January - March 1999

Past News: 1998

Up to MenuMarch 23rd, Julian was in Montreal promoting 'Photograph Smile.'  I just found an article entitled New exposure: It's taken five albums, but Julian Lennon says he's finally captured his own essence in Photograph Smile by Jordan Zivitz  online from The Gazette. Of interest to those who have been hearing the same things quoted over and over, Julian mentions critics in this one stating that: "They have been saying that if the Beatles were still together or if (John Lennon) was still alive, this is the kind of work that they'd be doing. Now, if that isn't high praise, I don't know what is." There is also a nice black and white picture on the site.

Of other interest on the net, Rock on TV is having a "Real Audio" review of Julian's 'Photograph Smile' on their site starting today and running through Sunday.. check it out at http://www.rockontv.com/reviews.html Also, Mark Strong who started the Julian Lennon Onelist found a cool picture of Julian and Joey Molland of Badfinger taken backstage at the Mall of America performance on March 4th Thanks Mark!! (Check out Mark's webpage!)  Finally, Jackie found a site with "Real Audio" interview clips at http://www.gaslight.com.au/interview3.html Thanks Jackie!

Up to MenuThe chat at the Yahoo! Club yesterday was a great success with 18 chatters through the day! It started a bit before 2:30pm EST and was still going strong at 10pm!!!!! Thanks to all who participated! If you haven't joined the club yet, you can at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/heyjules

Julian's 'Photograph Smile' is listed as the #1 album in the "World Cafe's" Top 10 Albums. Go Jules!!

Project Go Jules!! Has been updated please go check it out and help promote Jules!!

Julian is currently in Canada promoting 'Photograph Smile.' He was on Canada AM, a morning news show in Canada, on the 18th of March.   Pretty much the same things discussed...  Julian hasn't recorded for about 5 years since he was trying to get out of his legal contracts with the first record company that he recorded for (Atlantic/Virgin).  They wanted him to write songs in a certain way on their time schedule vice allowing Julian expand as an artist on his own at a more leisurely pace. He also has found new management that more supports his personal musical creativity and aspirations as well as a real sense of "balance" in his life...something that he was missing for quite some time. Julian stated that he has now found that balance and feels very positive about himself and life in general. An article also appeared in the Toronto Sun discussing much of the same things. But also has some quotes about Julian's feeling that Yoko has tried to drive a wedge between Sean and himself as well as information that Julian is trying to work out something with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to get some of the items Julian has collected from his fathers career put on display there. You can read the entire article at Jam Music's site. Thanks to Jeff for the link!

Up to MenuHi all.. Yeah I'm behind on things...I need a vacation to catch up from my vacation!

First some news from Laura D.. the Jules Rules! fan club Prez:

"Matt Hurwitz of GOOD DAY SUNSHINE was with Julian Matt and Bob (March 7th) in L.A. and told me the following. They did an interview for KLSX-FM "Breakfast With The Beatles" for a two hours. Then they did the appearance at Virgin Megastore, performing and signing autographs for 2 hours. This morning Julian and Matt appeared on KTLA MORNING SHOW on WB and then did an interview at KLOS with Mark and Brian. They did more interviews the rest of the day. (On March 9th on LENO,  Julian performed) with his full band and and an orchestra! It (was) special. They (went) to San Diego tomorrow right after THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO and then to San Francisco and then back to LA for the weekend. Matt said he was exhausted. (Gee, I wonder why with a light schedule like that <G>.) Thanks, Matt for the latest." 

Also Laura learned from a fan in Canada that Julian will be in Canada this Thursday!!! ~   Thank you Laura  :-)

Other updates here.. Julian has been doing allot of promotional appearances through out the US. Diane Randal caught him in Philly and provides us with several pictures and transcripts:  "Philly After Midnight," Julian's interview on 88.5 WXPN Philadelphia, A Philadelphia Encounter by Diane, and "Good Day Philadelphia" ~Thank You again Diane!!

As far as other US appearances I have the transcripts and captures up for "Good Morning America," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and "CNN Showbiz Today" ....The Tonight Show page features another "click through" with 14 pictures. So far no news as to when E! will be airing the episode of Howard Stern interviewing Julian but I will keep you posted as soon as I find out!

