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Up to MenuSome more news on Julian's upcoming release of Photograph Smile in the United States on the 23rd of February on the Fuel 2000 label... Jeff Petschow tells us that the latest ICE magazine lists the release as an Enhanced CD which will include the video to "Day After Day,"  a biography, lyrics, photos and a link to Julian's website! ~ Sounds exciting!!

Recently, I rented "Music From Another Room." (the movie which Julian named his record company after..) The movie starts out with "Day After Day" playing during the opening credits. What a great opening! Okay on to a bit on the story.. it starts out with a  5 yr. old boy named "Danny" helping his dad deliver a baby, Anna. After Anna's birth, Danny proudly announces that he will marry her and then he and his dad move off to England. Well 25 years later, Danny returns to the same city and who does he meet??? I won't spoil the rest for you! I think my favorite part of the movie is when Danny is asked if he knows what love is. And he says yes, love is like hearing music from another room you singing along with it and even if for a time you can't hear it you sing along just the same until to join up again... seems to be like Julian's fans in the United States who have been singing along just waiting for the new release...

Up to MenuSome more news on Julian's promo tour... On the 3rd of November Julian preformed and stayed at the Hard Rock Cafe, Bali.. More info on this and the track listing to the gig in Sydney on the 26th of October have been added to the Photograph Smile Section of the Biography.

Up to MenuJulian preformed  four songs last night with guitarist Matt Baker at the Do Something BRICK Award for Community Leadership at the "Supper Club" in New York City.  Songs preformed were "Day After Day," "I Should Have Known," "I Don't Wanna Know," and "Saltwater." ~ Special Thanks to Claysey for the info!!

Up to MenuAccording to a November 24th PRNewswire posted on Yahoo!... Julian will be performing at the 1998 BRICK Award Gala at the "Supper Club" in New York City at 7pm. To learn more about the BRICK Award for Community Leadership visit their website at http://www.brickaward-msn.com ~ Special Thanks to Pat for originally bringing this to my attention!!

Up to MenuAccording to the 15th of November Los Angles Times, Julian's new album, "Photograph Smile" will be released on the 23rd of February 1998. ~ Special Thanks to Tereasa!!

Up to MenuNews from Hong Kong...  Julian Lennon was in Hong Kong this weekend (7-8 November) for Heineken's third annual Music Horizons concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. 

Julian closed his segment of the concert by coming out and singing "Stand By Me" to which everyone excitedly sang along.

During the show's press conference Julian said even though he was John Lennon's son, he didn't want people to think of him as the late Beatle's offspring, but as Julian Lennon.

He said that he had used his own talents to prove himself and that when he was a child, his father wasn't around, so he wasn't able to learn much from him. He also he said that he didn't want to follow his father's footsteps and hoped that he would not suffer the same fate.

Up to MenuChart news... last week while Julian was on a TV program in Australia he mentioned that "Photograph Smile" was number 1 in Japan.. I found some chart info on Julian at Super B.P.M. Charts. On the 13th of September, the single "Day After Day"  was #31... on the 20th of September it was #9... the 27th of September it was #5...  Unfortunately I couldn't find album charts or info for October... yet...

In Australia.... For the week of 26 October 1998, the album "Photograph Smile" is #28 on the ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association LTD) Charts .. Last week it entered the charts at #30..

Julian will be performing in Sydney at the 'Metro' on the 26th of October and at the  Mercury Lounge in Melbourne's Crown Casino Entertainment Complex on Wednesday October 28th.

Up to MenuMore reports from Australia...

On the 20th of October Julian presented the best Male Artist Award for the 12th Annual Aria Music Awards, AKA the Australian Music Awards, which were held at Sydney's Capitol Theatre and telecast throughout Australia on Channel V.  He was also on national TV last night (Wednesday 21 October) on a  show called 'The Panel' on Channel 10.  Steve tells me "('The Panel')  is a very informal talk show with a bunch a people sitting around a table, most of them comedians of sorts who comment on current affairs. Julian was there of course to plug his new album. It was a very light hearted interview and he seemed to be enjoying himself. They asked about his rune stone he has around his neck and other stuff." Andrew adds that Julian "revealed that he will be returning to Australia in about a year's time for a full-fledged concerted tour.  He also said that he had asked 'The Rutles' to appear in the video for 'I Don't Wanna Know' and that they had been interested in doing it but were unable to because Eric Idle was busy in America working on a film project, hence he created 'The Butlers' for the role." ~ Special Thanks to Steve & Andrew for the information!!

