The Exit/In
Nashville, Tennessee
August 28th, 1999

Report By Carla

Photograph Smile

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The show was wonderful and of a different nature than his Cleveland show. He played fewer songs and allowed more time for guitar & drum solos, and invited the Push Stars to play on "Stand By Me." This show was just as fabulous, only in a different way! I loved Cleveland--it's still my favorite show, but this one was more carefree and spontaneous. A different energy. Especially with the trombone on "Stand By Me"--Julian did background vocals for it!

Julian was gracious to do autographs before sound check, and I was so lucky to be able to talk with him! He signed my promo PS CD "To Carla, with love, Julian Lennon, X" and posed for pictures, as well as sent a thank you to my husband for playing Julian's music on his plane (he plays it as passengers enter & exit the plane). I was so thrilled that he said this, since my husband couldn't go with me to Nashville and was disappointed that he couldn't. Some of the other band members made themselves available, too, and it was a blast meeting them and other fans who had made the trip from St. Louis, Georgia, South Carolina (Hi, Latka),'s turning into a real community! Beatle Bob did claim a lot of dancing space during the show, but he had kindly taken pictures for lots of people he didn't really know when they posed with Julian before sound check. I don't think he even asked for an autograph for himself. With that Astrid-influenced haircut, he's definitely a Beatlephile!

Peace, Carla