Up to MenuHi all the chat with Julian on the 23rd was good but a bit chaotic! There were at least 13 chatrooms open showing the chat and allot of them were not filled with Julian fans.. there were allot of bashers and trolls which was sad. Luckily, Julian only got to see the few questions that he answered, Yahoo will have the transcript up soon for you all to read.. I got booted out of the one room I was in during the middle of the chat so I'm missing a bit in the middle of the one I tried to put together.

Lets see other things going on... be sure to keep checking the Photograph Smile interviews, reports and such it is being updated frequently with new links to articles on the net as well as reports from the many shows Julian is doing in promotion of "Photograph Smile" in the states here... http://flashradio.com has started playing "Day After Day" in their rotation.. check it out! As far as other events, Julian was on Philadelphia radio and TV yesterday/this morning. I'll have a more extensive report later on thanks to Diane! Also, Julian will be performing/interviewed on "Good Day Atlanta" on Friday the 26th! ~ Thanks Tereasa!

Up to MenuJulian performed and was interviewed on "The View" today.. I have a few collages from captures and the complete interview HERE! There are also captures from Julian's performance on the 17th on "David Letterman" HERE.

Yesterday Julian was interviewed by Howard Stern on the the "Howard Stern" radio show. I'll have the transcript for that interview up soon.

I happened by a great interview this afternoon on the NY Post online... check it out at: http://www.nypostonline.com/entertainment/3337.htm

Up to MenuJulian Lennon will be doing a chat/webcast next Tuesday, February 23rd at 7 PM EST! The webcast/chat is associated with Yahoo! and Sonic Net.. http://chat.yahoo.com states: "After a 7-year absence, rock progeny Julian Lennon returns with "Photograph Smile" on Fuel 2000/Universal Music. Find out the reasons behind both his retreat and return to music and hear tales told of life in the Lennon family."

SonicNet Music News of the World, the daily music news service - also has an interesting article about Julian's return to the music business entitled "Julian Lennon back from vacation with Photograph Smile"

During a recent phone conversation, Julian tells the contributing editor for Sonic Net, Christopher O'Connor, about his break from Atlantic Records and his 7 years away from the music business stating: "I just felt it wasn't going the way I had hoped. I made a very clear and distinct decision ... which turned out to be a blessing in disguise ... to get out of that... It was the first time as an adult I allowed myself to spend time with myself as an adult"

The article also talks about Photograph Smile, the album Julian believes people will remember him by a generation from now. Stating "the album is full of melodic ballads, such as "I Should Have Known", that ebb and flow, and lyrics that long and love and somberly reflect. Lennon said the music mirrors the more adult outlook he gained during his sabbatical."

You can check out the entire article at SonicNet...

Up to MenuUpdate here on Julian's activities in NYC this week... Tomorrow Julian will be doing David Letterman.  Thursday 18 February 1999 - Julian will be interviewed by Howard Stern and then will make an appearance at the "Larger Than Life" benefit mentioned on the 13th. And then on the 19th he will be interviewed by Barbara Walters on the View.

I've also heard that the film director for "Eyes of the Soul" has just finished a documentary on Julian's recent promo tour in Australia for "World TV"... I'll keep you posted when I hear more! Also "Eyes of the Soul" is still in the works.. they are currently looking for financing to make it into an IMAX!

Up to MenuHi all! More news of Julian's schedule in NYC next week... The following was sent in by Linda who had it placed on her desk..  She also stated that Julian will be making an announcement of this during his interview with Howard Stern the morning of the 18th..   Thanks Linda for the news!!

"Larger Than Life" A Celebration of Fashion, Music & Art to benefit the DISHES Project for Pediatric Aids (Determined Involved Super Role Models Helping To End Suffering). Music industry's hottest talents from Atlantic and Maverick Records will rock the event. An exhibition of photomurals of divas who captivate the runway shows will be on display for sale as well as a raffle. Come join DISHES Super Role Models, Rock Stars and Fashion Mavericks! You can be part of this stellar event for a good cause.

General Tickets: $50
VIP Tickets (very limited): $100 (each ticket includes 1 raffle)
(Tax deductible to the extent allowed by law - minus $25 per attending ticket buyer)

Thursday, February 18, 1999
10:30 Swimmer
12:00 Mid Hedwig & The Angry Inch

Many surprise guest appearances throughout the evening. Julian Lennon and more.... (Linda called on this and Julian will be there with some autographed CDs.. he will not be performing.)