Also out of Australia, Joanna just sent a new article called: "Question and Answers with Julian Lennon" from today's Herald-Sun... It's a good Q&A discussing Beatles, songwriting, Sean, and his favorite rumor about himself...and she also sent a some quotes from Thursday's (15 October 1998) Martin & Malloy radio show.. sounds like it was a hilarious and awesome interview..

Here goes: [Tony Martin (TM)  Mick Malloy (MM)  Julian Lennon (JL)]

TM: Julian, what's next for you once you've finished being asked dumb questions in Australia?

JL: We're doing a small promo tour and a couple of gigs in southeast Asia and India, and then some more promo work back in Europe, and then after Christmas and New Year's it'll be North America, South America and Canada.

MM: Wow...

JL: And then, putting a band together - putting a production tour together and going out all over.

TM: Right, now have you written all that down?

MM: Yeah.

TM: Because we've gotta pass that information onto Yoko Ono - she's just scheduling the Sean Lennon tour.

JL: (laughs) Don't worry, she probably knows already! She's scoped out every option, believe me. She just presses the button when she finds out which one it is...

(more laughter, then the interview finishes). .~ Special Thanks to Joanna for the article and mini transcript :-)!!

Up to MenuJust read a great article entitled Why Julian is more than just 'the son of' From the October 20th Australian Newspaper "The Advertiser".It talks a lot about Julian's involvement in "Eyes of the Soul" an upcoming documentary Julian is working on with Kim Kindersling which focuses on the beliefs of indigenous tribes around the world and their connection with whales and dolphins. 

The reasons the article from the Advertiser gives that Julian is more than just "the son of" is contribution to disabled children and the indigenous people of Australia...

This weekend, Julian took 25 hours out of his busy promotional schedule to raise money for disabled children during Perth's Telethon... Julian is quoted as saying: "Things are difficult enough as it is without being born disabled.  The reason why I did that (referring to his donation of $100,000) was the work they are doing at the research center is phenomenal and the findings go out world-wide. Sometimes getting up and singing isn't enough." A little aside... this is the most that any celebrity on the show has donated.. and most don't donate money they just perform... Julian performed, donated money and even went into the call room and read the donations as they came in.

In Adelaide yesterday, he took time out to meet some of Australia's indigenous people... specifically the Mirning tribe from the Nullarbor area whose tribal elder, Bunna Lawrie, presented Julian with a set of traditional Aboriginal music sticks. Of the indigenous people Julian says: "I feel that these are people who have been around a lot longer than modern society and they have got an understanding of the secrets of our land. With their understanding and beliefs, I think they have a lot to offer. But most indigenous cultures are being lost and that's extremely sad. It will be good to release this film (referring to Eyes of the Soul) in order that the children of the world are aware that there's other kinds of life out there."

More on the Yoko/Julian feud...here are Yoko's responses to Julian's comments...

The following quotes are taken from Melbourne's Herald-Sun newspaper on Saturday, October 17 from an article entitled, "Yoko's labor of love" - by Nui Te Koha...   ~ Special Thanks to Joanna for the info!!

More recently, in a venomous attack, Julian - Lennon's son from his first marriage - accused Ono of sabotaging his singing career and withholding valuable possessions from his father's estate.

"I don't know where he is getting those ideas," Ono says unflinching, "but one of the constant things I have had to deal with, especially having been associated with John, in his lifetime, and even today, are the myths."...

She is concerned for both Sean and Julian, because "their father's name is so big."

She is surprised by Julian's recent comments, in which he accused Ono of sabotaging his career, and holding back treasured heirlooms John Lennon had meant for him.

"I have always been supportive of Julian's career," Ono says. "Even now,when people ask me about his music I tell the truth. I say he is a very talented man. My feeling is:  for Julian, it must be very hard. I think in some moment of honesty he would say he's a bit jealous of Sean, but it's hard for Sean, too, because Sean feels guilty and yet it's not his fault. I never sabotaged Julian's career.  In the beginning, I tried to help, but Julian didn't want to know about it."

What's next for Julian after Australia? 

Well last Thursday on a Comedy show called "Martin Malloy" which is broadcast 4pm - 6pm weekdays with Tony Martin and Mick Malloy and a featured guest each day around Australia (e.g. FOX-FM Melbourne, 2DAY-FM Sydney etc.)  Julian said he's going to do a few gigs in SE Asia and India then head back to Europe/UK and will be coming to North America/Canada after Christmas... I can't wait!! ~ Thanks again Joanna!

