The Soiled Dove
Denver, Colorado
August 20th, 1999

By Laura S!

Thanks Laura for your report.

Photograph Smile

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Now-- at the Denver show :) We got there at 2:30 and copped a squat right outside the door chatting with the two ladies ahead of us when Scott came around so we were talking with him for a while and he brought us out bottled water and then cassette singles that he found in the club. Then he left to go take a nap. 

Well, the line formed right away we were down and around the block and we were rowdy, the poor poor doorman (who was also very cute.) We kept requesting and asking about all kinds of things from cameras to being able to stand from the doorway to take pictures of the gang rehearsing--oh, Jules did not show up for the sound check-- he (the doorman) thought it was fun and was having just as much fun harassing us as we were him. At one point after, as Maili put it, he mumbled under his breath after a rather good attempt on my part, "I have got to meet this man." Well, the band members kept going in and out of the club and of course stopping for pictures and autographs and just to chat. I got some great shots of the guys ('cept for Manny! I have a fairly good one but not a great one) and I took a picture of Matt but he was making faces while I did it and so I told him he had to smile and so he gave out a million dollar smile and I got that too :) Then, he was talking with Verna, Maili and I and I asked to get a shot of him and I... it's a great shot!! Oh my... mmmm. Also, one of Julian's guys came out and gave us free copies of some of the posters (the big red one) that were a little worn, we pillaged the best ones (really, they are not bad at all) and waited for Jules to come sign (now that Maili had a poster with a a place for the autograph, she wanted him to sign.) But, as I said, he didn't come for sound check. However, I decided ('cause at this point it didn't look like we could take pictures inside) to take a picture of Terry (Mr. Body). I took one when he was looking away and then he turned back toward me and I told him to smile-which he did (I thought that scowl was painted on!) then he came over to chat with us and he asked us if we had tickets and we were like of course we do! We want to see the show (we thought he thought we were the Beatles fans that come and stand in line to get an autograph and then leave) and he laughed (again... he laughs?!?!) and said that what he meant was that he would get us in if we didn't have tickets --what!?!?!??! Oh my! Then he asked us what shows we'd been to and Verna and I listed all of them off (Denver was her 4th, my 5th) and I don't know how it came up but I joked that he could always get us back stage to meet Jules and he said he would, that he would let us know where they were (which I wasn't sure what that meant but was seriously dumbfounded) Oh.. and Mr. Burley body guard wears a Daffy Duck watch :)

Well, we finally got in and grabbed one of the tables at the stage, they were right there at the stage which was on ground level so it made it real intimate. The night was incredible! It's the best concert I've been too. The crowd was great they were totally into it and the Jules fans out numbered the Beatles fan 10 to 1. They all were really great towards the Push Stars as well so that was cool. Words just cannot express how fantastic this crowd was, first off, our singing along was just as loud as Julian, in other words, we knew the songs and we loved the songs and we were there for him! But first.. when The Push Stars came on to the stage Dan handed me his play list so that I could check it out and then he took it back to put on the floor but the fan was there so it kept blowing away so I told him I'd hold it for him and tell him what song was next which he laughed at and said "sure" but of course, he didn't. I did however snag the play list when they left the stage. 

Now--remember, most of us are seated, there were people at the back standing 'cause they ran out of seats, but as I said most were seated--also, it was a seriously sold out and over sold show --- and as I said, they were HIS fans (the energy from this crowd was like nothing I've ever seen, one guy in the front row kept bowing to Jules during big music moments.) The band came on stage and the announcer guy announced Jules and we were all cheering but as soon as he became visible (making his way to the stage) EVERYONE stood up and were screaming so loud--oh my.. he got a standing ovation before he even started! :) As soon as he got onto the stage he leaned right over Verna, Maili, and I (and since the stage platform was only like 2 inches tall---)No broken strings this time, but the mike did go out just as he was about to introduce the band. Again, we screamed the loudest when he said, "lets move on" in "I Don't Wanna Know." 

Before the show we had talked about how he probably wouldn't sit on the feedback monitors b/c they were right there at our feet, figuring that would be too close for comfort to him and Maili joked that he could sit on her lap :) Well, when "Valotte" came on he went over to share the chair (practically in her lap!) of the girl sitting next to Maili! He got the wrong girl!! :) but, she's in her early to mid twenties and had been telling us earlier that she'd been a fan ever since she was 9 years old and so that was so cool that he did that. He also gave her a kiss on the cheek when she gave him the small flower she brought him. When he got off the chair he walked into the crowd a ways (Mr. Body wasn't happy 'bout that) and people came over and he was shaking their hands as he was singing. Again, he didn't do "Saltwater" even though it was on the play list. 

