7th House 
Pontiac, MI
July 20th, 1999

Report and Pictures From Rachel

Photograph Smile

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Rachel - Julian - Sally

Special Thanks to Rachel for writing up her report and sending the photos! 
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JulesRachel's autographed TicketThe concert I went to didn't allow cameras but I took a disposable one just in case they caught me but they didn't. I met him cause his guitar player is from Michigan and he had family at the concert and we met up with his sister-in-law and she took us to meet the guitar player and the roadies let us wait there till everyone cleared out of the place. While we were waiting he took our stuff back to let Julian sign the after that Julian was eating so his road manager told us to go through the door and go around to the back by his bus and we would get to meet him there and that's what happened. 

Julian - Rachel in white to the right of himWhen he first came out he came up to me and I put my hand on his back and asked him if he would take pictures and talk with us and he said yes but he said in a min and went on the bus then came back off and talk to us. He was so wonderful stood there with us for about a 1/2 hour. I kissed his face and when we took the pic he put his face right up on mine. I could feel his razor stubble and he smelled so good. Oh it was the best. I have been waiting for this since 1984 when I first liked him.  

When he first came on stage he went to get his guitar which was in front of me and I reached up and he shook my hand the he said in the microphone pointing at me that " it was to early for that" and then he blew me a kiss. Then a short while later while he was explaining a song it was quite so I said I love you Julian and he bowed to me and said thank you and "ohh that's so sweet." I almost died in fact I think I'm dead now. I truly want everyone to know how great he is and how great the concert was. I loved the 90's version as he put it of "Too Late For Goodbyes." It rocked and "Stand By Me" was the best. 

JulianJules & John McCurryJulesJulesJules & John McCurryJules
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Oh god I had a wonderful day. The people I met at the concert are going to New Orleans to see him there. The place he's playing at is where my cousin John works so well have fun there too. 

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