Ever wonder what has happened to Justin Clayton?!?!? Julian's best friend who plays guitar on Photograph Smile... and all the other albums Julian has done... and played guitar for Julian at his world premier concert for Photograph Smile in Mainz, Germany on the 18th of May 1998? Well Gerard asked just that question of Matt Backer... the guitarist who is accompanying Julian and his girlfriend around Australia!   Read Gerard's awesome account of meeting Julian in Perth. ~ Special Thanks to Gerard and Steve!!

Up to MenuI just read on the Usenet that Julian will be doing a cabaret type of concert for around 100 people to see and meet Julian tonight in Adelaide, Southern Australia... the show is a private function which was organized by the local radio station and is being billed as "a night with Julian on his baby grand piano."

Joanna sent a link for an article in the Sunday Telegraph... http://www.accsoft.com.au/~na/marekjulesonyoko.htm Hear Julian states more on why he dislikes Yoko... One thing that struck me was that John had bought a house for his half-sister Julia and gave it to her as a gift... well apparently the house was kept it in John's name and when died Yoko took the house away from them and sold it to charity... what a witch!! ~ Special Thanks to Joanna for the link!!

This weekend Julian was the special international guest for Telethon a telethon to raise money for children's charities.  Julian donated $100,000 himself and according to Wendy, a fan in Perth, "He brought so many smiles into the kids it was unbelievable how caring he is." All in all the telethon raised around $2.5 million for the cause!!

Update note... I have just updated the biography for Photograph Smile with the Australian performances I know about... if anyone has any to add or info to add to the ones posted please let me know thanks ~ CJ

Up to MenuMore on the concert in Perth... It will be an acoustic session at 78s Record Store in Perth, Western Australia on the 18th of October at 2pm followed by a record signing session... (Thanks again Steve!!)

Joanna also informs me she heard Julian say he will be coming to North America after Christmas/New Years on the "Martin and Malloy" radio show in Australia... and that Julian was on "The Bert Newton Show"...  among others... (Thanks again Joanna!!) Seams Julian is keeping a very busy schedule on this promotion tour of his! Between interviews and acoustic sessions I hope he takes some time out and relaxes a bit down in Australia... I've heard it's beautiful there!

On the web front... www.julianlennon.com has done some more small updates... they added a few pictures of Julian to the pages...

Up to MenuJulian will be doing a concert and a 30 minute appearance at 78s Record Store in Perth, Western Australia on the 18th of October. ~ Special Thanks to Steve for the info!!

Jules seem to be doing a lot of TV shows in Australia.... Joanna says he did an awesome 2 segment interview and a song for "Kerri-Anne" today... "Must have gotten along really well with K-A. Bit of Yoko bashing and insights into recording the album."  Joanna also says Julian will be on "Bert" tomorrow!!~ Special Thanks to Jo for the news!!

Up to MenuJulian will be performing in Sydney, Australia at the 'Metro' on George St across from the cinemas on the 26th of October.  Tickets are $32 and available through the Metro or Ticketek. ~ Special Thanks to Sandy and Trish for the info!!

Up to MenuJulian appeared on "Hey Hey It's Saturday" in Australia tonight... Check out Joanna's report in the interview and reviews section!

Joanna also informs me that "Photograph Smile" will be released on Monday, the 12th of October in Australia!! And she submitted an article from the "Herald-Sun" which mentions Julian playing an invitation-only gig at Prahran's Continental Cafe!~ Special Thanks to Joanna for the news!!

Up to MenuJulian will be on this week's (i.e. 10 October)  "Hey Hey It's Saturday" (Channel 9 Australia), a variety-type program that's been running in Australia  for 20+ years.  Julian will "more than likely singing a song, an interview afterwards and perhaps judging the 'talent' competition that's run each week. That's the typical involvement of a celebrity."

"I guess that means he'll be in Australia by Friday at the latest. I can't remember if it's taped in Melbourne or Sydney though. More than likely he'll be doing the rounds of the other local shows during the next couple of weeks." ~ Special Thanks to Joanna for the news!!

Also in Australia...

Jody says Julian will be in Perth, West Australia next week (17th of October). He will be performing at the beginning and the end of the 24 hour National Telephone to raise money for children's charities.  ~ Thank you Jody!!

On the 12th of October at 9:30pm Julian will be on "I.M.T." AKA "In Melbourne Tonight" the show will be aired live on Channel 9 in Australia.

Julian will be presenting an award at the 12th Annual Aria Music Awards which will be held at Sydney's Capitol Theatre on Tuesday, the 20th of October at 8.30pm. The program will be telecast throughout Australia on Channel V.