YES!!!!!!!!!!! My side finally won "Too Late For Goodbyes!!!!" We kicked ass! When he walked over to our side to give us a shot (we were the 2nd side) Maili and I screamed quite loudly (preparing our lungs so that we could win, I was determined!) he laughed and said "Well, their side certainly screams louder" (woohoo!! I got lungs baby) Also, at one point he was on the left side of the stage (so his back was toward us) talking to Greg and John and he wiggled his ass.. Oh my! (oh! he also did *The* dance-which I'm glad 'cause I wanted Maili to see) man did our side go nuts and he cracked up and pointed at us over his shoulder. Then they left the stage and came back for the encore. When they did, Matt walked over to the stage to me (where I was standing cheering) and said "You probably know all the monologues by heart, don't you?" And I said "yep!" :) then they played "Slippin' and Slidin'" and "Stand By Me" -- which this crowd went nuts with (they also went nuts with "Too Late For Goodbyes" and "Make It Up To You" Oh.. and they were fairly respectful of "Photograph Smile" when he sang it.) and then they left and I snagged Matt's play list and Verna got Martin's and then we left to go wait out by the bus. 

Well, it was very obvious that he was on the bus (it was parked in front of the venue, btw) so everyone was crowding the front and since it was out in the middle of the street a couple of cops came by to push us back. Then one cop talked to Terry and came back and said that he was going to sign autographs but we all had to form a single file line going down the other side (sidewalk side) of the bus. Well, we got pushed way to the back and then I caught Scott motioning to me, so I grabbed Maili and she grabbed Verna and then when I got to him, he *and* Terry led me right to the front, to which the guy at the front complained but Scott went off defending me (cause of all the shows I'd been to and how long I'd waited) and well that calmed the front people down 'cause they got all excited that I'd been to all those shows and wanted details! :) Now, Maili asked what I was going to have signed (unfortunately the posters were in Verna's car and we weren't leaving to get them!) and well, I hadn't thought about it but I decided to have him sign the play list and Verna found a nice piece of paper for Maili to have him sign, I asked Terry if Jules would take a picture and he said "yes" so I decided to go ahead and ask. Well, Jules came out and took the play list and as he signed (just Julian Lennon this time) I asked if I could have a picture with him and he said sure, so I gave the camera to Maili and she took it. Well, that opened a dam and everyone that had pushed Maili out of the way (how rude!) shoved cameras in her hand to have her take pictures (but she's *my* best friend!) and Jules told her that she was the official photographer and then the guy before her had gotten his but asked Jules to put "To Sara" on it but Jules said he couldn't do anything like that because of how many people were there. So then it was Maili, maybe it was because he liked her name or maybe it was because she was the "official photographer" or maybe both but he signed "To Maili, a pleasure, thanks, Julian Lennon" Needless to say she's read that a million times today! :) But I asked if I could possibly take a picture of him with the "official photographer" to which I got a sneer and a laugh and said sure and I got a very good picture of them. 

Then I stood by to take a picture of Verna and him and then since I had both of those cameras (which I would hand to and take back from Scott who was there with us depending on how many free hands I needed at the moment-Verna's camera is fairly big) some of the fans that we had been waiting in line with for hours who didn't have cameras asked me to take the picture (you have no clue how many addys I have now from people!) for them, including one way to crazed fan. She was practically crawling up Scott to get him to get her to him and then practically crawling over me to "get it" whatever that meant but when everyone I knew was out of the line (as far as I could tell ) I started to leave when Scott came after me and yelled, this woman wants you to take a picture. So I ran back and took the picture (it was the crazed fan and it was kind of cute 'cause she kept going, "you're sure you'll mail that back to me right?"--I already have it in the envelope and addressed!) Then we got a shot with Scott said good-bye to him and then left :) It was a great night!! but, because of the 3hr drive and the fact that the concert at Avon was going to be more like Woodstock than "in [his] living room" (Jules kept saying that we were in his living room 'cause of how intimate the setting was) and since that concert had been perfect we decided to leave it at that and spent the day developing and then drooling over our pictures! :)

hugs all -- again, thanks for the good karma! ~LauraS