JulianLennon.com

Of course the media quickly picked it up... and interpreted it as they wished...

The AP newswire simply linked statements made by Paul McCartney and Julian...

Paul Majendie of Reuters took literary license and wrote a piece entitled "Julian Lennon Looks Back in Anger" twice... the second of which can be found on most news sites and makes small mention to Paul McCartney's statement at the end... Mr. Majendie focuses on the long time rift between Julian and Yoko stating "(Julian) returned to the attack" on Yoko Ono yet he completely disregarding the jab at Beatle fans and the media for their incessant requests for information on a father Julian really didn't know....

In his first piece: "Julian Lennon Looks Back in Anger at Father" Mr. Majendie uses the overused "shadow" reference which the media has had follow Julian around for the past 16 year... "At 37, Julian Lennon showed the strain of living in his father's shadow. 'Life is difficult enough. Trying to find one's own identity makes it even harder, especially when you are not allowed to be you,' he said."

Launch.com's Gary Graff misses the mark with his "Julian Lennon Issues Statement to Commemorate Dad's Assassination" when he says "Julian's relationship with Ono has been openly contentious, and the two have haggled in recent years over John's estate and money Julian felt is owed to him." - Sorry but it isn't the money Julian has talked about it is the fact that Yoko will not give him any of his father's belongings so that they can be heirlooms for Julian, any children Julian may have in the future, and John's family in England... anything of John's Julian must buy at auction...

NME.com brutally gets in on the Yoko strife and throws out some erroneous information taboot with their Oh No, Yoko: Julian Lennon launches blistering attack on Yoko Ono they open with "JOHN LENNON's eldest son JULIAN has used the upcoming 20th anniversary of his father's murder (December 8) to launch a withering attack at LENNON's widow YOKO ONO, holding her wholly responsible for the fracturing of their father/son relationship and equating her to a "black hole" " Then they continue with "In the no holds barred attack he went on" Excuse me? It was you the media who was hounding him for the ENTIRE YEAR for a statement!!

Then to go on with "Julian was prevented from attending his father's funeral in New York after his mother (Lennon's first wife) Cynthia told Yoko she felt he was too young to travel to such a difficult occasion alone. When she suggested accompanying Julian, Yoko made it clear that if she arrived neither would be allowed to attend the service" WRONG! Julian flew to NYC Dec 9th without his mother because of YOKO!!!

Sydney's Morning Herald ran a piece titled "Julian Lennon... pointing the finger" and again focuses on the statements aimed toward Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon...

Australia's The Age comes right out and puts it in the title... "Lennon's son blames Yoko for rift"

RollingStone.com Does a bit better with their "Julian Lennon Issues Statement About Father" starting out with the quote "I am not John Lennon, I never will be!"

Maybe someday people will realize that all of this stems from the same problem... the media prints what sells... news on John Lennon and rifts with Yoko Ono sells... and it is what Julian will likely be asked about from now until eternity as pathetic as that may be... of course the one quote left out of all of these with the exception of the few which ran the entire statement...

"Life is difficult enough. Trying to find one's own identity makes it even harder, especially when you're not allowed to be you. How are you supposed to define your own character when all people want from you are answers about someone else's life, a life that you don't have answers for! I am not John Lennon, I never will be! I have never lived his life and never will do! Yet a lot of people believe I have all the answers! Well--I don't! I feel sorry for all the lost souls out there who have to look outside themselves for the truth. Everything comes from within, it's just a question of being able to touch it. You learn from without but you know from within."

I feel sorry for them too I just wish they would let Julian have some peace. But from what I've seen in the 16 years of being a fan I have serious doubts it will ever happen... Peace to you Jules...

CJ of Hey Jules...

PS. If the links to the articles (each articles title) stop working please let me know...

Update December 8th:

Here are some more...

NY Post - Lennon's Son Julian Slams Dad this one starts with "Talk about bad karma! John Lennon's eldest son is marking the 20th anniversary of John's death today with a cyber-diatribe against the slain Beatle and his widow, Yoko Ono." And includes a comment by Yoko Ono's spokesman Elliot Mintz "It's a free country . . . but I found it absolutely disturbing that he has picked this day and this time to once again vent his anger and frustration towards Yoko.  Julian had some legitimate issues with his father, and John acknowledged the fact he was an absentee father . . . but Julian wants to lay much of the blame on Yoko."

