Deep Ellum Live
Dallas, Texas
August 23rd, 1999

By Skibby!

Photograph Smile

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The Dallas show was great! Julian's performance was everything we hoped it would be -- he sounded fantastic! Cyndi, who has been my best friend since 2nd grade, and I went, and we met three other fans from the e-mail list there. Wearing our "Julian Lennon Fan and Proud of It!" t-shirts made it easy to recognized each other right off, and we stood together about two or three rows from the stage. Laura D. brought a beautiful black cowboy hat for Julian. 

After the show, we were able to meet and converse just a bit with Martin (the bass player) who was so nice and made us laugh, Greg (the pianist) who just makes you melt on the inside (but then, I have always had a weakness for piano men!), Matt (the guitarist on the right) whom we decided was "too cute for words," and John (the redheaded guitarist on the left) who threw everyone for a loop (including Julian I think!) when he broke into this sort of electric-county burst on the guitar when Julian put the cowboy hat on him. (Julian's comment was something like, "Put a different hat on him and something totally different comes out!"

Julian is incredibly talented, and he has surrounded himself with so many incredibly talented musicians - it's just an amazing show! One thing that really impressed me was how, although Julian was "the star" of the show, he gave everyone a lot room to show off their talents (and even kind of bragged on their behalf about their talents and accomplishments as individual musicians), and when it was their time to shine, Julian would step back out of the lights so they would be "the star" for that moment. There were also times when they all (Julian and the others) would stand together and play, with the focus being on the group and not just one individual. It was obvious that Julian has a great deal of respect for the musicians playing with him on this tour.

The Push Stars are also an incredibly talented group and a great bunch of guys. They are excellent musicians, and they really seem to enjoy themselves on stage, which makes them all the more fun to watch. Before the concert began, there were some people in the audience near us who were asking, "who are these 'Push Stars'?" and after the Push Stars did their part of the show, those people were saying "Wow, they were great - they could be the next big thing!" After the show, we also got to talk with Chris (the lead), who is so nice. We have very high hopes for these guys, and we think they could be the next big thing, too.

Toodles! Skibby!