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Up to MenuNext week looks to be an exciting week for all Julian Lennon fans! 

Starting Monday November 29th, http://www.choiceradio.com  will be featuring Julian Lennon all week on their website! There will be song samples as well as voting on the songs which puts you in the drawing for some cool Julian prizes including T-Shirts, Posters, CDs and 6 Autographed Limited Edition Photograph Smile Promotional box sets ;-) 

On Thursday, December 2nd, ABC is scheduled to run the 20/20 Downtown special on Julian which was pre empted this last week. 

AND top the week off.... Julian will be doing a LIVE CHAT!!! via http://www.choiceradio.com on December 3rd at 9pm EST! And the winners of the drawing will be announced during the chat so be sure to VOTE!

There will also be the regularly scheduled chat at the Yahoo club on Wednesday at 10pm EST to start off all the excitement!

Have a great week! And Happy Thanksgiving - CJ

Up to MenuThe special segment on Julian Lennon which was to air on 20/20 Downtown on Thursday November 18th has been postponed and tentatively rescheduled for December 2nd...

The Julian Lennon mailing list posted the following this morning:

Broadcast of ABC's documentary programme on Julian Lennon, which was due for transmission on Nov 18th has been postponed and is re-scheduled for December 2nd. The new transmission date is yet to be confirmed. The November newsletter will follow in a few days and may have more information about this premiere broadcast.

Visit http://www.julianlennon.com for info on joining the mailing list.

Up to MenuOn Tuesday November 2nd, EMI Music Publishing acquired a 51% interest in Hit & Run Music Publishing for 11.5 million. ($18.975 million). Hit & Run is owned by Phil Collins' manager, Tony Smith, and Jon Crawley who will continue running the company. The Hit & Run catalog includes copyrights by Genesis and Phil Collins as well as Julian Lennon, Kula Shaker, Right Said Fred and others. The Hit & Run management company which represents Phil Collins, Genesis, Mike & the Mechanics etc will not be affected by the deal nor will Hit & Run Productions.

Julian was managed by Hit & Run during Mr. Jordan and Help Yourself...

Read the entire new release HERE.

Up to MenuThe air date for the 20/20 segment on Julian Lennon has been changed to November 18th!!

Up to Menu20/20 has done a segment on Julian which will be aired on November 4th! Footage was filmed at one of the 'House of Blues' concerts as well as with his mother, Cynthia, in London. 

Up to MenuBroadcast.com is offering an interview they did with Julian on August 22nd as well as the entire Deep Ellum Live Concert in Dallas, TX on August 23rd on there site at: http://www.broadcast.com/music/concerts/julianlennon/ 

Their site reads:

Julian Lennon recently completed his first headlining U.S. tour in eight years in support of his critically acclaimed Photograph Smile (Fuel 2000) album. Julian garnered lots of praise from the media for the new disc and for his live performances. The set lists included songs from Photograph Smile as well as his four previous albums, which over the course of 15 years have sold more than six million copies. Watch an exclusive interview with Julian, during which he talks about his seven-year absence from the music scene and the musical and life forces that influenced the making of Photograph Smile. Then listen to one of the tour's last concerts, in its entirety, recorded at Deep Ellum Live in Dallas.

It is a great interview and concert! Check it out! - Thanks Pat!

Up to MenuThere have been an assortment of Julian Lennon sightings recently in the US..

On Sunday, the 26th of September, Julian and band performed at the China Club in NYC for approximately 250 people at the Audio Engineering Society's Convention. The set was pretty much the same as played on the recent tour minus "Photograph Smile."

On the 2nd of October, Julian attended Cheap Trick's concert at 'Arcadia' a club on the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, California. Julian was at the concert but did not join the band on the stage.. according to reports on Deja news he did hang around outside the entrance after the show and had pictures taken with fans..

In the October 5th edition of New York's Daily News' Daily Dish (a gossip column), columnist Mitchell Fink says: "After Julian Lennon sang 'Happy Birthday' to his girlfriend, Rosa, he went around to three other birthday celebrants at the upper East Side restaurant Brunelli's and sang to them, too."  ~ Interesting Julian's girlfriend's name is Lucy... but then will in NYC I read another report that Julian was dating the girl from Cibo Mato?!?! - Oh well.. 

