The Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado
August 19th, 1999

By Laurie!

Photograph Smile

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Julian and Laurie

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Julian The Show in Colorado was GREAT even though they had to cut the show short it was great. They started around 10:00pm. Duncan,  my husband was playing across the street and I had already met up with Karen at this point what a great person she is warm friendly and everything I thought she would be.... It was quite interesting having to go back and forth but what a treat having Julian and Duncan playing so close together....Wayne Coy, Duncan's manager, a few weeks back had drinks with Julian, Bob, and close friends and there where rumors of Duncan and Julian playing together and maybe opening for Julian but it did not work out sorry to say.........

The Fox Theatre

Later that evening, Wayne had arranged for meet and greet pass's for me plus one with Duncan playing it was hard for him to go with me so Karen was elected....after the show we waited to go in Laura S. was there from the onelist and I felt bad wishing I could take everyone along with me but I COULD NOT. We had to wait till the other people had there turn to chat with Julian and as the door kept opening I had a few peeks...Terry the Body Guard kept me and Karen company and I enjoyed talking to him. I met the drummer and Gregory Darling who was talking to my surprise there was some sort of problem and Terry said I could not go in so Karen went down stairs and I followed a few minutes afterwards and went across the street to get Wayne... I could not find Karen and Wayne took me back up stairs....... Wayne then knocked on the door and Terry greeted Wayne and everything was fine.. I still had to wait a few more minutes.......

Gregory Darling, John McCurry, Julian Lennon, Martin Swain, Matt Backer, Manny Elias

Finally I was let in and was introduced..... It was magic seeing my dear old friend once again we had a chance to talk about a few things and I mentioned meeting him so long ago....I saw Lucy she is very pretty but did not get to meet her, but said congrats to him and Lucy.. He noticed I was pregnant right away and rubbed my tummy.......wait till I tell Jr. or Junioress one day! Then we took a few pictures together (Thanks Wayne) and was kissed not once but twice and a kiss on the hand goodbye.......My heart was full that was great and it was nice to walk away knowing that he is happy and content in his life that's one person who deserves it.... and as I said to him when we said goodbye, maybe I'll see you down the line sometime........... Thanks again Jules for a great evening.........And last but not least Karen your the cherry on the cake..........

Love laurie