The Runes

Photograph Smile

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necklace.jpg (3786 bytes)In regards to the charms Julian has been recently wearing (shown to the left)... one with a "4" and the other with a "B".. both are from ancient scripts. In an interview in the June 98 German edition of Rolling Stones Julian says "The number 4 stands for Faith"... Incidentally, Julian has also said that 4 is his favorite number... This particular script character, which kind of  looks kind of  like a 2 and a 4 combined, is the scientific symbol of Jupiter which is a symbol of the "higher being."  An astrological definition I came across explained the symbol... "The crescent placed to the upper half of the cross symbolizes that the human soul must expand and develop a higher awareness above the physical senses, but also rooted in them."

As for the "B,"  the "B" is a runic symbol. Runes are an alphabetic script used by many cultures in Northern Europe between the 1st century and the middle ages which were later replaced by the Roman alphabet.  Unlike other alphabets, in the runic alphabet each of the 24 symbols are associated with a Germanic or Old English word and therefore have meaning of themselves. They are also considered to have magical and religious significance... they are used for divinatory readings similar to the readings done with Tarot cards... and to learn more about the lives and beliefs of the ancients who created them.  The "B" is "berkana" (Germanic) or "boerc" or "beorc" (Old English)... all of which mean birch in English... Birch is commonly used to symbolize fertility.  The divinatory meanings of berkana are fertility, health, new beginnings, and growth..  and magical uses of he rune include healing, achieving conception, and making a fresh start. To find out more about runes, check out The Runic Journey.

My friend Nina in German found and bought a necklace with the "B" rune symbol on it back in July and mentioned that on the back was written "beore" (probably a typo or beorc)... A search revealed this Old English word's existence in "Beowolf" and it's use as a name... We had a bit of fun with this and looked it up in a book of names which said:   "Your name of Beore contains many fine qualities, but has caused you to be too highly sensitive and deeply emotional. You feel and sense much that you do not fully understand and are unable to express. Uncontrolled thoughts keep your mind in a state of confusion, preventing you from finding proper peace and relaxation and causing you to have vivid dreams that seem almost to be reality. You center your interest too much on whatever means the most to you and then you become over-possessive and suffer through fear of losses and disillusionment. Inward tension has a detrimental effect on your health and you could suffer through heart, lung, or respiratory troubles, as well as a breakdown of the nervous system. You have a clever, deep mind and have the talent to excel as a dramatist, musician, writer, or artist, or in other highly inspirational lines of endeavor. Although this name offers many fine qualities, its negative influence destroys your success and happiness in life."

Jules apparently likes the charms since he wears them often... back in the early 80s he always wore an earring which had "OM" written in San Skirt letters... because he liked the shape... my only conclusion... I have "faith" that Julian will have an awesome "fresh start" with his new album "Photograph Smile"...