Up to MenuThere have been some more changes to www.julianlennon.com ... they have added a nice two page biography as well as a page of quotes.

AB-CD now has the Japanese version of "Photograph Smile" available as an import for $27.  The Japanese version is very beautiful, it is "framed" in a box which opens up revealing a beautiful booklet filled with photos, a biography, lyrics, and Julian's thoughts "track-by-track" on each song. The album also contains 2 bonus tracks, "Don't Let Me Down" and "I Need You."

Up to MenuI realized that I've neglected allot of "News" topics by filing them away in other sections of my site like the Biography section and the Interviews and Reviews... So I figured it was high time to do an update here on what Julian has been up to...

Just to keep you up to date, Julian's has started his own record label, "Music From Another Room," for his latest album "Photograph Smile."  Julian's label is being carried by Pinnacle in the United Kingdom and Roughtrade in Germany... links can be found in The Links section.  A carrier has not been announce for the United States to date... hence the reason for no US release as of yet.. I've heard March of 1999 rumored...

On August 30th Julian appeared live in Germany at SWF3's Wildall concert which was broadcast via the internet... click here to check out my report on the concert and see some captures of Jules! I'll also be adding some picture and a report on what it was like to see Julian live at this concert by my friend Nina soon.

Julian was in Japan between the 13th and the 26th of  September to promote "Photograph Smile." The album and the single "I Don't Wanna Know" was released in Japan on 17 September 1998... the Japanese version of "Photograph Smile" is special in that it comes in a booklet format with a diary containing the lyrics to the songs as well as quotes from Julian as to what the songs are about...   It also has 16 tracks vice the 14 on the UK Pinnacle version. The additional tracks are "Don't Let Me Down" and "I Need You""Don't Let Me Down" was included on the Pinnacle single of "Day After Day" and Julian's cover of America's "I Need You" appears on the single of "I Don't Wanna Know" which was released in Europe on 24 August 1998. 

In England the release of "I Don't Wanna Know" was coupled with Julian's appearance on several TV shows...

On the 18th of August, Julian appeared on ITV's "Lunch in the Sun," a British breakfast chat show GMTV broadcast live from an exclusive villa in Marbella in Spain.   During the show Julian had the show's chef, Amanda, cook up one of his recipes... 'Steak Diana' or should it be 'Steak Julian'... a steak in a cream and wine sauce with mushrooms, onions and provincial herbs.  Julian had quite humorous interjections during the show... such as instructing to "let the meat rest." He also showed great knowledge on the different ways of cooking steak explaining he learned by watching a friend who is a chef. 

On the 23rd of August, Julian appeared on Channel 5's "Exclusive" giving an interview with Sara Cox and Mark Eccleston featuring a clip from the video for his latest single "I Don't Wanna Know" which  is a hilarious Beatle parody going through the Beatlemania years with a  fictional band called the "Butlers"... Julian can be seen in various places throughout the video as a bobby, bus driver, and a drunk in an opera.... Julian discussed why he decided to do the parody... basically it is a response to all the Beatle and John Lennon fans who have asked time and time again when he will do a cover of one of their songs.  Other items of interest in the interview included a discussion as to why he decided to start his own record label, "Music From Another Room," how he is enjoying being in total control of his career at this point, and his feelings on Sean and him releasing albums at the same time in England....

On the 26th of August Julian was presented on Channel 5's "Jack Docherty Show" by Melinda Messenger.  The show was filmed during the afternoon in London and then broadcast later in the evening.  Thanks to MFAR's recruiting of fans... the audience was packed with screaming fans for the short interview discussing the video of "I Don't Wanna Know" and Julian's embrace of his heritage from his father and the Beatles, Julian's hobbies of painting, cooking, acting and theater, and his displeasure with Yoko Ono for her marketing of John's name and selling of his things.   The show was completed with a mimed-live version of "I Don't Wanna Know" complete with a kiss for the camera.

Roughtrade released the "I Don't Wanna Know" single in Germany with "I Need You" and a version of "I Don't Wanna Know" which has Julian cracking up in laughter throughout... Pinnacle released the "I Don't Wanna Know" single in the UK in two parts with Part one having the same songs as the Roughtrade release and the video for "I Don't Wanna Know" and Part two having "Kiss Beyond the Catcher" and the video for "Day After Day."

The video for "Day After Day" was shot in 16:9 form since it was used in the movie "Music From Another Room."   The video is based on being separated from the one you love because of war and dreaming of making ones way back to that person... It features Julian in the trenches of a war with an uncanny resemblance to the photos I've seen of John in "How I Won the War" and Julian girlfriend Lucy Bayliss in a beautiful wedding gown being the girl Julian is making his way back to... Both videos are wonderful!!!  Both CD singles as well as many other Julian Lennon items can be ordered as imports via AB-CD.

