Nottingham Park
Avon, CO
August 21th, 1999

Story and Photos by Shannon Spring

Photograph Smile

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This was an interesting day all around. This concert was cool because I was able to bring my daughter along to this one. It was an outdoor concert in the mountains. We left my house around 11:00 am (MST) and got there around 1:00. Julian was scheduled to come on at 6:00. The band was setting up when we arrived and then they rehearsed.

During this time, since we arrived so early, there was hardly anyone there. Julian saw us and recognized us right off the bat since this was our third concert in three days. He waved to me like I was an old friend. It was sooooooo cool to be recognized like that. Anyways, when he waved at me, I pointed to my daughter who was standing there mesmerized, and he looked at her and waved. She was soooo excited, she waved back and ran over to me and said, "Mommy, Julian Lennon waved at me!!!!!" She was so cute! :-)

You see, the next day, August 22, was her 8th birthday and she told me that this concert was the best present she could have got! It made me so proud!

The Push Stars weren't scheduled at this concert. The concert started with a female singer that I can't remember her name but she was pretty good. Again, we were right in the front again!

The band was wonderful as usual! The concert was kind of short though because they had to catch a plane all the way back in Denver that night.

This time Julian saw my daughter doing the sign language and he smiled really big at her. That was also a very proud moment for me. The people sitting next to us had also been to all three concerts and they asked me about the sign language and I told them the same as what I said in the Soiled Dove Review. This was during the new song and I had already learned some of that song, so I taught my new friends. Get this, their names were, John and Cynthia. I'm not kidding either. Isn't that kind of weird?

Anyway, back to the show. Before the standing ovation, everybody was sitting down and when they got back, everyone ran to the stage. Luck was on our side, we managed to stay up front. He finished with his regular two songs and left the stage leaving us in awe. When the show was over, I managed to get the bodyguard's attention and he was able to get my interview album signed for my daughter for her birthday present. I also got the rest of the band to sign my PS album. That was really cool of them.

Thanks again Julian, for giving me three days to remember for the rest of my life!

Julian Lennon at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO by Shannon
Julian Lennon at the Soiled Dove in Denver, CO by Shannon