Fort Wayne, Indiana
July 19th, 1999

Laura S.'s Special Report!

Special Thanks to Laura for writing up this report! 

Photograph Smile

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Rachel and I got to Pierre's at 5, we decided to hang out in the car rather than driving around and getting lost :) Right after we got there we noticed a couple other people walk up and wait outside the door and then a few minutes later another lady was up there waiting. This nice lady ventured over to our car.. because.. voila.. twas Chris! So we all went up and waited there for them to open, and we met a very nice lady, Angela who had dragged her mom along and then at 6 they let us into the dining area.

Well, now. As we were all sauntering toward the tables there, we noticed that just behind the glass windows (that look in on the club where the stage was) on one side of the room was... Jules! :) They were out there rehearsing, which was totally cool. Unfortunately we seem to have gotten in just as they were finishing up, but we did get to hear them rehearse one song (I cant remember what, I know, I'm scum). He was totally nonchalant about it to, which was quite amusing, he was all walking around and sort of not actually paying attention to the fact that he was singing (and that we were all there drooling) but at the end of the song we started clapping, and I guess he could hear us through the glass, and he looked over kinda surprised, smiled, and waved at us! :)

After they all went wherever it is that rock stars go when they're hiding from fans that are all thinking "in case of emergency, break glass" Chris, the sly devil that she is, suggests that we go check out the wall by the doors, so we casually stake our claim right there so that we'll be first in.

7 o'clock comes and they let us into the actual club area, Rachel, Angela, and I head straight over for the stools right at the stage (using the edge of the stage as a bar-sort of) Chris runs over to one of the tables which were much farther back, to stake claim in one of the front ones in case they wouldn't let us keep our seats. But, they did so she came back to the spot we were saving for her :)

Then enters Diane :) A very nice lady, who has been to way too many concerts. (she got hooked on Jules' because of one of her boyfriends, she said it was the only good thing he ever did for her) She gave us all the tips on putting electrical tape (and her and Chris provided the tape) over the flash so that we wouldn't piss Jules' off (very bad indeed) and all sorts of other fun tidbits.

Well, after hanging out for 1 1/2hrs the Push Stars come on at 8:30. They were pretty good-very very loud, but good. They again, as in the Chicago reports, talked about how great Jules' was to them and how it was an honor to be on the tour with him. They got off the stage at 9, then all the tech people had to get rid of their stuff and set all of Jules' and Co's stuff up.

Jules' got on a little after 9:30--- good lord that man is much better looking in person! A lot skinnier than the impression that I had gotten from the TV appearances-the camera added like 20 lbs to him, he was very thin. Also a lot smaller than I would have expected, I kind of expected to be intimidated, but just the opposite, he made you feel very welcome. We all know that he cut his hair, but it was a tad bit longer than it was on the Conan show. Also, we also all know that he's wearing the ring on the left hand-but for those hoping the ring would move, it hasn't. Lucy was there, she was up in the little room above the stage and during the little break we saw Jules give her a quick kiss.

Oh.. have to mention, as I said earlier, we were right there at the stage, if I had reached out my hand I could have grabbed his leg, it was very hard to control myself! :) TIP--- FOR EVERYONE GOING TO FUTURE CONCERTS--- stand to the right of the stage, not to the left, Jules' has a music stand set up so Rachel and Chris had that in their way :(

The show was incredible. I don't know how else to describe it. Although, I am surprised that I can talk today, with all the screaming that I did :) I'm pretty sure the set list is the same as what has already been mentioned and I didn't write it down, I was busy :) But, he did open with "Get A Life." He informed us early on that he liked to talk so he was going to do a lot of it.. YES! Julian! Yes!! Talk away! :) He talked about each of the songs, we all know the stories, but that's beside the point, this time it's as if he was actually talking to us, one on one (hey we can all have delusions!) When he was explaining "I Should Have Known" he said "Most people think that this is a love song..." and then some one cut him off and screamed, at which point he whipped his head over to where she was and with the cutest expression said "It's not." :) Ummm Angela was the only one to whip out a lighter for Valotte and he kinda laughed and pointed to her when she did (only she was turned around and missed it) REMINDER--- bring a bic! And keep your eyes on him! :) I loved his 90's version of "Too Late For Goodbyes," I kinda hope he puts that on his next album, if nothing else, as a single.

Speaking of the new album, he played a song that he just wrote for it, "No One But You" which was a beautiful song so I am very psyched about the new album! :)

Ok guys... the concert is worth it just for "Crucified".... I mean, yes, the concert was so incredibly great and Im dying to go to another one--- but....he dances. Yes, he dances. Oh god. Well, now, that just melted my butter! :) At one particular point in time he turned around to walk toward the drums.. only he wasn't walking.. he was wiggling that adorable little ass :) Pardon the vulgarity. Mmmm. At one point later in the show, one of the fans yelled out "Wiggle your butt Julian!!!!!!!!!" and of course I agreed :) But.. he didn't :( I am, however, waiting with bated breath, for my next 2 showings of "Crucified" :)

And, yes, he did play "Stand By Me" :) I've never heard him sing it before so I was waiting for it and now I know why everyone gets so excited about it. Everyone in the band wore all black (Jules' was in the same outfit that he wore on Conan) except for Matt, he wore black pants and a white shirt. When Jules introduced him he said Matt was wearing white 'cause he was the only virgin, then Jules asked if there were any takers... "YES!" Of course, Matt, then proceeded to cover himself with his guitar :)

Ok.. after the show we all milled about going from one corner of the club to the other depending on the current rumor as to where he was going to sign autographs. Then, the official photographer for the radio station that sponsored the concert (whom we also befriended) let us know (after she had been able to hang out with him) that he wasn't feeling good and that there were still tons of radio people up there that he had to schmooze. So we were going to give up hope, until Diane did some investigating... "up there" :) We found the stair case that led up to the room where he was -- not that it was hidden but it was just sort of there-I guess confusing fans, figuring there would be security or something it he was there-- We got up there just as they let one person go into the room and there was another couple waiting up there. The doors didn't close all the way so you could see in and see Jules. Then they came out and told the couple in front of us that no one else could go in, but they argued that since they'd been waiting for 25 min.. so they got in :) Next it was our turn. Only... someone alerted the people downstairs that he was up there and so by this time everyone waiting was lined up behind us so the next time the guy came out he said "no more autographs." Diane tried her best pitiful look but it didn't work :( So we left. But, we've got 2 more concerts, and 2 more chances! :)

Also, if Jules noticed my shirt he didn't say anything, but after the concert another girl who was hanging out with us up at the stage (I never did get her name) had met up with the lead singer for the Push Stars so we were talking with him, and he told me he liked my shirt :) I wanted to ask him to go point it out to Jules :) Also, this young lady walked off arm n' arm with him to exchange their numbers :)

Now.. at the beginning of this concert neither Chris, nor Diane, were sure if they were going to go to the Cincinnati concert... by the end of the concert, both had made plans to be there! :) It's addictive!