The Fox Theatre
Boulder, Colorado
August 19th, 1999

By Shannon Spring!

Thanks Shannon for your report.

Photograph Smile

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Unfortunately, I only got one picture from this night of Julian's side because, I didn't want to get caught and get kicked out. This was the night I have been dreaming about since my last Julian concert at Red Reds Amphitheater in Golden, Co in 1986. 13 years. That's a pretty long time but WELL worth the wait! 

We got to the Fox about 5:30. There wasn't anybody in line. That kind of shocked me until I found out later that there were very few tickets sold to the public. Most of the people that were there were from radio stations. Anyway, because there weren't many people there, we went inside to get a drink. We decided to sit there and wait for the show to start. That was a great idea because, when they set up the ticket booth, we were still inside. They started taking tickets and we went straight to the stage. (We didn't have to prove we had tickets and they didn't get torn) 

I was center stage and standing close enough to touch his shoes had I wanted to. I wasn't about to leave for nothing! The Push Stars started first and they were pretty good. Then came my Dream! I actually started crying. I really didn't think it would affect me so much but it did. I was in heaven the entire time. I didn't take my eyes off of him the entire time he was singing. I ended up with quite a crick in my neck from that. It was worth it though. The only thing that really sucked about the concert was that it was so short because Wilson Pickett was coming on next. We all told Julian to play longer and forget about Wilson but out of respect for another artist, he couldn't do it. He played as many of the songs off the play list that he could though. I did sign language to the songs that I knew how to and he kept looking at me. I wish I could tell him my reason for doing it. 

Anyway, after the show, he went upstairs for about an hour and a half to talk to the radio people. The fans waited by the door to the stairs hoping to get a quick last glance. After awhile, most of them gave up. It was better for us though because, when he finally came out, he was rushed outside to the bus. At this point I felt it was safe to try to get a picture but I'm only 5'1" so I handed the camera to a friend of mine. She chickened out and handed it to my cousin and he yelled for Julian. He got the picture but the flash wasn't on. Anyway, I was able to get his autograph on my un-torn ticket. I told him, "I'm sorry we're being such pests." He responded, "Don't worry about it, you're not pests!" That, more than anything made my night! He also shook my hand! We also managed to get on the guest list for the following night at the Soiled Dove. That was cool too because when I finally got the money for the concert, the Soiled Dove was sold out.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let others know how my dream came true!