The Soiled Dove
 Denver, Colorado
August 20th, 1999

By Kathii Lumbert!

Photograph Smile

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Gregory Darling, John McCurry, Martin Swain, Julian Lennon

Thanks Kathii for your report and photos.

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I took a plane to Denver on the day of the concert and arrived into town around early afternoon. Was planning to stay at this place but they were closed until 5pm. So I ended up carrying around the heavy luggage in order to find a place. Eventually, I found a place but then it was getting too close toward the concert hour so I had very little time to get ready for the concert. I'm not real familiar with Denver even though at one time I lived on the outskirts of Denver I rarely went there. I learned the transportation system real fast and did find "Soiled Dove." I didn't eat anything since breakfast and ended up skipping two meals that day. My mistake was that I ended up drinking too much beer on an empty stomach which got me intoxicated too quickly. 

I waited in line with everyone and it seemed like a long time till we got in. The crowd from outside was growing by the time we made it inside. I found a seat quite close to the stage and the setting was really intimate, which I liked. Everyone was trying to fill up the seats and trying to prevent others from having to stand. I offered 2 empty chairs to two gentleman. They were really nice and ended up buying a pitcher of beer and let me have a glass. 

Push Stars came on and they sounded good. As the time drew nearer, I was getting more anxious to see Julian play. When he got on stage and started to play the whole room lit up. Some of the audience members threw flowers out to him but I threw him a Sturgis Rally T-shirt. Hearing the music in person was a much better experience than listening to it on the TV or on CD. I liked the introduction he did for the songs and he seemed to be really having a good time performing for everyone. One of the songs that was deeply touching was "Crucified" when he mentioned it was for his friend Kevin Gilbert. I could completely understand how he felt losing his friend. That very date Aug 20, exactly 10 years I lost my closest friend Tracy and in a way it was comforting to hear that song because I still miss her. In a way, the concert did help makeup for that tragic day and added some happy moments there for me instead of sadness. 

John McCurry, Julian Lennon

After the end of the concert, I got the opportunity to meet Julian's band members and I thought they were all very friendly and pleasant talking to them. It ended getting the chance to finally meet Julian. I got my a couple of pictures taken with him and he autographed my CD. Julian was such a sweetheart for being so patient and considerate to the fans out there who anxiously wanted to see him and to me. Thank You Julian it meant a lot. 

Afterwards, Gregory bought me some coffee to try and sober me up but in the end I ended up getting a cab called through one of the bouncers. By the way Gregory, thanks for the conversation and the coffee. Don't worry Julian I made it back safely to where I was staying. 

The next day I'd have to get up early again in order to catch my bus going to Avon so I ended up having pleasant dreams that night.