April - June 1999

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Up to MenuTower Records and Liquid Audio are offering a free download of Julian's performance of "I Don't Wanna Know" on the net!  Click the TV to learn how to download your copy!

Up to Menuwww.music.com is auctioning off an autographed limited edition copy of Julian's "Photograph Smile" for their charity auction.... Here is their description...

One (1) Julian Lennon Photograph Smile (Music From Another Room) CD. This special limited edition CD comes autographed by Julian Lennon and the packaging resembles that of a picture frame, tying in the name Photograph Smile. The inside gatefold sleeve slides out and opens up, displaying the CD and an exquisite booklet. The booklet comes complete with a biography, photos, track by track account of each song, and song lyrics. It is truly an amazing package. Tracks include: "Day After Day," "Cold," "I Should Have Known," "How Many Times," "I Don't Wanna Know," "Crucified," "Walls," "Believe," "Good To Be Lonely," "Kiss Beyond The Catcher," "And She Cries," "Photograph Smile," "Faithful," "Way to Your Heart."

If you would like to bid on this item you, go to http://fleamarket.music.com/members/julian.htm   before the auction closes on June 29th at 12PM EDT!! All proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Also a reminder, Julian will be on Conan O'Brien on Friday, June 18th. The show will be taped in NYC 5:30-6:30 PM EST and then aired late night Friday/ very early Saturday morning in the states on NBC.  Check your local listings for times. For those of you who do not reside in the US:  there is a German website that shows Conan O'Brien in RealVideo at 23:00 CET (5 PM EST).

Up to MenuThe May 29th edition of the Daily Telegraph had another article about Cynthia Lennon and Phyllis McKenzie's art show in London. The article mentions that the show is being organized by Pauline Sutcliffe, the sister of "fifth" Beatle.  In the article which spends a lot of time on Cynthia's past Cynthia is quoted as saying: "It has taken me a long time to realize that I am a mother only to one boy, my Julian."

Another little snippet of the article which may sound a bit familiar but this time coming from Cynthia vice Julian..

"Cynthia has had to fight to have her son recognized properly, as she sees it, by the Lennon estate, which is controlled by Yoko Ono. Over the past year or two, Julian Lennon - whose musical career is not, perhaps, the success it might be - has made some bitter remarks about what he regards as 'neglectful' treatment by his late father.

'And it has taken him 35 years to be confident enough to say it,' says his mother. 'Julian and I are like two peas in a pod, because we have been through so much. We are both better people because we have been struggling and fighting. If we had been left millionaires we would have been...'

What? Really happy?

'No. I don't know, but, you see, artists have to suffer and struggle. You have to feel. You've got to have feelings. If everything is laid out for you on a plate, it takes away your creativity.'"

Cynthia and PhyllisUp to MenuThere is a great article on the "This is London" site about Cynthia's upcoming art exhibit with her childhood friend Phyllis McKenzie both shown in the picture to the right from Reuters... Cynthia is holding a drawing she has done of Julian... The exhibit, jokingly called "Lennon and McKenzie," will be at the KDK Gallery at 324 Portobello Road in London from the 3rd of June to 30 July. 

The article talks allot about Cynthia's history with John and the Beatles and includes an interesting tidbit... Cynthia says "very shortly before" John died he rang his two half-sisters in Liverpool. "He told them he was coming back to England to live. That he was leaving Yoko, he'd had enough. He said he kept having a dream in which he saw himself floating down the Mersey in a huge Cunard liner. He told Julian, too, 'I want to come home.' It was not to be."

She also mentions that Julian is the love of her life saying: "We are very close. We're like brother and sister now."  Click HERE to read the article. Special Thanks to Laura Dever.

Up to MenuThe Los Angeles Times Sunday edition announced that Julian is booking a US tour to run from July 15 through Aug. 20th with an August 12th date in Los Angeles. Venue details are being worked out and more dates should be announced next week. ~ Special Thanks to Karen and Kim for the news.

Up to MenuI thought everyone would like to read the article in USA Weekend.   Nothing new really, it sounds as if it was written from the Access Hollywood interviews and others done while he was here this spring.. There is a new picture there too which was obviously taken while he was here since his hair is still long in it...

Speaking of Access Hollywood I have the transcript and captures for the May 4th Access Hollywood up now, Diane graciously transcribed it ~ Thanks again Diane.

Up to MenuCynthia Lennon will be displaying some of her art work on the of 2nd of June, at the Portabello Gallery, in Portabello Road, London.

Up to MenuJulian has donated music to the Universal Cetacean Institute for their compilation CD "Out of the Blue" on the Planet Blue/ARC21 label with distribution by EMI. The CD will also be the soundtrack for the upcoming IMAX  film entitled "Dolphin" which UCI says will be released Spring 1999 however it is not listed by IMAX. ~ Thank you Lâtka for the link.

www.julianlennon.com has posted that Julian will be heading to London's Air Studios on June 1 to record "Blackbird" for the upcoming tribute album for Linda McCartney entitled "Two of Us, a Tribute to Linda."

Up to MenuOn May 5th, Julian attended the 1999 World Music Awards in Monte Carlo with fiancée Lucy.  A picture of the two of them from the ceremony can be found HERE.  The awards ceremony will be broadcast in the US on May 20th on ABC at 8pm EDT. Julian can also be seen on US television on June 18th on the Conan O'Brien show.

On May 11th, music.com did a phone interview with Julian. The interview can be read as well as listened to on their site. Julian who was in Italy with a horrible cold discusses the album "Photograph  Smile" as well as the possibility of performing one of Paul McCartney's songs on an upcoming tribute album for Paul's late wife Linda McCartney.

In light of the recent release of  the awaited Star Wars prequel, Episode I - The Phantom Menace, USA Weekend asked a diverse group of people, Jules included, about The Force. His response: "The Force is your inner strength. It's what guides you." can be found in this weekend's edition of USA Weekend....

Be sure to check out the new additions at www.julianlennon.com. They have added an audio interview as well as the videos to "Day After Day" and "I Don't Wanna Know" in the Cooler's Liar. 

To find out what is new at Hey Jules... go to What's New!

Up to MenuAccording to the Billboard Daily Music News, Julian is scheduled to be one of the hosts at the 1999 World Music Awards in Monaco on May 5th.  The seventh annual event will be taped that day at the country's Sporting Club, for broadcast worldwide May 20 on ABC Television. Performers will include Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Barenaked Ladies, Backstreet Boys, the Corrs, Tyrese, and Jennifer Paige.

Cher is to receive the Legend Award for lifelong contribution to the music industry; she will also perform two songs. And Lauryn Hill, Will Smith, and Janet Jackson are expected to be in attendance and collect multiple honors.