Barrymore Theater 
Madison, Wisconsin
July 16, 1999

Reported By Kathi

Special Thanks to Kathi for writing up her report! 

Photograph Smile

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It was Julian. We all know what that means. Even us "aging groupies" who came to see Julian, not John's son, after waiting 11 years to finally see him perform live know what a Julian concert means. I can say that it was worth the wait, but I sure don't want to wait that long again.

My friend and I decided we wanted to catch every moment of the concert. After she FINALLY got off work, we arrived at the Barrymore at 3:00 to catch a glimpse of the bus and maybe even the band. As we were making plans in the parking lot, I noticed a small, but nonetheless determined group heading towards the back stage door. Not wanting to miss whatever it was they were hoping for (could it possibly be some members of the band?) I quickly swiped up my CD jackets and ran to the backdoor (I didn't think I could run that fast at 38!). It wasn't the band members at all. In fact, it was Julian who had emerged to chat up the fans. Oh my God, I hadn't expected this. 

With all my reserve intact and excitement at the boiling point inside me, I walked up and asked Julian for an autograph. He was congenial, friendly and sincere. Again, something I hadn't expected. Who would've thought he'd have time for this, let alone do it with class? And yet he did. He also chatted with us awhile and was incredibly down to earth and warm. We finally threw caution to the wind and asked for a picture. Not only was he willing to do so, but he was again friendly and gracious about it. Thank God we kept our composure. Well, at least until we returned to the car. Then everybody on our speed dialing on the cell phone got a call about our meeting with Julian. It wasn't just a dream come true, it was a heart warming experience. He presented himself admirably and with finesse. First and foremost he'll be remembered as a gentleman. 

I've read the other review about Madison already submitted. There's not much I would add to that very comprehensive report. Well, maybe one thing. I would argue that the crowd was not there to hear John's son. I was in the front row and the people who I were with loved Julian for being Julian. And what a diverse group we were. There were 3 fans from Chicago area and Cleveland. All about my age. There was some local fans who knew Julian's music. There was a family present with an 11 year old boy who loved Julian's music. And yes, there were some people who were fans of John Lennon also. But then again, I don't know many people who aren't. But we were here to see Julian and celebrate his new album with him. What a celebration it was. 

One last thing. We knew the words to his songs, everything from "Valotte" to "Photograph Smile" and even a few that weren't on his CDs (ie. "Cole's Song"). I'm so glad I did, because I was the one he gave the microphone to. I sure hope I was on key. 

Kathi, Madison