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Up to MenuOrdering information for VIVA magazine
Laura Dever of the Jules Rules Julian Lennon Fan Club has learned how to order the July/August/Sept 2001 VIVA magazine with Julian on the cover directly from VIVA magazine:

The cost to order directly is $5.00 + $2 shipping and handling - $7.00 total per copy --within the USA. Order should include check, address of sender and quantity requested. International orders add $5.00 per issue or $12.00 total per issue. Requests can be made to Roy Carlson, Director of subscriptions. Payment must accompany order; checks or money orders should be sent to:

P.O. Box 15591
Loves Park, IL 61132

Thanks Laura!!

Up to MenuTrack list for Rhino Records/VH1 - VH1 Behind the Music the Julian Lennon Collection.
Laura Dever of the Jules Rules Julian Lennon Fan Club has learned from Rhino Records the track list for the VH1 Behind the Music - The Julian Lennon Collection CD to be released on August 21. The songs in order are: (Corrected 10 August 2001)

Up to MenuJulian on the cover of VIVA Magazine
The July/August/September 2001 edition of VIVA magazine {http://www.vivamagazine.com} features Julian on the cover, a new interview and a full page photo of Julian. The interview covers 5 pages of the magazine however the actual interview is only about 2 pages long (Takes extra pages as the interview is in both English and Spanish). 

Some excerpts from the interview....

After working several years around the globe to promote the album (Photograph Smile) and play live show, Julian yet again found out that the companies that were working with him failed to follow through on their promise to support him. So, he decided to take time out, lean back and start enjoying life again!

You did a successful tour in the United States and in the Far East last year, why did you skip Europe?

Because of the promotion, marketing and distribution. The people and companies that I was dealing with just didn't do their job, so there were no CD/s in the stores when there needed to be, hardly any promotion, and radio wasn't much help either, but that's not to say there weren't a few places that tried to help. I like playing live, but I do it because I want to do it and not because I have to - these days! I had spent so many years away from America and the Far East - when the album was released, that I thought it would be a good idea to make an appearance and I still have a very strong fanbase there, so that's why I did tour!

You are thirty-eight now... What about a family?

I still consider myself very young and I supposed one is never really ready to be a father. But yes, I do plan on having a family... eventually.

The magazine has a cover price of $5 US and should be available worldwide in large bookstores/newsstands... in the US the only place I've heard/seen having it is Barnes & Noble. (If any finds it else where please let me know so I can post it for others looking for the magazine.)  I checked Border's and they do not carry it.

On a side track... something the article does clear up is the time of Julian's birth... different source list it as either 6:50am or 7:45am... Julian mentions that he believes he is double Aries which would imply the 6:50am time...

4 September 2001: Ordering information for VIVA magazine

Up to MenuVH1/Rhino to release compilation album
coverI had briefly posted about this before back on the 9th but pulled it until I could try to find out more about it but anyway... Rhino Records in conjunction with Atlantic Records/VH1 is releasing a compilation album on August 21st entitled Julian Lennon - VH1 Behind the Music: The Julian Lennon Collection. The album will consist of Atlantic/Atco Remasters (Music from Valotte, Secret Value of Daydreaming, Mr. Jordan & Help Yourself). The CD can be purchased at Amazon - click on the album cover

Matt Backer has released his debut solo album
Matt Backer, guitarist on Photograph Smile CD & Tour,  has signed to Warm Fuzz Records and his album, "Is That All" can be found at www.warmfuzz.com... unfortunately their credit card server isn't working to take orders quite yet... I will post an update as soon as they let me know they have that fixed to actually take orders...

Up to MenuRenaming of the Liverpool Airport
In a ceremony today attended by Yoko Ono, the Liverpool airport at Speke unveiled its new logo and name, Liverpool John Lennon Airport...  The decision to rename the airport was done by the company which owns the property - Peel Holdings. The new name is part of a rebranding that will see the opening of a new 32.5 million terminal next spring... The new logo includes John Lennon's famous self-portrait and the words, from Imagine, "above us only sky." Julian sent a letter sending his good wishes and stated: "I am very happy to see that Liverpool has taken the opportunity to remember one of its most famous citizens in a way that reaches millions of people."

More on the John Lennon Tribute...

As far as I know Julian has not been confirmed as a performer at the John Lennon Tribute concert. According to Instant Karma!, the concert supposedly  titled: "Come Together: A Tribute to John Lennon" will be occurring Sept. 20th at the Radio City.