Soiled Dove
Denver, CO
August 20th, 1999

Concert Story and Photos by Shannon Spring

Photograph Smile

Julian and Shannon

Thanks Shannon for your report and photos.

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We arrived about 5:30 and there was already a good line forming. So, we got in line and waited until 7:30 for the doors to open. Thank goodness we were early enough to get front row again. 

Julian and JohnJulian and Gregory

Julian at the MicThe show was wonderful. First the Push Stars came out and they rocked. Everybody was so gracious to them it was awesome. That is a band that is going to go far! Anyways, the place was packed-standing room only by the time the show started! When Julian came through the doors, you knew it because the whole place just hushed all of a sudden. It's like they were all in awe because they hadn't seen him in so long. Well, the silence didn't last but a couple of seconds before the yelling and screaming started. I was in heaven throughout the whole show. He did almost all of the songs that were on the playlist you have posted except for a few. We gave him the loudest standing ovation I've ever heard at a concert in my life! He finished up with 'Stand By Me' and I for one WILL always stand by him! 

Just a little tidbit of my own, I have always wanted to be a sign language interpreter but, I've never had the money to go through school for it. So, I teach myself through Julian's songs. It was wonderful to have him see me do that because it made it all worthwhile! When the show was over, we went outside and stood in line to meet him. He was so sweet and polite. He stood there for a good hour and a half signing away and getting blinded by flash bulbs and didn't complain once. When it was finally my turn, I tried to make it as quick as possible because I knew he must be tired. I managed to tell him that when 'Help Yourself' came out, my first daughter, Heather, was a newborn and the slow songs on there is what I used to sing to her to soothe her to sleep. He said, "That's so sweet, it's wonderful." He even signed a poster, 'To Heather, With Love Always, Julian Lennon.' I am so grateful to him for not being like other musicians who blow their fans off. Anyway this was one of the best nights of my life! 

Thank you, Julian, for a night to remember and keep in my heart forever! And to you, CJ, for making it possible to know other true fans and keeping us up to date on you Web Page! Keep up the good work!

Some more of Shannon's photos.. 

Setting up the stage Julian and Shannon's Mom John McCurry Julian and Greg

Julian Lennon Julian Lennon Julian Lennon