DotMusic.com - Lennon's Son Brands Him "Lost Soul"  pretty short.. only one thing Julian is 37 not 38...

Ottawa Citizen - Only a brief mention of Julian and his statement at the end of their "Paul McCartney says he'll be thinking about Beatles bandmate Lennon on Friday" but I love Paul's comment: "On Friday, I'll be doing what we always enjoyed best together - making music. What else would you want to do?"

Update December 12

I think this will be the last of these but a couple more article from the BBC... thanks to Laura D for bring them to my attention

Living with Lennon's Legacy discusses the differences growing up Julian and Sean Lennon... 

Julian Lennon reflects on John discusses the statement made on the official site focusing on Julian not knowing his father, the statements aimed at  Yoko, and those towards Sean...

Considering the way the media handled this it seems that most fans have decided to express their feelings on the Guestbook vice heading to the Message Board which is fine by me... It isn't something I care to discuss much either beyond what I've posted here in the news... It is a real shame that Julian's statement was spliced and used in the form it was.. it was well thought out and sincere not a vindictive jab as it was made out to be... Thank you to all who have left kind and thoughtful messages in the Guestbook - CJ

Up to MenuJulianLennon.com has added several new additions to their site including a "shopping" section where you can purchase "Photograph Smile" on CD/Cassette/ and the Limited Ed. Promotional Version as well as various "Photograph Smile" apparel items. If you wish to receive items before Christmas you must order before December 11th.

The official site also makes note of some recent donations Julian has made including gifts to the Brooklands Special School in Surrey, England for their Autographed Celebrity Memorabilia Auction which raised 4, 425 as well as a photograph Julian took and donated to Fashion Acts to help raise money for people affected by HIV/AIDS. 40 celebrities were given Olympus i-zoom 75 compact cameras and asked to take 3 photographs one of which was signed and sold at auction on November 1st. Julian's photo can be viewed on JulianLennon.com by going to the "Photos" section and looking under "Fashion Acts"

Up to MenuApparently a new interview with Julian Lennon will be appearing on a VH1 Behind the Music on John Lennon which will premier Sunday December 3rd.

Update December 4: The interview footage in this Behind the Music on John Lennon is actually not new... it was filmed late 1998/early 1999 by VH1 for the Julian Lennon Behind the Music which premiered in April 1999.

Show times include:

Dec 3 @ 11:30am & 9pm EST
Dec 4 @ 12:30am EST
Dec 5 @ 9pm EST
Dec 8 @ 12pm & 11:30pm EST
Dec 9 @ 8am EST
Dec 11 @ 11pm EST
Dec 24 @ 1pm EST

Below is the Press Release from VH1 from November 22nd  - "Behind the Music" explores last years of John - Thanks Jeann

VH1's Emmy-Nominated Series 'Behind The Music' Looks at 'John Lennon: The Last Years' in New Episode Premiering Sunday, December 3 at 9:00 P.M. (ET/PT) Episode Features New Interviews With Yoko Ono, Julian Lennon, David Geffen and Others

NEW YORK, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1980, John Lennon rediscovered his passion for rock 'n' roll, a feeling he'd been missing during a self-imposed five-year break from the music business. His "Double Fantasy'' album was screaming up the charts, he was planning his first world tour since the Beatles broke up, and he was poised to begin a new phase of his life. Then, the bullets from a deranged fan's gun silenced him forever.

Now, after 20 years, those who knew John Lennon best speak out when VH1's highest rated original series continues its acclaimed music biography tradition when "Behind the Music: John Lennon: The Last Years,'' a poignant chronicle of the rock legend's final half-decade, premieres on Sunday, December 3 at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

The debut of "Behind the Music: John Lennon: The Last Years'' is preceded by an airing of the two-hour special "The Beatles Revolution,'' beginning at 7:00 p.m. (ET/PT). The "Behind the Music'' episode will also air again on December 8, the 20th anniversary of Lennon's death.

