SWR3's Wildall Concert

Baden-Airpark, Germany
Sunday 30 August 1998

Photograph Smile

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Below is my account of the concert which I watched via live internet broadcast....
Please be sure to also check out Nina's pictures of the show and her story of actually being at the concert!!

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TopThere was some confusion at to what time Julian was to perform at the Wildall concert which was sponsored and broadcast over the net by SWR3... either 5 AM or 1PM (EDT).  After sleeping through the 5AM time, I tuned in at 1PM and after a hip-hop band ended a soundcheck started.  They tested the mics, the drums, the guitars, and then the distinct refrains of "Crucified" confirmed Julian was going to be on soon.

After being introduced by a German woman, Julian and his band started up with "Get A Life" from 1991's "Help Yourself." Through the applause at  the end Julian said a quick "Thank you!" and they proceeded into "I Should Have Known" from the latest album "Photograph Smile."  Following this second track Julian said in a sing song voice: "Thank you very much. Hello. Good evening.  What a beautiful day, what a beautiful audience." Then talking to the audience he said: "Nice to see you all here. I'm just warming up, I'm a little nervous at the moment I always get a little nervous at these things, but we'll get into the spirit of things, especially with your help."  Then after instructing the crew "to bring the guitar down a little bit" he started into the first single released from "Photograph Smile," "Day After Day." Following the applause for "Day After Day," Jules said: "Cheers!" and started into "And She Cries" (also off "Photograph Smile").

Julian took some time to introduce the next song saying: "Thank you. This next little song was written....I always seem to find resolve to the problems I have when we're on our own and ah there's nobody else to talk to except ourselves and we - and it's a time in life I think where,  you figure things out, what's right for you and what's wrong for you. And so this is - this is called 'Good To Be Lonely' and sometimes it is good to be lonely. It clears your head and makes you think clearly for the future." The band then did a beautiful acoustic version of "Good To Be Lonely" with a slightly different guitar bridge than the album cut.

Picture of Jules "This next one I wrote with the help of Gregory, who's now taking the guitar. It was written for a friend of mine who was an incredibly talented artist that passed away last year. So Kevin, if you can hear me out there...this is for you.  And, this is "Crucified". Note: "Kevin" is Kevin Gilbert who along with Pat Leonard (Producer of  "Mr. Jordan" also produced Madonna) formed a group called "Toy Manitee." Julian contributed background vocals on Toy Manitee's self titled album in 1990.

Following the applause for this song of the burdens of celebrity-doom... Julian said: "Thank you." Continuing after a pause with a question for the audience, "Eh, Would you...this is a question for you, it is up to you. Would you want to hear a ballad, a slow ballad or not? Yea or nay? (audience roared an outstanding "Yea" of course!!) Yea? Ok. Alright, we'll do it. This is the title track of the album Photograph Smile...it was written about a relationship and the other person... Yes exactly... and the other person was on the other side of this world and the only thing I had was a picture and the memories. This is called 'Photograph Smile' and I hope you like it."

"Thank You. I'm glad you liked that. Thank you. (Lots of applause) Ok, this next one isn't on any album. It's nowhere to be found, eh but I...it was one of the songs that I truly do love that I've written. I didn't put it on this album because I had to save something for the next album. This is eh - this is about reflection again. In that if you want to make change, it's only you who can do that. It's called 'No One But You.'"

"No One But You" is another wonderful "relationship" ballad very similar in style as the others on "Photograph Smile" and would have fit in perfectly... but I will look forward to hearing it again in the future on a 6th or 7th... Julian Lennon album. The chorus is "In your life you question whose blame but you find it might be no one but you. In you life you wonder what to change but you find out it might be no one but you." So listen for it!

Saltwater The crowd also loved the song and gave Julian a great applause... He responded with: "Thank you. You might, eh,  be vaguely familiar with this next one and, if you are, you're welcome to join me in singing along. Let's see if you recognize it first." After the first few notes of "Saltwater," also from "Help Yourself," the crowds applause showed recognition of the song and Julian broke during singing the first few lines to say "Hello, How are you?" At the end Julian said, "Thank you. Thank you very much."over the cheers of the crowd.

Once it was silent again he said, "Ok, alright. This is something new. I think, maybe you've heard this, I don't know. It was written because sometimes you just don't want to know what's going on and this is called 'I Don't Wanna Know.'"

Following "I Don't Wanna Know," Julian said: "Thank you very much. Thank you very much, Ladies and Gentlemen, see you next time. Thank you." and then he and his band left the stage only to be called back by an enthusiastic crowd for an encore. 

The Band

Back on stage he said: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! (in unison with the crowds cheers) I need a guitar. Where's my guitar? Can I have a guitar, please? Thank you! Ah, just quickly I'd like to introduce the band to you. I think they deserve your applause.  Please welcome on guitar, Matt Backer - Also on guitar-the fabulous Robbie Blunt - Hiding up here on keyboards and backgrounds, please welcome Gregory Darling - Hiding behind the massive drums and cymbals please welcome Mr. Manny Elias - And last, but not least, on bass, Mr. Simon Edwards."

Following the much deserved applause for the band members, Julian continued saying: "Ah, this is not one of mine, but I'm sure you might be familiar with it." There was a pause as they got their guitars ready and someone in the crowd yelled "Where are you?" Julian responded with, "Where am I? I'm here!  Ok.  Here we go."

Picture of JulesAnd then Julian finished his set with the same song he has finished concerts with since 1984... Ben E. King's "Stand By Me." He then said "Thank you very much. Cheers!" and left the stage.

During the first verse of "I Don't Wanna Know," my internet provider decided to cut me off... and not let me back on for about 5 minutes... after Julian had already left the stage... I was sooo upset!!  I'd like to thank Su for the tape which allowed me to make sure everything above was transcribed accurately and gave me an opportunity to hear the end of the concert!! I especially enjoyed the "Where am I? I'm here!" So Julian, if you happen to ever read this... here's hoping you come here soon... i.e. CT, USA...
Peace to you ~ CJ