Julian Lennon Rome, 1 May 1998

Saint Public square Giovanni

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Photograph Smile

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Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon and Cynthia Twist, has undoubtedly had the ability, since the years of his debut that goes back to 1984 with the album " Valotte ", to find his original vocation, without however abandoning the solid shadow of the father. His little album, the last one of which goes back to 1991, " Help Yourself ", has been in fact scanditi from one slow but rigorous increase. With Julian Lennon we are undoubtedly of forehead to an artist who has had the courage to be annoying within the great tradition of the songwriting beatlesiano, with tips of greater experimentation rock, like happened at this point in far away 1989 in the album " Mr. Jordan ". Today, after nearly seven years of absence, Julian Lennon returns on the musical scenes with a new job from the title " Photograph Smile ", inaugurated with the single " Day After Day ". Draft of a disc, to said of those people that they have listened to it, where the songs play true and sincere as it had never happened in the career of this artist. The disc, produced from the same Julian and Bob Rose, includes a series of credits that go from Roy Orbison, Edie Brickell, until the darkeggianti Gene Loves Jezebel. Julian has worked, in the Windmill Lane Studios di Dublino, on a material of beyond thirty brani. To trentaquattro years Julian Lennon he has chosen of living in the Principato di Monaco, of prodursi its new every disc and as well as of gettarsi also in the composition of a sonorous column as it has made recently with the film, not still exited in Italy, " Eyes of the soul ", written and directed from Kim Kindersley. A history that tells ancient legends between men, dolphins and waves of the sea.