Live at the Metro Theatre
Concert Review by Jodie

Special Thanks to Jodie for her report!

Photograph Smile

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On Monday 26th October 1998, after a long absence from the music scene, Julian Lennon has finally emerged with a new album and a short but much anticipated tour of Australia. The Metro Theatre in Sydney was the small but cozy venue for a night many Julian Lennon fans will remember as an intimate musical experience with a talented and relaxed Julian Lennon.

Opening with new songs from the album "Photograph Smile," Julian was able to easily convince the audience he was ready for a night of fun and a few surprises. Breaking between most songs for a chat, Julian eased into the Sydney crowd's relaxed attitude and playfully joked with the audience.

A wide variety of Sydney-siders had ventured out for the evening to see Julian, it certainly was a very mixed audience with many different cross sections of the community. Julian mentioned to the audience that his band had only just arrived from the UK for the evening's performance and as time had not permitted a rehearsal for the show he couldn't be blamed for forgetting lyrics and occasionally striking the wrong cord. If he did miss a cord it certainly wasn't noticed.

As the Metro is a stand up venue only, it was easy to make your way to the front and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.  At one point, a fan called Julian to the side of the stage to get a closer photograph of him which he happily obliged to.

Giving a short description of each song, Julian explained the meaning behind "Crucified" a new song off the album "Photograph Smile." Julian said he had written the song after Kevin Gilbert, a close friend, had made the comment "We're all Crucified on the cross of innuendo" during a conversation they had. Unfortunately, Julian said Kevin Gilbert died suddenly last year though Julian's live performance of "Crucified" was truly mesmerizing and to me the highlight of the night.

As with any performer who has a back catalogue of albums to choose from, Julian performed the expected ballad "Saltwater" though it was his transformation of "Too Late for Goodbyes" which he clearly had fun changing into a mixed up musical mish mash. The last songs of the evening being "I Don't Wanna Know" and a finale of the classic "Stand By Me" left fans wanting more.  Sadly though, an encore did not happen though fortunately the gig was being filmed and I expect fans may well be able to relive the Sydney performance again and again in the near future if a video release hits the streets.