Julian Lennon at the Birchmere
Alexandria, VA - July 26th, 1999

Report by Mark Strong

Photograph Smile

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This report originally was posted in the Julian Lennon onelist.
 Special Thanks to Mark Strong for letting me repost it on the site! 

I was a bit disappointed!! Not of the show but of the lack of list members I saw. The only person I saw was Sujin. Unfortunately the girl I was with was in a hurry to get back to Richmond. She had to get up early the next day. So I did not get a chance to meet Julian or any other list members. I wish i could have met some of you guys. Sujin was the only one I saw and she seemed really cool from a distance. I am sure she would have been a pleasure to hang out with at the show had I had more time on my hands. Us Virginia fans should plan a get together sometime.


The Push Stars were pretty cool. I feel bad in saying this but I will. Even though the Push Stars ROCKED!! I couldn't help wanting their set to be over so that I could see Julian Lennon perform live for the first time in my life. Had it been under different circumstances I would have liked to have seen more of the Push Stars but I am sure you folks understand where I am coming from.

So with that said. When they introduced Julian over the PA I went numb. I was finally going to see one of my favorite musicians/songwriters perform live. MAN, what a treat it was too!! If Julian was nervous it sure as hell didn't show. He came out and the crowd went wild. He was hilarious when he talked to the audience. He made a joke about the white lighting that was on them looking like an airport runway and made a jet sound with his mouth and then asked for some color lights to get in the mood. Nothing happened so he said, "Could we get some color up here" and waited. nothing happened so he said with a smile on his face to the lighting guy in the back, "Anytime your ready" It was hilarious. Maybe you just had to be there. It was also quite funny when he introduced "I Don't Wanna Know". I don't remember that intro so well but it was pretty damn funny. When they started in on the song the crowd went nuts and then on the bridge Julian did this John sounding scream and you heard a group of girls start screaming with delight. It was like I was experiencing Beatlemania first hand in 1999. I fell Julian was going for that though the way he introduced the song. Or at least that's what I got from it. Anyone else?

Too Late For Goodbyes totally ROCKED!!!! I tell you the vibe in that room was truly spectacular. Julian is a true showman, gentleman and musician. Even though there were 100's of people at the show when Julian performed and talked to the audience he really made you feel like you were one of his best friends and he was singing and talking directly to you even though you knew he was talking to everybody. That show was truly spectacular!!!!!!!!!!! I wish the night went on forever and I got to meet some of you fine people on this list. Maybe next time. For anyone who has the chance to see Julian on this tour, all I have to say is GO!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T LET THIS SHOW PASS YOU BY!!!!!!!

Song List was as  follows:

Get A Life
And She Cries
Day After Day
I Should Have Known
No One But You
Photograph Smile
Make It Up To You
I Don't Wanna Know
Too Late For Goodbyes


Good To Be Lonely
Slippin' and Slidin'
Stand By Me