Eastport Clipper
Annapolis, MD
August 1st, 1999

by Jenny

Photograph Smile

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Special Thanks to Jenny for writing up her report and sending her pictures!!
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Julian and JohnThe Eastport Clipper is not the place I expected Julian to play. It's pretty much a dumpy bar with no lighting and no seats. It must have been 100 degrees in there and we had to sit on the floor in front of the "stage" for about two hours to hold our places. While I thought the band sounded wonderful, I was a bit disappointed by the show's length. I had been spoiled by the huge set he did at the Birchmere in Virginia. Last night's show was only about an hour and ten minutes and about 5 songs shorter. Missing (off the top of my head) were: "Good to Be Lonely," "Crucified," "Saltwater," "Photograph Smile" and one more I'm blanking on!

JulianToo bad because "Crucified" and "Photograph Smile" are worth the price of admission alone. That said, I was only about 5 feet from Julian. We were jammed in there like sardines, but I've never been that close before, so I didn't care!

JulianJulian wasn't too talkative, but he did tell his "I Don't Wanna Know" story and talked about "No One But You" as well as a few quick comments about the "cozy atmosphere". He did give us all smiles as we were pretty much singing everything right along with him! The band sounded wonderful as usual and this time Julian's voice was near perfect. The crowd was very responsive and had a great time. I did feel a bit sorry for the band (especially Jules) because there were cameras flashing in their faces all night. I must admit I was one of them...sorry guys!!! The opportunity was just too good to pass up!

Julian's pickDuring "Stand By Me" I held up a sign that said "Pick Please" and some wonderful girls right in front of me helped me make sure he saw it. For a moment he acted as if he had no clue, but we convinced him to give me a guitar pick. It's not personalized, but it will look nice framed with my autographs and pictures which I am forwarding to CJ.

Julian LennonJulian Lennon

After the show we high-tailed it outside to wait for autographs. I really felt sorry for Julian because even though they warned everyone to be patient, he was mobbed as soon as he stepped outside. He very graciously signed for a lot of people including myself. My friend and I had an enlarged photos of us taken with Julian in Virginia. His first comment to me was, "awwww". I explained where it was taken and he said, "You guys are everywhere!" I then told him I brought my mom this time and he spoke to her for a few minutes. He thought it was cool that she was with me. He seemed rather impressed when she mentioned that she had taken me to his first concert and now, almost 15 years later, I was returning the favor. He recognized her from the show because she was plastered to the stage with me. He said, "I saw you bobbing your head out there." and he thanked us for coming to the show.

When I first met Julian ten years ago I thought he was very sweet and charming. This tour has only confirmed that for me. At both shows he was nothing but gracious and friendly. He seems to genuinely appreciate the fans who have come out to see him. If you have the opportunity, GO! You will NOT be disappointed!

Jenny Hooper