The Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado
August 19th, 1999

By Laura S!

Photograph Smile

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OK guys... :) Maili (my roommate and recent Jules convert) and I had the good fortune of living 5 minutes by foot from The Fox so we walked over at 2 and there was no line. We walked around and found the back entrance and alley and hung out there, every once in a while we'd walk back around  to the front to look for the body guard (his name is Terry but I'll call him Mr. Body, cause it fits better!). 

At one point, I was walking around back to the back while Maili hung out at the front cause it looked like there was a line.. I'll go ahead and say it now, by 8 (when the doors opened) there were only like 10 people in line-totally surprising and not just a little depressing-but, it was packed when the show started and it is what probably gave me good fortune, along with the karma!  When I came back up Maili is all jumping around and excited and says the tour bus just went down the street and that people from the bus came to the venue and those hanging out at the venue went to the bus, so I of course ran to go find Mr. Bus :) 

I did, nothing happened, no one was around. So then we decide to go back to the back (by that time those people that were hanging out at the Fox had left, never to return-so back to no line.) Then on another trip to find Mr. Body, Maili and I saw this lovely lady walking toward us wearing our shirts so I walked up and said "Hi! I'm LauraS" figuring that she'd know who I was, only she was really confused and as it turns out, she is not on the onelist mailing list, but in the fan club! Her name is Verna and she is a very nice lady :) So, then we all went back to the back and then made another trip to the front and Manny was hanging out in the front. Now, I can barely see him behind the cymbals and where I usually stand, Martin Swain's in the way but, I was pretty damn sure it was Manny so I whispered to Verna to make sure and she said yes. Well, Manny and Jules were the only ones I hadn't met yet so I walked up and asked him for an autograph and he said "I'm not Julian" :) I said, "I know you're not, you're Manny" :) He thought that was cool and signed and then he signed for Verna (Maili figured she'd just lose an autograph and decided she wasn't going to ask.) Then he told us that Jules was coming for the sound check at 5 - that very sweet man that he is, although I was still on the lookout just in case he participated in the campaign of misinformation - but he didn't. 

We then went back to the back and pretty much stayed there until around 5:30. We met up with one of the roadie people named Bear... not for Jules, he's hired by venues and does a new venue almost every night and he's always there for the main act, which tonight was Wilson Picket (I beg to differ)..  and he assured us that if Jules really was going to come for sound check (which he seriously did not believe, but we knew that one for sure) he'd come in through the alley (where we were... a very tiny and smelly alley that gets WAY too much traffic). So there we stayed and talked with him for most of the time we were back there 'cause he was done with what he had to do until 11 when the Wilson Picket stuff got started. 

He was a very nice guy, an old hippie that has too much time on his hands now that The Dead have broken up. He talked to security to see what he could do about getting us in a little earlier since we weren't waiting in line (but as I said there turned out not to be one) but he could only take one in, that wouldn't do, there were 3 of us. Then he took me in to check out the stage cause I'd asked why they didn't put all the cases in the club -it was getting ready to rain and the roadie people were frantically trying to cover all of them. It was a small club, with exactly one dressing room for The Push Stars, Jules, *and* Wilson Picket and it was under the stage - no room for the cases. 

Around 4:45 Manny came back to the back to go into the club. Then, right at 5 we see a limo drive past the alley why we didn't follow it I don't know but, we didn't...  then it backed past the alley, then forward past (it was pacing!) and then backed into the alley. OK.. Now I did not think Jules was there. I hadn't seen him come up in a limo before and as far as I could tell the rest of the band members hadn't gotten there, so I assumed it was just going to be them and he'd come later. Well, the limo stops so that the door to get out is right at Maili. I mean RIGHT at Maili and the driver hops out and hangs out at the door on the other side. Our door opens and I see Mr. Body and John but I did not see Julian until he popped out. Now, I am chicken shiot so I didn't say anything but "Hi" (to which he said "Hi" back) and had a huge and probably very silly/goofy grin on my face and he walked a few inches forward and sort of turned around-so I *had* to ask.. and so I did, I asked if he'd sign an autograph (wasn't going to ask for a picture, especially when he was going IN to the sound check) Now.. I know that in my head I was ready for him to say not now or something like that... I mean I think I was let down already when he said "Sure!" and smiled and turned around and came back to me :) OH MY GOD! :) I gave him my PS cover and my pen and he was reading the other autographs I had then asked my name and signed for me. Oh lordy, the man was practically leaning on me. Oh.. Have to say this, afterwards when Maili, Verna, and I were gushing about it, Maili said "The man popped out of the limo in front of me, I was pushed against a dumpster and there is Julian Lennon standing in front of me" Mmmm. 