"Behind the Music: John Lennon: The Last Years'' features exclusive new interview footage with Yoko Ono, as well as his son Julian Lennon and close friends like music mogul David Geffen, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, photographer Bob Gruen and actor Peter Boyle. Additional interviews include the police officers who responded to the scene on the night Lennon was murdered, and the Emergency Room doctor who tried in vain to save his life.

"Behind the Music: John Lennon: The Last Years'' tracks the former Beatle's life from 1975, when his wife Yoko Ono gave birth to Sean, and Lennon took the opportunity to quit rock's rat race and instead raise his son. For five years afterward, Lennon was able to enjoy a life he had never had before, one in which he was a regular husband and father, as well as just a neighborhood guy who could walk the streets like other New Yorkers.

In the summer of 1980, however, Lennon began to take sailing lessons, and during a storm-tossed trip to Bermuda, he was asked to take the helm. A raging squall knocked him off his feet time and again, but Lennon persisted at the wheel, singing old Liverpool sea chanteys and shouting at the gods. Landing in Bermuda, Lennon the survivor found himself centered, focused and inspired. Finding his voice again, he soon had enough material for a new album, and took to the studio with Yoko.

Recording in secret sessions, Lennon gradually regained his confidence, and the brilliant "Double Fantasy'' came together with John and Yoko alternating tracks on the album. Songs like "Beautiful Boy,'' "Woman'' and "Just Like Starting Over'' reflected Lennon's evolution during the years away from music and also his new priorities as family man. With the new album finished, life for Lennon was, indeed, just like starting over: he and Yoko gave their first press interviews in years, he was excited about rock again, he announced plans to tour extensively for the first time since 1966. But on December 8, as he and Yoko strolled into the entrance of his apartment building in New York City, a deranged fan put an end to Lennon's plans. The dream was over.

Critically applauded by the Arizona Republic as ``So addictive it should be preceded by a warning from the surgeon general,'' the Emmy Award-nominated series takes an intimate look into the personal lives of pop music's greatest and most influential artists, tracing their struggles, setbacks and successes. ``Behind The Music'' features rare and never-before-seen archive video, film and home movie footage, concert clips and songs, plus exclusive interviews with the artists, their families, friends and colleagues.

"Behind the Music: John Lennon: The Last Years'' is a production of VH1. Jeff Gaspin and George Moll are executive producers.

Up to Menu"Pop And Me" a documentary on fathers and sons has a short interview with Julian candidly talking about his father filmed in 1996 will be released on DVD on December 19th, 2000... The DVD will have 8 additional minutes of Julian's interview which was cut from the film release. You can  pre-Order Pop & Me from Amazon.com!!

Previous news bits on "Pop & Me"

Visit the "Pop & Me website...

Up to MenuA recent updated from "Pop & Me" a documentary on fathers and sons which includes an interview with Julian...

Out of the 90 films that were invited to the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, including all 5 of last years Academy Award nominees - "Pop & Me" was chosen as the Opening Night Showcase! It's a great honor and Pop, Chris, as well as Richard Roe jr. will be attending this coming weekend (October 13). The report from the Bangkok Film Festival was very positive (unfortunately we couldn't make it, although Pop did manage to squeeze in a vacation in Aspen from his already-vacation lifestyle), and we just found out that "Pop & Me" got accepted into the Ojai Film Festival in November. There are several more festival screenings coming up (including Marco Island and Rehoboth Beach), so go to http://www.popandme.com/screenings.html to see if we'll be coming near you.

Also MGM has been aggressively selling "Pop & Me" for our video and DVD release on December 19 - so next time you go to your local video store, see if they plan on having "Pop & Me" so you won't have to go to their competition to find it. And as always, thanks so much for your time and your support,

- Pop & me

If you would like to be added to the "Pop & Me" mailing list or know friends who would like to be added please send an email to creo@mediaone.net

Previous news bits on "Pop & Me"

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Up to MenuIn honor of their 300th show Acoustic Cafe featured the 6 best guests from each year they have been on the air on the show and Julian was picked for 1999!

 Check it out at http://www.mlive.com/cafe and hear an edited version of the interview as well as  Julian and Matt Backer playing songs from 'Photograph Smile' acoustic!