Up to MenuAn interview done with Retro Rewind the end of August can now be heard at http://www.retrorewind.com.  The 18 minute interview touches on Julian's absence from the music industry, his recent club tour as well as his plans for the next year.  Julian also talks the writing of "Crucified," "Photograph Smile," and "I Don't Wanna Know."  Be sure to check it out!

Up to MenuIn an effort to explain the circumstances surrounding the cancellations of the shows in Arizona Julian the following statement has been issued: 

Without Julian's prior knowledge, the venue in Scottsdale, Arizona was changed to another site. The appropriate action for any change of venue, or any alteration pertaining to any of the shows, is to send a fax or letter to our office in London for consideration and approval. This never occurred. Had we been notified, we would have had the time to check out the new venue and make an assessment as to whether or not we felt it an acceptable site. Since we had no knowledge of this development it was a complete surprise to both Julian and those of us in the offices in London. When they arrived it was an inappropriate venue to properly perform the kind of material that is at the heart of this tour. At that point our representative in London (Bob Rose) called the booking agent and the promoters and pulled the shows. Julian was very upset but had to reconcile himself to the decision that had been made. Julian wishes to extend a heartfelt apology to the fans and all of the people involved with their support of the shows. Furthermore, Music From Another Room Ltd. also wishes to convey our great regret at this incident. We'd be grateful if anyone who purchased tickets to the shows would provide their name and postal address to Music From Another Room Ltd. at tix@silkhouse.co.uk (please put either Cajun or Gotham in the subject line). 

Music From Another Room Ltd.

Up to MenuThe August 12th edition of the NY Post's Page 6 mentions that last week Julian was found in NYC "singing happy birthday to model Marcus Schenkenberg at Mr. Chow's ..." 

Up to MenuThe July 27th issue of Cleveland, Ohio's Plain Dealer Newspaper mentions that the "current tour finale on Sept. 1, yet to be announced, will be televised and sponsored by McDonalds and will raise millions for children's charity. After that, Lennon said he will be back in the studio later this year to prepare the follow-up to "Photograph Smile," which was released on his own label, Music from Another Room. He has already recorded enough material for two more CD's." They quote Julian as saying: "I'm writing more and feeling good about it. This is my music the way I want it to be, not some record company executive. If it makes it, that's great. If not, it's all my fault." 

Check out the entire article on julianlennon.com HERE. To date nothing has been confirmed on the venue where this concert will be or what television station will carry the concert.

Up to MenuThe Annapolis, Maryland concert date has been changed to August 1st vice August 2nd. Julian Lennon and the Push Stars will be performing in conjunction with the "Rock and Roll silent Auction" at the Eastport Cantina, 400 Sixth St., Annapolis, (410) 280-6400 $12 / $10 in advance. Special Thanks to Sujin!

Up to MenuOn July 13th the London Associated Press released the following bit claiming to be quoting the British magazine Hello!

LONDON (AP) - Julian Lennon says dad John Lennon would have resented his musical career if he had lived long enough to see it.

``Knowing his insecurities, I think he might not have liked me doing well,'' Lennon, 36, said in this week's Hello! magazine. ``That was one of his problems.''

Julian's mother, Cynthia, agreed.

``It's very sad he isn't here,'' she said of the former Beatle, who left her when Julian was 5 and was gunned down in 1980. ``On the other hand, if he had still been here, it may be - and this is a terrible thing to say - that John would have ended up overshadowing Julian.'

The Associated Press' statement of "Julian Lennon say dad John Lennon would have resented his musical career if he had lived long enough to see it." Takes Julian and his mum Cynthia's comments way out of context. The actual interview gives bit of a different perspective on what was being said:

Hello: Julian, does the lack of a good role model in John worry you when you think about being a father yourself?

Julian: "Not at all, because the one thing he did teach me was how not to be a father. I've learned from his mistakes, and through the years from friends and the people around me as I've grown up. I've witnessed what does and does not destroy relationships. I've made sure I understand that against the time when, one day, I may wish to have a family." 