In Australia... Julian did an interview on the Today Tonight Show on the 2nd of September... things of interest include discussion on his new album, his involvement with an environmental agency in Australia called Plant Ark and Eyes of the Soul... click here to find out more and read the transcript.. thanks to Sandy!   According to MFAR, "Photograph Smile" and "I Don't Wanna Know" were to be released in Australia on the 24th of September and Julian will be in Australia promoting the album from the 8th through the 21st of October.  But it seems he will actually be there longer... and the album has yet to be released..

Julian will be performing at the  Mercury Lounge in Melbourne's Crown Casino Entertainment Complex on Wednesday October 28.. tickets went on sale today!! According to Joanna,  this will be a small and intimate venue.   Thank you very much Joanna for contributing the news!!!

On the web front... "Music From Another Room" has added several new articles and interviews... and www.julianlennon.com has been changed again... for those of you who have missed the changes... the site started out looking very similar to what the MFAR site looks today then when the MFAR site started it went to an all black look with the additional ability to send messages and post ones thoughts on "Photograph Smile"... it then was merged with the MFAR... finally it is it's own site again, with a simple back screen and the initials JL.. go in and you can sign up for a mailing lists.. In my web wanderings I also came across a couple interesting sites in German... www.tele.ch/archiv/9827/sounds.shtml   & sonicnet.ch/news/1998/week17/lennon_d.shtml   these are mostly reviews with some interview qualities... of interest... the TELE interview Julian talks about how he got tired of the patronizing of the music business and how he feels the music on Photograph Smile is much better since he had years to work on it.  It also talks about Julian's involvement in film and how as a child he played in theatres and his involvement in the movie "Leaving Las Vegas."  When asked if we'll see more of Julian on the silver screen in the future... Julian responded "if I the correct film scripts was received - why not. But not for Hollywood productions. I like the dark, thoughtful European film. For my three-minute appearance in "Leaving Las Vegas" we filmed full 18 hours. Now I know, why the people in the film Business earn so much. For the time being however I enjoy the life with music. Again."

The Sonic Net article talks about how Julian took off the last few years and learned that there was more to life for him than the music business.. he took time off to cook and also develops and arranges computer games for children which teach morals and justice.   Julian does not do the programming himself, he supplies the concepts and leaves the programming to PC professionals.. He says, "with computers I do not have much in the hat, I use the pencil and paper."  This article goes on and also asks if Julian will do another movie and quotes Julian as saying that "an actor has to have unbelievable patience" and that he doesn't think he would be capable of a main role in Hollywood, "however if the correct thing comes and I have enough time and patience, why not? But only times the music is located now in the focal point. "

Well that's all for now... be sure to check out the other section for more info!   Special thanks again to Sandy, Joanna, Su, Nina, and Jo for their contributions... others are welcome and appreciated! ~ CJ

Up to MenuThere is a picture and short article on Julian's appearance on the "Laws" show in Australia at http://www.foxtel.com.au/ Click on "LAWS" on the side menu and then on the "Julian Lennon, on his famous father John Lennon"

Up to MenuNina just notified me with some more info on Julian's upcoming performance in Germany!!! THANK YOU!

Julian Lennon will be the second performer on Sunday at SWF3's Wild All 98 Open Air Concert in Baden-Airpark, Germany.  According to the schedule, performances start at 11am (5am EDT) on Sunday and will be broadcast live via real audio from SWF3's site. However, I've also heard that Julian will be performing at 7pm which would be (1pm EDT).  Keep checking back for updates.

To listen/view the concert you will need the latest version of download player Just click the icon to get it! Then click here to view/listen to the concert .

During Julian's release concert, they added more servers for the Real Player.  So keep checking Calico Sky for updates. Note: all the links in the paragraph above are to SWF3's site which is in German... if you'd like to read the site in another language, make note of the URL (that's the http://www.swf3.de  thing on your browser for the computer illit :-) go to the Altavista Translator and put the URL you want to translate in the text box... and you're on your way!

Up to Menu(special thanks to Nina for info on this!)

Julian will be performing live sometime during  SWR3's open air festival at Baden-Airpark, Germany August 28 -30, 1998. The actual schedule for when Julian will perform will not be released until August...I will post it as soon as I find out.   For more information see SWF3's site: http://www.swr3.de/events/festivals/wildallparty/