Location: Irving Plaza: 17 Irving Place, NYC (15th Street)
Tickets are limited. First come, first served!
Ticket Sales # (212) 696-5350

You can order tickets by FAX with VISA, MasterCard or Amex -- include name, address, phone #, account #, exp. date, # of tickets and your signature. Extra raffle tickets are available at $10 each. The fax # is 212-696-5398

Tickets are also available through TicketMaster (212)307-7171

Up to MenuHi all.. some more TV bits you might be interested in! Julian related in away...

This Sunday (February 14th) E! TV will be showing a 2 hr special documentary on "Beatles' Wives" and girlfriends at 10pm EST. Then on Sunday Fox's Family station will be showing a 1 hr special on "The Lennon's" at 10pm EST (Thanks Diane!).  Then on February 21st ABC will be showing "Mr. Holland's Opus" (Julian himself doesn't appear in this one but he does sing "Coles Song"), at 7pm EST.. following the showing there will be a Public Service Announcement made by George Harrison (Thanks Joanna!)

I also noticed that Howard Stern has been removed from MFAR's list of appearances so I'm not sure if that is going to happen on the 19th or not I'll try to find out.

http://www.twec.com has Photograph Smile available for advance order for $11.88.. Just a reminder, the US release will be an enhanced CD release with the video of "Day After Day" and pictures... also be sure to keep an eye on their BACKSTAGE PASS  for upcoming special events with Julian..

Well that is all for now!

Up to MenuHi all. I've recently added a transcription of Julian's appearance on "The Panel" in Australia on 21 Oct 1998 to the interviews/reviews and such. Jodie transcribed this one up for us and did a great job with it! Quite a task with 5 interviewers!! Check it out.

In other news...

Reminder: Julian will be performing on Howard Stern on February 19th... you can check out stations that carry Howard at: http://www.marksfriggin.com/stations.htm Special thanks to Laura S for actually finding the link and posting it to the onelist. You should check for Julian on the showing of Howard Stern's show on E! later that night.

MFAR and www.julianlennon.com have added a few more dates to the calendar... Specifically, "Photograph Smile" will be released in Canada on March 1st and Julian will be performing a concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio on March 3rd.. the concert will be put on for invited guests and winners of an upcoming competition at MFAR and www.julianlennon.com. Also new to www.julianlennon.com is a Photo section with several pics of Jules.

All for now!

Up to MenuSeveral net events going on in preparation for the release of "Photograph Smile" on February 23rd.

Audiodiner and Fuel2000 are giving away the first single "Day After Day" on the net in Liquid Audio form. This is the same player as mentioned in the news on January 11th in regards to Media One. It produces very good quality sound so make sure you check it out. Also check out Audiodiner's press release on this net offering HERE.

In other net news...

The sampling of concert footage on www.webradio.com is still available for you viewing and listening pleasure. It features 4 songs from Julian's appearance in Perth, Australia for their local Telethon where Julian pledged $100,000 for the children as well as "Stand By Me" as performed in Hong Kong in November.

www.eonline.com has a special Q&A with Julian featured talking about Julian's difficulties with Yoko and having to buy things belonging to his dad and his 7 year break from the music industry. Click HERE to go right to the interview.

Much to everyone's excitement, www.julianlennon.com has been expanding their site again. They are getting ready to add sections pertaining to Julian's upcoming tour in the US. Head there and click on that little US99 icon to check it out. Very cool!!

That's all for now. Remember to keep an eye on Upcoming so as not to miss the scheduled Jules appearances on the net, TV.. or even your home town!

Up to MenuLots of news to pass on here!!

Music From Another Room has released many dates on Julian's calendar. Apparently Julian was the subject of The Westwood One Network radio show "The Beatle Years" here in the US on the 16th. Anyone catch the show and care to pass info along?

Other dates of interest to those on the net here.. On January 25th  http://www.webradio.com will be playing 5 of the songs Julian preformed live in Hong Kong on November 7th of last year. Then on February 15th http://www.netradio.com will be playing "Julian Lennon Radio." A preview of all the songs on the upcoming album 'Photograph Smile' as well as some of Julian's favorites. Also the video for the first single, 'Day After Day,' will be available via the internet at http://www.musicvideos.com.

The TV and radio performances will start in February with Julian being interviewed on David Letterman on February 17th and both the Howard Stern Radio Show and with Barbara Walters on  The View on February 19th.