Cynthia: "I think that Julian is the son who would, had John lived, have ended up teaching the father. And it's very sad that he isn't here. On the other hand, if he had still been here it may be ~ and this is a terrible thing to say ~ that John would have ended up overshadowing Julian." 

Julian: "I know what you mean. It would have been very weird, just knowing roughly what Dad is like in his work, and knowing his insecurities, I think he might not have liked me doing well. That was one of his problems."

Julian was not trying to put down his father, he was simply stating a well know fact.. John was insecure in his music.. he even resented Paul's solo career!  It is very unfortunate that the AP chose to "crucify" Julian in this manner. Their wording of this issue cause much discussion and bashing of Julian especially in the rec.music.beatles newsgroup where several individuals flamed and criticized Julian to no end once this was released.  

More from the Hello! magazine coming soon....

Up to MenuHere is the set list sent in by Ted Norstrom (THANK TED!):

July 15, 199 
Part West 
322 W. Armitage 
Chicago, IL

A band called the 'Push Stars' opened up. 
Terri Hemmert from 93 WXRT in Chicago introduced Julian a little after 9pm Central Time.

(I have included album info and links to lyrics and information on each song...)

Get a Life (from 1991's  Help Yourself)
And She Cries (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Julian then walked up to the mike and said 'Welcome to the rehearsal' 
Day After Day (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
I Should Have Know (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Faithful (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Crucified (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
No One But You (Unreleased Material)
Saltwater  (from 1991's  Help Yourself)
Cold (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Mother Mary (from 1989's Mr. Jordan)
Photograph Smile (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Make It Up To You (from 1989's Mr. Jordan)
How Many Times (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
I Don't Wanna Know (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Too Late For Goodbyes (from the 1984 debut album Valotte)

Good To Be Lonely (from 1998/1999's Photograph Smile)
Stand By Me (Ben E. King song which Julian has used as a closing since 1985!)

Please also check out Ron's report on the concert! - As well as Jeff's!

Up to MenuThere is a short article on Julian in the August 1999 issue of "Playgirl" entitled "Out From Behind His Father's Shadow, the Son Shines Bright."  

The article discusses a bit about Julian's touring plans stating "It's obvious that Julian is relishing his new-found freedom and the adventure of doing things on his terms. Instead of simply touring the concert-worn trail of Europe, Japan and the US, Julian is touring all over, including South America and other destinations off the beaten track. And rather than zooming through a whirlwind tour, Julian has scheduled his concerts with a few days in each locale to actually meet the fans and learn about the culture of the crowd. But this sensitive sweetie doesn't stop there. The altruistic artist will play two events in each area, donating revenue from one night to a local charity."

Unfortunately, I don't think this is happening this time around though I have been told that several of the tour dates posted are charity events though donations will not be accepted.

Along the lines of touring, the article ends with "Professionally, he's put a lot of effort into his current publicity tour, to reconnect with his fans and to get his music out there. The whole PR blitz isn't his style, he says and that those who know him will understand if he stays off the media-circuit in the future. Which makes us feel awfully lucky to have met this incredibly special person this time around." So you better get out there this time around guys!!

As a rarity,  Julian discusses a bit about fiancée Lucy Bayliss...

Claire Harth of Playgirl writes: "While his rare generous spirit and daunting good looks are the stuff that could melt any woman's heart, Julian's finally found peace on the relationship front, as well. It's interesting that Julian, credited with inspiring Paul McCartney to pen the hit "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", recently got engaged to a woman named Lucy, and is ecstatic over the diamond he's presented to her - an antique setting filled with brilliant colored stones."

She quotes Julian as saying: "More so than the idea of marriage per se, the ring is much more a representation of my commitment. We'd talked about the fact that we wanted to spend the rest of our time together, so the ring was a gesture of that commitment.  I thought it was important to find something unique and different."

You can check out the complete article as well as a picture of a clothed Julian in the August 1999 issue of Playgirl magazine. Special thanks to Diane for the tidbits!

Up to MenuVH1 will be re-showing their VH1 Behind the Music with Julian Lennon on Monday July 12th at 9pm and 11pm EST and then again on Thursday July 15th at 12 pm EST.