Nina 7

SWR3's Wildall Concert

Baden-Airpark, Germany 
Sunday 30 August 1998


Here is my friend Nina's account of the concert! All pictures on this page are ones she took at the show!
Many of them you can click on to get a closer view! Thanks again Nina!!! ;-)

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Julian Lennon live at the Baden Airpark Festival in Germany. Sunday, the 30th of August 1998, one of the most wonderful days in my life !!!! Because in the end I saw him live after waiting 14 years for that moment....thanks again, CJ, for the information that Jules would be at this festival!

I enjoyed my time so much, I think the concert was just fantastic! Even though I had to wait 8 hours that was really frustrating that I didn't know which time he would be on stage. Anyway, at least we had wonderful weather, sunny and hot, so I walked around the area and bought a T-shirt with the cover of Jules CD on it. I wear little Jules on my heart now....And I bought a poster, also with the cover of the CD on it, which was hand signed by Julian.  I bought it that way because there was no chance to meet him or to ask for an autograph.

So, the time went by somehow, even though I thought sometimes I couldn't wait any longer....the last hour was the worst, the band before Julian wasn't one I liked (kind of mixture between Hiphop, Reggae and Funk) but the audience loved it and I thought what they were going to think about Julian then, totally different music, soft and relaxed... Anyway, I got more and more nervous and excited but the other band finished their concert (the audience wanted an encore but the band wasn't allowed! And I was happy about that !) I tried my best to get as close as possible to the stage. It was really busy (on Saturday there had been more then 120,000 people) but I made it to the 5th or 6th row, which was not bad  and I stood in the middle, so I was right in front of the stage! (I was really lucky at that moment that I am quite tall !)

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Oh, the last minutes were the horrible, I felt that I couldn't stand it to wait any longer... but the soundcheck went on and on (as it seemed to me). But in the end a woman came to introduce Julian. And the band started with 'Get A Life', Jules came a bit later. And there he was! Julian Lennon - sweet as always, I really couldn't believe it. I can't say much about the concert itself, I just can say that Jules was fantastic ! I just stood there and enjoyed, I could have cried because I was so happy.

nina6.jpg The best moment was when he sang 'Saltwater' because he went on the catwalk. Wow, he was so close to me, it felt like being able to touch him. Well, so close but still unreachable.... nina5.jpg

And of course 'No One But You'. For all who couldn't see the concert via internet: the song is so beautiful, you'll love it. And Julian said he saved it for his next album !!!! (Can't wait for it !!)

I couldn't believe that he left already after 'I Don't Wanna Know', the time went much too fast...and I thought he always finishes with 'Stand By Me' ?! But I think we did our best to get him back on stage....he came again and after asking for his guitar they played 'Stand By Me'... a lovely song, I like Jules cover version best from all who've covered it!!!

nina9.jpg All in all I have to say that I think the concert was fantastic, and his presence on stage is amazing.  I like his natural behavior. He doesn't have to do much on stage, he just plays the guitar and sings but his presence is so strong, at least I felt it that I think for Jules the concert was a great success, the people loved him, so my worries at first were for nothing. I was so happy for him and I wished I had the time to try to get backstage, but I had to leave because I had a four hours trip home by I came home in the middle of the night (1:30 am), totally exhausted but really happy with so many impressions.....and the long trip was worth it...I can't wait to see him live again !!!