Barrymore Theater 
Madison, Wisconsin
July 16, 1999

Reported By Mary

Special Thanks to Mary for writing up her report! 

Photograph Smile

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We got to the Barrymore around 6:15 pm, doors were scheduled to open at 7:00 pm. As I was standing there in line, I noticed it was mostly an older crowd, which of course got me thinking to myself - "how many of these people are here to see JULIAN and not "JOHN'S SON?" Get my drift? That question was answered when he started playing.

The opening band, Emmettville, was a local band. They were very good. A violin took the place of what would usually be lead guitar. He tore that thing up!

Finally, it was Julian's turn. The radio personality introduced him and he came on stage with a video camera, panning the audience. He said "Everyone say HI to my Mum!!" and the place went bonkers. 

They started with "Get A Life," which I think is an appropriate song to start the show, and one of the better ones from "Help Yourself." They next played "And She Cries" and "Day After Day." While he was singing these new songs from "Photograph Smile," I looked around and noticed that NOBODY was singing along. I was, of course, I knew every song they played (except the "new" one). So I think that answered my earlier question. The next song they played was "I Should Have Known," and he told us the background behind the writing of it. He basically said that in the past he was screwed by record companies and such, and he wanted to write something about it and put it in sort of a "love song" text. I think he did one hell of a job, and now that I know the context, I get it!!! LOL They next played "Faithful," which is my favorite song on "Photograph Smile." I got teary, and was silently wishing I could sing the harmony with him. ;) Next was "Crucified," and he told everyone about the dedication. This was a good one, and watching him swing his hips while he sang "Crucified...on the cross of innuendo" - that ruled! :) They next played a new song, which I think is titled "No One But You". He said something about writing it for a James Bond film, but I wasn't really paying attention, due to the fact that I was still recovering from watching him "dance" during "Crucified." Needless to say, this new song was totally awesome, and he said that due to crowd response, it'll definitely be on the next album. Woohoo!! "Saltwater" came next, and he dedicated it to some girl in the front row named Lisa, I guess it was her birthday that day. That was cool. They played "Cold" next, which is another fave of mine from "Photograph Smile." I stood there singing along, wondering why it took him so damn long to play it! He played around with the crowd after that one, saying that *everyone* should know the next one. They went into "Valotte," and of course, everyone sang along. At one point, he forgot the words and gave the mic to a girl in the front row, who finished the line for him. His band left the stage and he sat down in front of the drum set and sang "Photograph Smile." I got teary again. He's just so unbelievable. His band came back out and he announced that he was going back a ways for the next one. I almost fell over when he started it. They played "Make It Up To You" from "Mr. Jordan!" I was very surprised, and what a jam it was! Very bluesy, I was loving it. He then told everyone the story behind "I Don't Wanna Know." Basically, it's a song to all the critics saying "Ya know, I do sound like my Dad, so you can shut up about it already!!!" He also said something about "Wanting to go down his own friggin' path". It was funny. They then played "Too Late For Goodbyes," which he invited the crowd to sing along with him. He did the this side/that side contest to see which side was louder. Mine won. :) They left the stage after this one, and the place started shaking. About 3 minutes later, they came back out. They played "Good To Be Lonely," which was all acoustic guitars and sounded absolutely fantastic. For his final number, they played "Stand By Me." Tears again. What a touching moment, to hear him sing that one, with everyone singing along, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

We left, went outside and around to the back of the building to wait by his bus, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. We were standing at the front of his bus, and there was a crowd of people standing at the back of his bus, which was near the back door to the theater. He came out and signed autographs for those people, but we stayed where we were, thinking that when he comes up to get on the bus, he'll circle over and sign our stuff too. We were sadly mistaken. He waved at us and jumped on his bus and left. Stupid us, we should have just walked down there and waited in line, but we didn't. I'll never forgive myself for that!!! All in all, it was an excellent night. Julian is truly a talented musician, and his band kicks ass. This is the first time of many (I hope) that I'll see him live.

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Rock on, Julian!!!!