The Theater of the Living Arts
Philadelphia, PA
July 23rd, 1999

Report and Photos by Kim Turner

Photograph Smile

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Julian and Kim

Special Thanks to Kim for sending in her report and photos! 
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MY sister and I left at 3pm to go to the TLA in Philly to see Jules. We got there at around 3:15pm/ 3:30 pm. Jeann and her husband Mark were in line, they were first there we were second in line. We needed to eat something but neither of us wanted to get out of line. Jeann and I were both excited over meeting each other, we both had are web t -shirts on that CJ had ordered for us they said "JULIAN LENNON FAN AND PROUD OF IT" on them. Jeann showed me her photo's of Jules from the Conan show they were great. 

We stood around and talked about Julian .We took some photo's of us wearing our shirts for the web site. Jeann was doing all the Philly reporting for CJ. This guy around 60 years old came up to us his name was Charlie he had a book like you wouldn't believe it was full of photo's of all kinds of people. Music stars mostly. 

Push Stars arrived in their blue van and they unloaded their stuff . Chris from the Push Stars noticed our shirts and wanted to know where we got them we told him off the Hey Jules web site he really like them. After that Manny, Julian's drummer came out I asked him to sign my CD he said sure then Jeann took my photo with him.

Kim and MannyJeann husband took her picture. Manny is a real sweetheart. After that we noticed a gray van with "Reach for the Stars" written on it. I said to Jeann and my sister Cindy hey I think that's Julian. Just then a big guy got out and looked around then the driver got out well guess who came out next, yep it was Jules. I snapped a photo of him going into the TLA he said he was late and could not sign anything right now maybe later. We all looked at each other like that was Julian it was cool.  

Kim and MattWell that guy Charlie we met walk around to the back of the TLA he came back and said "girls the van is parked out back by the back doors" me and Jeann decided to check it out we left Mark and Cindy in line.  When we got around there there were about 7 people back there. We were the only girls, Julian's body guard came out and said that Jules wasn't signing anything but we were not leaving until Jules did. we hung around and Matt from Julian's band came out I asked him to sign my CD and he did.  Jeann took our photo together then I took hers. Matt is a great guy really sweet. We went back over near the van to wait for Jules. 

Jeann dropped her camera and it broke open a little I thought she was gonna cry she looked at me and I felt what she was feeling . She then decided to go around and tell Mark to get her a throw away one at the store. When she returned she had a throw away camera and she brought me a coke.  She knew I need a drink it was96 degrees it was hot out. We hung around and heard Julian do his sound check he did "Get a Life," "And She Cries,"  and "Photograph Smile."  Jeann and I were singing right along with him. The limo driver was laughing at us but hey we sounded pretty good. After his sound check the doors opened and out walked the band and then Jules.  Jeann and I stood by the van everyone else kind of crowded Jules he was like wow hold up.  Jeann  and I  kind of went towards him he was like calm down.  I looked at him and said "I'm calm."  He said "not you them" and put his arm around me and said "I know your calm" wow!!! Then I asked him to sign my CD he said sure. Then I asked him if Jeann could take a picture of me and him he said sure. 

Julian and his bodygaurdThere I was with Julian's arm around me his hand on my hip and mine on his back. Oh god I could of died. But, I was calm remember, that's what Jules said. Jeann had him sign some photo's she had of her and Jules from the Conan show and a photo of Jules' mum and her that Cynthia had signed before. Julian looked at the photo and was like "nice" and signed them for her. We both gave him a rose and he thanked us as he was walking away. Jeann dropped my camera on the ground in front of Jules I don't know what it was with her and dropping camera that day but  Julian  and I both bent over to get it at the same time. He was like oh your camera we almost bumped heads. He picked it up and handed it to me. I  thanked him and he got in the van and left. 

Just as he left Mark came around and said they were opening the doors. We picked up our stuff and ran. We waited about 15 minutes to get in then they started letting people in .They DID check bags but some how they didn't check mine. We got right up to the stage. Push Stars came on about 8:30 pm or 8:45 pm. They were good. Julian sure picked a good opener. Before the sang their last song Chris, the lead singer, said some words about Juilan then he said do you want to know what a true Julian fan is? Two girls on the front row up here have t-shirts on that say "JULIAN LENNON FAN AND PROUD OF IT" on them I wish you could see them. Well Jeann took hers off and handed to him he held it up and the crowd went wild. Then he said now I have a naked girl up here bet you all in the back wish you could see that... but Jeann had a tank top on under the t-shirt. It was funny. 

Then they set up for Jules. In about 15 min or less Helen Leicht from WXPN came on stage and announced Julian and the crowd went wild. HE looked great. I've been to 3 other Julian concert here in Philly but this one was the best. You guys all know the play list so I'll skip past it. 

Julian LennonBefore he was done he thanked people and then said he wanted thank someone who gave him an English tea set with tea and biscuits it was great all you heard was someone scream. Afterwards, I looked around and it was Diane Randel  that he was talking about. I went over to her and introduced myself we talk all the time on the computer but have never met. We hugged and talked then she introduced me to Latka. I talk to her all the time too but had never met her either. Both of these ladies are so nice. 

Jeann and I exchanged numbers and are planning to meet at the Allentown show on the 30th which is Friday. Before I left I ran into Bob Rose and he signed my CD too.  He is very nice too. By the way, Karney Wilson from Wilson Philips was there. Guess she is a Julian fan too. When I was leaving I ran into Chris from the Push Stars told him I'd be at the Allentown show. He said I'll look for you there and gave me a hug. Well there was another Julian show. Can't wait til Friday to do it again. Jeann you are a dear friend thank you so much for taking the photo of Julian and I. I will never for get you. Julian didn't just bring people to his concert tonight. He bought new friendships together.