Stubb's Barbeque
Austin, Texas
August 24rd, 1999

By Skibby!

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The Austin show was incredible!!! Maybe it's because it was an outdoor concert, or maybe it's because Austin is such a music-oriented town anyway, but, having been to the Dallas show the night before (which was a great show, but), the Austin show was like bigger, brighter, louder, and just more . electric! Laura D. and I met up again and we were right on the front row this time, and of course we made friends with a bunch of the other fans around us. (For those of you who have never been to Austin, it is a very friendly town.) Of the people I met, some had come from Dallas, San Antonio, and Lubbock, as well as Austin and the surrounding smaller cities and towns.

The Push Stars were great again! They had played Austin once before at SXSW, and apparently it wasn't their best experience. (I didn't see the SXSW show, but Chris (the lead) mentioned that it rained through the show, so anyway, they seemed glad to be back and to have a dryer audience this time! Ha! Ha!) They did a great job, and the crowd loved them. I may have forgotten to mention in my review of the Dallas show, but in addition to two great guitarists (Chris and Dan, who also plays the piano) and Phil (who seems to pretty much play just about any kind of instrument), Ryan the drummer is one of the best drummers I've heard. He really does a bang-up job - no pun intended . okay, well maybe a little bit of a pun is intended there.

As for Julian, it had been announced on the radio that the A/C had gone out on their way from Dallas to Austin, but you'd never have guessed Julian and the others had spent part of the day in the sweltering Texas heat, because everyone seemed to be in really good spirits for the show. The crowd was also very involved in the show, which gave Julian some opportunity to banter a bit with the audience. Julian really enjoyed himself and said he'd be back next year with an orchestra and seats for the audience, which I'm really looking forward to because I'd love to see Julian come back and, after standing for two days at the Dallas and Austin concerts, seats for the audience sounds like a really great idea! Ha! Ha!

Julian and the other band members were available after the show for signing autographs, and since I had gotten Martin, Greg, Matt, and John to sign my JL t-shirt in Dallas, I was really hoping to get Manny and Julian to sign it as well. I met Manny in the bar right after the show and he signed my shirt, and I asked him if Julian would be signing things for fans (because he hadn't signed anything after the Dallas concert), and Manny said "yeah" and that we could meet him out by the bus a little later. Well, Laura and I and a couple other people went out to wait by the bus. We waited and waited and waited . and waited and waited . no Julian. Then we heard a bunch of people say, "Oh, he's in the bar signing stuff go get in line!" but the gatekeeper wouldn't let us back in! So frustrating! (The venue was officially closed, so people could come out, but no one could go in.) I was starting to feel a bit betrayed because I had been told to wait by the bus but then everyone was getting autographs and pictures in the bar, and all I wanted was for Julian to sign my shirt -- then I would have everyone's autograph -- but I kept telling myself, "No, Manny wouldn't steer me wrong." Some people eventually gave up and left, but about a dozen or so of us held out and waited for well over an hour, and finally, -- FINALLY! -- Julian came out. We wondered if he would autograph stuff for us since he had been in the bar for at least an hour signing stuff -- I'm sure he had writer's cramp -- but he was so gracious (maybe he just took pity on us - Ha! Ha!) and autographed another dozen or so CDs, posters, and my shirt!!! It was so exciting!!!

I hope all those of you who will be attending the remaining concerts get as great a concert as we did in Austin because it really was outstanding, but let me offer this one bit of advice: if Julian is signing autographs, don't be too quick to leave the venue or you may end up like we did waiting over an hour for him to get done with everyone inside the venue before he goes to the bus or to the van. Good luck!

Toodles! Skibby!