Julian in Rome
by Cristiana Bonfanti

Special Thanks to Cristiana Bonfanti and Laura Dever!!!

Photograph Smile

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The concert on 1st of May was very important in Italy.  The First of May is Labor Day, and the gig was organized directly by the Italian trade unions, and that is why all the artists gave their support for free. You had to imagine seven hours of great rock music with Italian singers, but also international rock stars like Bon Jovi, Simple Minds, The Blues Brothers Band, and Julian Lennon. The concert took place in Rome Piazza San Giovanni in open air with a heavy rain, which did not scare the 500,000 people or more who stood there all afternoon and night, singing and dancing.  The feeling was fantastic!

Julian got on stage about 10:30 PM, just after Simple Minds finished their famous song "Belfast Child." He looked quite smart and was surrounded by a band with a string quartet. I remember my first thought was, "He's getting fatter as his father did." But suddenly corrected it with "Not so much." The band had some problems because of technical hitches, but that gave me the time to notice how much Julian reminded me of his father, not only in his appearance, but in his voice. The first song he played was "Stand By Me," a great version with the string quartet, which gave the song a particular sound, much more bluesy.  I had always seen him joking with fans, but it seemed to me he was very serious. At the end of the song he only said a shy "Gratzie. Thank you," before he put his guitar on the stage. He also never smiled in his backstage interview.  After that he said he would like to dedicate his new song "Day After Day" to his stepfather Roberto Bassanini, who was Italian and started the song. The emotion was high, and a lot of people in the front row were dancing. It was the first time we had the chance to hear his new song, and I think it was a sure success. He only sang these tow songs, and I thought it was stupid to give him so little time when all the other artists played five or six songs, however they also showed the backstage interview, during which he spoke about the difficulty of finding a job for young people and the necessity of never giving up.

If you want my opinion, he was fantastic. He was able to demonstrate that he was not only aging, but also growing up in a better way.