- Read a transcription of the full interview here on Hey Jules....

Up to MenuBravo will be re-airing "The Real Yoko Ono" Sunday October 8th at 6am EST and 1pm EST. This biography profile has as short interview with Julian mentioning Yoko could have given him a few of his father's items as heirlooms...

MDC was denied parole at his October 3, 2000 parole hearing. He will be up again for parole in October of 2002. For those interested, the parole boards' one page letter denying parole can be found at http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/DailyNews/chapmanlennon001003.html . (Thanks to Ron!)

Yoko Ono sent a letter to the parole board stating she did not wish to see MDC granted parole. Julian has refused all interviews regarding this subject and his official website has stated that "Julian will commemorate his father's death in his own private way and believes that Mark Chapman's situation is for the parole board to decide."

Up to MenuDid Julian play his father in a made for TV biography.... that is something I've been asked numerous times but haven't actually found out for sure... but the biography in question will be airing on the Fox Movie Channel (Channel 258 on Direct TV) Saturday Oct. 14th at 1:31pm EST and again on Sunday Oct. 15th at 3:31am EST...

"Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story" is a made for TV 1995 biography on the life of Mia Farrow.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) lists Julian as playing his father as does several other movie databases on the internet... Honestly, this is not something I could imagine Julian doing but if he did it was done at a time when he was spending very little time with his own musical career having stopped promotion for his music in 1992 and not working again on his own music until his 1997 work for the 1998 release of "Photograph Smile"

I plan on at least taping the show and will post what I see/think after seeing it...

Update October 25, 2000: I've watched most of this movie... "John Lennon" is shown for about 3 seconds during a flashback showing Mia Farrow with Maharishi  Mahesh Yogi. Whoever IS playing John Lennon does not appear very comfortable in doing so but I can't tell definitely if it is Julian or not and the film credits do not have the person who plays John listed.

Up to MenuCynthia Lennon was recently interviewed for a controversial new documentary called "The Real John Lennon." The documentary asserts that John and Yoko's marriage was on the rocks and that John was planning on returning to Liverpool. His cousin Stanley Parkes quotes a letter from John shortly before his murder: "I'm coming home...I'm going to look after my own family for a change." The documentary also states that Yoko had already moved John's belongings out of their apartment and was planning on divorcing John for her long-term lover whom she is still with today.

Cynthia talks about how she came home from a week long vacation with Julian and discovered John and Yoko: "All the lights were on, we went in and shouted, 'Anybody home?' John and Yoko were sitting there, he was in a dressing gown and she was in a dressing gown. They just sat there as if everything was normal." And how she blames Yoko for wrecking her marriage and for keeping John from Julian... Cynthia also tells how shortly after John and Yoko relocated to NYC Cynthia received a call from Yoko. "She said, 'John and I have decided that from now on I speak to you about Julian and he speaks to my ex-husband about my daughter Kyoko'. Then there was no contact for four years. Julian would watch TV and it would be, 'That's my daddy!' At school it was, 'My daddy is a Beatle'. But daddy wasn't having anything to do with him."

Cynthia sums up the anger which has haunted the family ever since. "After John got shot there was a phone call from Yoko wanting to speak to Julian," she says. "He was very distressed and said, 'Mum, Yoko wants me to go to the funeral'. I said, 'Do you want me to go with you?' He said yes. I told Yoko I didn't think he was in any fit state to go to America alone and she said, 'Look, Cynthia, if you come he won't be coming - it's not as if you're an old school friend of mine, is it?' I couldn't believe what I was hearing."

Other people interviewed for the documentary include former personal assistants May Pang and Fred Seaman as well as John's half sister Julia Baird. Yoko was invited to appear in the documentary however she declined... The documentary was shown on UK C4 on Saturday. No US dates that I know of...

For more info: The Mirror October 1, 2000

For Discussion: I've already seen a lot of discontent on this documentary on behalf of Yoko fans. Their feeling is Cynthia, May and Fred should not be living off of their brief time with John and just let the past go... What are you're thoughts on this subject... do you feel John's UK family is justified in their claim to their past?

Post You're Views on the Message Board!