Nottingham Park
Avon, CO
August 21th, 1999

Concert Story and Photos by Kathii Lumbert

Photograph Smile

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I ended up setting the clock that day so I woke about 6am that day and managed to make it through the day okay. I didn't have no headache that day or hangover which was good. I got ready for my day and made sure to eat properly that day. I made it to the bus station and it was raining that day up to Avon. The bus driver was telling me they were getting quite a bit of rain this year. I kept thinking don't say that, right now that's the last thing I wanted to hear. I dreaded the worst and hoped for the best crossing my fingers.

When I got to Avon the trip was easier than Denver. Everything in Avon was nearby and easy to get around. I got a room up there that day and was a very short distance away toward the park. So I walked there. When I got there it was raining again while I had lunch there. Some of the equipment had to be covered with a tarp eventually the rain did quit before the concert, which was good.

I saw some of the other fans there Rachel, Shannon, her daughter and some other guy but couldn't remember his name. I arrived early this time and got the chance to hear the sound check. I saw Julian come out on stage wearing a white sweater and he played two songs "Crucified" and "No One But You." That was a real treat. Didn't expect to hear him sing through it all

Trish Murphy who was from Texas performed first Julian and then Soul Asylum. There wasn't so many people there when Julian played but there were a few. I got the opportunity to take pictures of him and the band. That was nice. I got to see him up close even if there were bodyguard or a plastic fence around the stage. The sun shined brightly when Julian played and the scenery was really beautiful with all the mountains around. As long as it didn't rain I was happy. Julian was also grateful that sun was shining and that Kevin Gilbert was up there looking down us.

After Julian's performance ended I got the chance to see him before he boarded the bus. The bus driver said they had to leave rather quickly and that they had to take the plane to Dallas or else they'll be behind schedule. Gregory waved to me and I waved back. I seen the bus leaving getting ready for the next destination the airport.

I stayed a while during Soul Asylum and then ended making up for sleep that night.

 The next day I boarded the bus and went to the airport myself. Ready to go home and exhausted myself. It was worth the time and the money to see Julian after all this time. It will always be a moment I will truly treasure always.

As for my daughter she hopes she'll be able to see Julian next year. Guess we'll wait and see what next year brings.

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Julian Lennon at the Soiled Dove in Denver, CO by Kathii