Park West Chicago
July 15th, 1999

Jeff Petschow's Special Report!

Special Thanks to Jeff for letting me post this!
It was originally posted to the Julian Lennon onelist on July 15th.. 

Photograph Smile

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I just got back from the show. It was very good. I think everyone that goes will enjoy it. There was only 2 items for sale. There was a black T-shirt with the PS cover on the front and a blank back. There also was a poster of PS available. I do not know what the price of either item was.  The club holds about 800 but there are seats for maybe half of those. The rest of the people have to stand. The area in front of the stage is open to stand in. I would estimate about 500 people there. 

For those that do not want to know what he played before you go to the show do not read any more.

Most of the set was from PS. Julian came onto the stage with a video camera taping the crowd. I think I may have gotten into his video. I was about 3 feet from the stage and about 10 feet from Jules. Most of the band was wearing black. Julian had black pants and a navy blue shirt. He played 12 string guitar on most songs. The band consisted of Greg Darling on keyboards, Manny Elias on drums, Matt Backer and John McCurry on guitars and I am not sure of the bass players name, it was something like Martin Swain. 

Julian had a music stand in from of him that had the lyrics to the songs. Even with this he forgot the lyrics during "Saltwater" and "How Many Times." 

He said that "How Many Times" was his least favorite to perform because there are so many lyrics. Many people were taking pictures. The crowd ranged from teenagers to some that looked to be around 60. Lots of screaming as Julian got on stage. He seemed a bit nervous at first but seemed to be better around the 6th song and dance during "Crucified." He was given some flowers and cards which he did take with him when he left the stage. He received a T-shirt that said "Still Pissed at Yoko". He then commented that he had done enough bitching. He explained each of the songs from PS before he played them. He played 1 hour and forty five minutes. I only caught the last 3 songs of the opener The Push Stars. All 3 songs were good and the crowd seemed to like them.

Here is the set list:

Get a Life
And She Cries
Day After Day
I Should Have Know
No One But You (said this will be on his next album)
Mother Mary
Photograph Smile
Make It Up To You
How Many Times
I Don't Wanna Know (this received the loudest applause of the night and had the most people singing along) 
Too Late For Goodbyes (this was more guitar based that the original)

Good To Be Lonely
Stand By Me

That's all. Time for Bed