Maili, again, did not ask for an autograph, she was going to take a picture of him signing but since we were so close she decided (and I'm glad she did) that it would have been rude. I mean.. literally guys we had about a foot of space to put him, Bear, Maili, I and Mr. Body in, we got close :) Verna decided that since she already had his autograph 3 times (did I mention she flew all the way from S. Dakota just to see the Boulder and Denver shows) she wasn't going to ask again but she did give him a charm for safety (she was very worried about his safety, she says it's probably because she's a preschool/kindergarten teacher) and then he went in. I looked up and there was Matt at the door and I swear he smiled at me like he knew me. Now, I had met him at the Cleveland show and he had recognized me there (from the other 2 shows) and I told him I was coming to the Colorado shows, but I didn't ever think he'd recognize me. And even then I still didn't believe it-but when the show started, I know he did! So, of course, I smiled right back :) 

OK.. I do not for the life of me remember the limo leaving, but I know it did. Then, Scott, (*THE* Driver) came back to hang out. Now.. Scott is a new driver, started at the Allentown show and he replaced the other driver. Scott is adorable, a very sweet man. He hung out with us up until the Push Stars started. We just stood there and chatted forever. I asked him how to get to the Avon show and he said he didn't know (but he's *THE* driver!!!) Also, I should interject here that he kept saying that he was "just" the bus driver, like that wasn't a big deal, and we kept telling him, no no no, you are *The* driver. Then he asked if I wanted a brochure from the bus and I said "Yes!" :) A while later he came back with brochures for the three of us-now, it's just of the bus.. But damn! I could live in one of those things! It showed all sorts of ways the bus can be set up as (including a hospital and an exercise room). 

After a while, we decided that we didn't want to bother Jules when he came out since we'd just accosted him and Maili was sure she didn't want an autograph (we didn't want her to miss her chance if she changed her mind). So we told Bear and Scott that we were going to go on back out to the front to get in line (it was after 5:30) and Bear said he'd know where to find us when he got bored (we were his entertainment he said) and then we walked around the block back to the front. When we got there, Scott was hanging out in front (he walked through the club) so we went back up to him. Also, somewhere around here, Dan from the Push Stars came up and I got the courage to go up to him (I figured he wouldn't remember me either) but I went up and said "Hey! :) I told you I'd be at the Colorado shows" (in order to jog his memory a little). We chatted for a while and then someone came to take him away. We were out there with Scott until about 6:30 when he went to go get food. Then, I ran back to the dorm to put up my cover (so that it didn't get any more worn than it is) and the brochures. 

I came back and we had a new problem. Verna, Maili and I all had tickets on will call ... they wouldn't give the will call tickets until 8 (we had been told 7:30 earlier) and 8 is when the doors opened.. So, instead of being able to run in and get our spots we'd have to stand in another line and get our tickets and by then the spots would be gone... This was bullshit and Verna let them know. She asked to speak to the manager at once! :) She really is a nice lady, but when you've been up since 2am and you've flown all this way just to see him and you've been waiting there since 2pm!-you want good spots! Then, it turns out that we could have gotten them across the street. Now, at this time Rachel Freeman showed up and she was hanging out with us but had decided not to join us in line and was back in the back of the line (kind of going back and forth). 