In other net news.. Music From Another Room has added MP3 clips to the track listings for 'Photograph Smile.' For those of you unfamiliar with MP3, MP3 delivers CD quality sound so these clips are not to be missed! To play the clips you will need a MP3 player. Microsoft's latest Media Player will play these but I recommend downloading Winamp which MFAR has linked from their site since they have taken the trouble to create a Winamp 'skin' for all us fans. This skin consists of a picture of Julian and the operating controls are the symbols from the www.julianlennon.com site. To activate the skin, once you have downloaded and installed Winamp you will need to download and expand the skin zip file on MFAR's site to the 'C:\Program Files\Winamp\Skins' directory (your unzipping program should allow you to browse to this folder which is the default installation folder). Once this is done click the top left button of your Winamp player to get to the Winamp properties and select 'Options' - 'Skin Browser' - 'julian' and you will have your very own Julian Lennon MP3 player! Enjoy!

Up to MenuInternet news for you here.

Laura Dever of the Jules Rules fan club and I recently started a club on Yahoo called "Hey Jules: A place to discuss Julian Lennon cuz Jules Rules!" It is a great place to post messages to other fans and chat! The chat this weekend was really great. For those who haven't chatted at a Yahoo Club, the chatrooms have such features as color selection for your messages so it is easy to follow who is saying what, emotions to click like yelling 'Hey Kool Aid Man' and crashing into walls, and status for those "I'll be right back moments." And they are private for each club to limit those annoying trolls. So check out the club at: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/heyjules.. better yet signup for Yahoo Clubs and join!!

Mediaone is featuring Julian Lennon's upcoming 'Photograph Smile' in their spotlight. There is a good review of the album by John Scalzi featured as well as an opportunity to download free samples of the album (requires a download of  to play.) and they well be offering a free download of a single in the future.

More exciting internet news concerning the US release... Fuel 2000, the record company which will be distributing 'Photograph Smile' in the states has put up a website for Julian at: http://www.fuel2000.com/artists/j_lennon/ . Currently the site features a mailing list to sign-up for to received more information on upcoming Fuel 2000 releases, a link to MFAR, and a link to twec.com where you can pre-order 'Photograph Smile' which is being released on February 23rd as an enhanced CD featuring the single 'Day After Day' and you can also purchase 'Help Yourself' and 'Valotte' for  $8.. great buy!

Finally, I'll leave you with a link to a new 'Photo From Around the Web': A picture of Julian in Bali following his performance at Boombox Hard Rock Hotel from Jungle Drums Site. Be sure to check it out! ~ CJ of  'Hey Jules..'

Up to MenuSan Jose, CA's Mercury paper ran an article on Julian Lennon in the Grapevine concerning his upcoming release of 'Photograph Smile' in the states. Quote: "If Julian Lennon's plans work out, 1999 will be the year he comes back in the United States in a big, big way."

From his home phone in London, Julian discussed with the Grapevine his frustration with Atlantic records following his much acclaimed debut album in 1984.  "I felt a great lack of support, felt truly disrespected within the company because of the way I was treated.  There were so many broken promises, especially on the last album I did for them. There was a song on it called 'Saltwater' that became a worldwide hit--except in America."

This time around Julian is doing things differently. He co-produced the album, 'Photograph Smile', on his own label, Music From Another Room, and has already released it in Europe (Pinnacle Records/Roughtrade Records May 18, 1998), Asia, and Australia (Sony Records Oct 1998). 

The reviews and chart figures abroad have also been very impressive with a #1 in Japan and #13 in Australia.

For America, 'Photograph Smile' will be release on the Music From Another Room label and distributed by Universal/Fuel 2000 Records on February 23rd. The first single and video, "Day After Day," will be release mid-January along with a three month promotional tour for the album. Julian tells the Grapevine;  "I've already been on the East Coast meeting with all these marketing people and buyers--the Sam Goodys, Virgin, Target--I met all those guys and chatted with them about what's gone on in the past and what I'm doing now. As a result of those meetings, I got serious support and promotion offered through them alone, without costing me. Which is very nice because I've been paying for everything myself."

The Grapevine also says that Julian is looking forward to following up his promotional tour with a major concert tour to be kicked off in the summer.

I can't wait to see him here!! Special thanks to Pat B. passing the article on to Hey Jules!! ~ CJ