The manager went across the street to get Verna's tickets but didn't know about ours. So I grabbed Rachel and went over to get the precious tickets (hers was on will call too). We had a slight problem, if it was will call through them, they had the tickets, but if it was will call through Ticketmaster you had to wait until 8. Ours were through them but Rachel's were through Ticketmaster, so, we said no problem, you wait in line and get your tickets and we will save you a spot at the front (they need to change that!) We came back and told the people in line what the deal was and then the couple behind us asked if we would save them spots too (cause they were will call from Ticketmaster) and I said no problem (it turned out you really didn't need to.) But, on the way to get the tickets Scott came back (he'd eaten at the pizza shop I recommended) and came with Rachel and I to get the tickets and then back in line with us, where, as I said he stayed with us until The Push Stars came on. 

We got into the club and ran to the front, Scott was laughing at us by the way... And staked out our claim and he stood to keep Rachel's spot :) We met a couple of other really nice fans. I was, once again right between Jules and Matt. So all of us were chatting away when another nice lady came and accosted me like I accosted Verna, only she came right up and said "Which member are you?" :) It was Karen (KGHearn). So we talked with her a little bit and then she went to find Laurie 'cause neither of us had seen her yet. She found Laurie and brought her over but they couldn't stay 'cause Laurie's husband's band was playing across the street. They asked if we could sort of hold their spots for when they came back for Jules or if we couldn't if they could lean in to take a couple of pictures real quick and again I said no problem! By this time another guy whom had been hanging out with us at the stage had asked us to save him his spot 'cause during the Push Stars he wanted to sit with his sister who was at the side stools and since Rachel was back, Scott assumed his spot :) 

There was also a man there behind me wearing a White album shirt. The new fans we met and I think Verna too, asked him to turn it inside out and he didn't understand why. They told him it wasn't going to be a hit with Jules. He flipped it around which still had The B's names on it, but it was much less blunt. I then, when I saw he did that, told him that I understood wearing the shirt, I am a huge fan of The Beatles, but that it really was just not appropriate to wear right in front of Julian. And that smoothed things out with him, he didn't realize that Jules might get offended. I talked with him awhile and he's not like the typical Beatles fans that are there just because he's John Lennon's son, he's much better, he's there because he was interested in what John Lennon's son could do, after the concert he said it was great. He'd also seen Sean in concert and he and I talked about Into The Sun 'cause we both like it. 

Ok :) The Push Stars came on stage and as I said, Scott bought us drinks and then left. Well, when Dan thanked the record companies for having faith in new performers I screamed and Dan asked why I was screaming and then, before I could say it, he said "You're thanking them too!" To which I of course yelled "yes!" Then he asked, serious, but joking, "You're not a record producer are you?" and I laughed and said no, but that the CD is great. Later I blinked during one of Chris' (the lead singer) guitar solos and all of a sudden he was kneeled down playing the hoopy out of his guitar not 2 inches from my face, this guy said that the look on my face when I first saw him was priceless.

Ok, now for Jules. They all came on and Matt introduced Jules. Aside from the fact that he kept smiling at me when I looked up at him, he also waved to me. When he did I was turning back to watch Jules but caught it out of the corner of my eye and so I turned back and he waved again (a fairly big wave) so I waved back! Then after one of his solos I was clapping and cheering for him and he looked over to me, smiled and pointed at me :) Of course everyone else started clapping and cheering then :)

It was a very short show, only 45 min 'cause Wilson Picket was after him. We kept screaming that he could stay on all night, that Wilson could wait, which Jules got a huge kick out of but didn't believe! :) Also, when he explained why he did "I Don't Wanna Know" he really made fun of his dad's "nasal voice" to which we all screamed and laughed at. And then when he came to the part where he says "this time around I can say, 'Why, yes, I do...'" everyone was screaming, 'cept us in the front row (the true fans) and then when he said "Now, let's move on" we went primal. We screamed louder there than anywhere else! :)

Now, we had been trying to convince Scott to stay and watch the show and he ended up doing so, he hung out at the side. After the show he was ushered up the stairs to the balcony and we told Rachel what we knew about where he might come out, etc., and then I suggested she stay at the door to the balcony 'cause he had to come out from there sometime. Well, she did and she got to meet him :) Maili and I decided to leave 'cause we were both exhausted, so we didn't stay for Wilson Picket.